If We Treated Teachers Like Pro Athletes – Key & Peele
If We Treated Teachers Like Pro Athletes – Key & Peele

(male announcer)
Teaching Center

is brought to you by BMW. The ultimate driving machine. [upbeat rock music] ♪ ♪ Hello and welcome
toTeaching Center.I’m Boyd Maxwell,
with today’s top stories from the exciting world
of teaching. And I’m Perry Schmidt. Well, now we know. The long awaited announcement
by star English teacher Ruby Ruhf has sent teaching fans
across the nation into a frenzy. I’ve enjoyed my time
in Ohio very much, but I’m pleased to announce
that I’m taking my talents back to New York City.
Thank you very much. Apparently, PS431 has made Ruby
an offer she couldn’t refuse. $80 million guaranteed
over six years, with another $40 million
in incentives based on test scores. This salary puts her
right up there with Rockridge Elementary’s
Katie Hope and William Wu
out of– Colgate Magnet! All right, let’s take a look
at yesterday’s high school teacher draft
from Radio City Music Hall, where Central Rapids High, recipient of the worst
test scores last semester, made the first pick
that was no surprise to anyone. [all cheering] For the first pick,
Central Rapids High takes… calculus teacher Mike Yoast
from Tulsa Teacher’s College. [all cheering] (Key)
And just like that,
you’re a millionaire. Ha ha. (Peele)
Mike Yoast
is an unbelievable story, his father living
from paycheck to paycheck as a humble
pro football player. Kid was a natural mathlete. You know he’s gonna buy
his mom a house. – Oh, you know this.
– Oh, there’s no way – around that.
– [laughs] You owe your mom.
[laughs] (announcer)
Today’s highlight of the day
is brought to you by the 100% Black Angus Beef
Thickburger on a fresh-baked bun
from Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. Now it’s time
for the highlight of the day. [rock music] Star history teacher
Ashley Ferguson has been running up them test scores
over at Vinz Clortho High. – Okay.
– Whoo. Confederate forces
fired first. Can anyone tell me
where this battle took place? Now, look at this. She looks left,
then right, looks past the students
with their arms up in the air, – spots Max near the back…
(Key) Whoo. Sees that even though his hand
isn’t up, he’s engaged. Max? It was Fort Sumter? That’s right. Oh, come on.
See what she did there? She’s bringing a introvert
into the discussion, y’all. That’s a teacher of the year
play right there. That’s right, Boyd.
You know, the confidence gained by Max by answering
that question correctly will enhance his performance
throughout the rest of the year. No doubt.
Coming up after the break, Mayfield Prep trades
French teacher Janeane Lowe to Skyline High
for a head librarian and two lunch ladies
to be named later. And we’ll get the inside scoop
on the impending – teacher’s strike that could…
– Uh-oh. Cripple the season. Next up,
onTeaching Center.Whoo. [rock music] [dramatic music] (Ruby voice-over)
Strength courses through me. I am velocity. I am power. [school bell ringing] ♪ ♪ I am a leader,
a believer. ♪ ♪ I am the force that guides. ♪ ♪ I am the gateway
to what is possible, the path to the future. I am the future. ♪ ♪ (male announcer)
The all-new 2015 6 Series
is here. Meet the new Teacher’s Pet.

77 thoughts on “If We Treated Teachers Like Pro Athletes – Key & Peele”

  1. StepStepBrother says:

    Awesome use of video.

    5 THUMBS UP! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  2. sinkiy says:

    If only 5 % of this was true that would be hold enough. lol

  3. IlaughedIcried says:

    Vince Kortho High! LOL!!!

  4. jasiel delgado says:

    I was gonna be a teacher but I didn’t want to be broke

    Now I’m NOT a teacher and broke

    No debt though

    What am I doing with my life

  5. Roman says:

    So would Starbucks be a performance enhancing substance?

  6. BatiYah B says:

    Why don't we post a link to some epic thing that a teacher did recently or in the past? Here's one. Have you seen this? 🙂 https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/lifestyle/atlanta-teachers-freestyle-fridays-engages-second-graders-boosts-grades/vi-BBXxNMS

  7. Khalid Elmekki says:

    This is excellent, best skit I have ever seen in any show lol. This is my favorite

  8. carlosfer2201 says:

    I nearly skipped the ad at the end, since I'm so used to that.

  9. Cristina Yu says:

    Someone needs to make a reality show like this, with pro teachers and ‘mathletes’

  10. True Muze says:

    Y was this amazing

  11. The Lozenger says:

    I’d actually watch this like take my money!

  12. Luis Martinez says:

    This makes me happy, hype, and morbidly depressed, I pray this happens in the future!! 😭🙏

  13. Baby-boomer369 says:

    A dream come true!

  14. MICHAEL ASHE says:

    Still hung up on test scores. THEY DONT PROVE ANYTHING!!!

  15. ThetaNacht says:

    So for y’all depressed this ain’t real, let me remind you of a good old TFS quote; “multiverse theory is a bitch”, cept uk in this case, believing in multiverse means this reality exists out there

  16. Jamaican Princess says:

    This was too genius

  17. worth says:

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 this is lit

  18. Dawn Johnson says:

    Sounds like a fine idea actually… teachers are the boom!!!

  19. Jon Appleseed says:

    Why did that video seem reasonable enough to be a reality

  20. Antonio Barbosa says:

    My wife, my mother and sister, are all teachers. We watched this together and all had tears of joy. Thank you for making this key & Peele!

  21. Lars Chue says:

    There goes my Fantasy Teacher Bracket.

  22. R A N T I T G A L says:

    That was an awsome commercial….Genius !

  23. Gibster says:

    You mean like South Korea does? The issue isn't culture it the government.

  24. YKARE says:

    I tried to skip their fake ad

  25. Noaweeski says:

    Why do i want more

  26. baseem carroll says:

    If thousands of people paid to watch teachers teach, this would be possible. Unfortunately they don't have that luxury.

  27. bigBOSScross252 says:


  28. Karen L says:

    I died with that commercial!!😂😂😂

  29. KingAnku Mars says:

    This is what goes on in every teachers lounge

  30. Akashita Pravin says:

    As a teacher, I clicked on this video instantly and I was laughing until the calculus teacher got drafted and I burst into tears (happy tears!) It gave me joy to see a Math teacher being celebrated =)

  31. Shelly Yllehs says:

    Has anyone accidentally called their teacher “mom” or “miss mom” 😂

  32. B Miles says:

    I hate that the proctors decide the outcome these days. Something has to change.

  33. Dan Kaiser says:

    Imagine a world where teachers are so lazy they complain about an average starting salary of $40k despite getting three months of vacation a year. Oh wait…

  34. Santiago says:

    In an alternate reality 😭

  35. shaabo Squeezy says:

    Hahahaha, I could not stop laughing at the ticker at the bottom of the screen showing test scores 😂

  36. Shy Fam says:

    This kind of pay would have to be spread throughout all "normal" careers. Just think if cops, doctors, plumbers, etc. would get paid like that. 30k-50k would go to the people the people who work in restraurant chains. Do you know how much quality of services we would have? I know food and gas would increase in price, but we would be able to afford it and have quality in that area as well. Would be a lot better to world to me. Just my opinion.

  37. LeMan Booker says:

    They just went too far.

  38. raulmagicmj3230 says:

    Teachers have the most important job in the world and they should be paid and appreciated as such

  39. Isabella W says:

    This is my new favorite skit.

  40. Noah Bigelow says:

    If you pay attention you realize that the announcer's voice in all the ads is Jordan Peele's

  41. Gojira says:

    fuck teachers.. i don’t remember a single good one ive had

  42. 211 Steel says:

    If you just scroll through all the comments and read the quotes, you don’t even have to watch the video! Lmao 🤣

  43. Jamie P says:

    young chris broussard

  44. maverick says:

    that's one way to do it properly

  45. Herb Dean says:

    Who knew satire could accurately describe an aspect of a utopia

  46. Herb Dean says:

    This actually made me sad more than it made me laugh. People fuckin suck

  47. SageInfatal says:

    I would watch this shit all the time if it was real lol

  48. RManPT says:

    This is the video! Well thought out and produced. The message is real.

  49. Saffy • 30 years ago says:

    They should get paid as much. They's the real MVPS.

  50. Bloomingale says:

    “This kid is a natural Mathlete”

  51. jtneverfolds says:


  52. Kuba Henriksen says:


  53. An youtube user says:

    Chappelle show was better

  54. Potato With 20,000 Subscribers says:

    Every possible problem would be solved.

  55. Michael Westen says:

    “Even though his hand ISN’T UP…. he’s engaged”

    This is amazing omg 🤣😭💀

  56. neal shannon says:

    This is amazing, culture is just made up by us. This could actually be a thing!

  57. Paul TheSkeptic says:

    Holy shit that's brilliant. We should totally televise teaching. And/or scientists. I'd watch it.

  58. Lynn says:

    This actually looks hype lol

  59. Sydney Boyd says:

    Wow this is quality content ✨

  60. Hove 201 says:

    Literally how society should be shaped.

  61. Daniel Knispel says:

    Okay Beamer

  62. Eric Anderson says:

    Well done guys. Keep being creative. Wish some teachers would get more credit. Some of them really earned it in my experience. Brought an introvert to have more confidence.

  63. Martin Itland says:

    I think I am going to bring this video up during a staff meeting at school. Wonder how my colleagues will react to it 😆

  64. aurtura pal! says:

    Is this just a very elaborate BMW advert

  65. Ian Duke says:

    Actual funny African American comedians! Very rare!

  66. AsianSmartAsh says:

    That Teachers Pet Commercial though lol

  67. Nezarec, The Hateful says:

    As a person who has a teacher as a parent, I gotta say, teachers get treated like trash.

  68. Pyro Predator says:

    Best BMW commerical ever made. 100%

  69. Indie, But Major says:

    We should tho.

  70. KittyX Scratch says:

    Tbh how the world should be.

  71. KittyX Scratch says:

    2:00 "She's bringing an introvert into the discussion! That's a Teacher Of The Year Play!!!"

  72. KittyX Scratch says:

    3:53! LMAO!

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    1:24 so much world-building in a single sentence

  74. 12 BIT SOUL says:

    Genius concept!

  75. ahmad sharif says:

    Isn't Vince Clortho High School an inner-city school for wizards & witches?

  76. CoolAlien 47 says:

    Jesus, the production quality just goes through the roof in every episode.

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