I Love Kellie Pickler | Kellie Pickler Gets Schooled In Social Media

By the way, po
I st- edI sdiomd,et lhiikng,
y.- a mthone thot ahegor a I was so proud of you. I’m like, “Kellie posted
something on social media!” – I know.
– I told people to do theirself a favor
and don’t follow me if they, like…
– Yeah, mine is, like, weird memes, pictures of
my dog, like…yeah. – You taught me how to do
that Boomerang thing. – Oh, yeah, the Boomerang.
– Those are fun. – I love social media.
– You’re the queen of it. – You’re, like, the goddess
of social media. – You’re really good at it.
– I will take y’all to school. If y’all want.
– I need to. I need all the help I can get.
– You gotta have your filters. You need a filter.
You need to edit before you post, guys.
– Do you do any special– – You do that Facetuning thing.
– What? – Yes.
– She, like, makes her face perfect.
Every picture I post goes through at least three filters
before it goes up. – Obviously, social media is all over the place.
I mean, there’s a lot to keep up with. And let’s be honest,
I am not the best at it. – It’s time for you
to take a selfie. – All right, let me see
your phone. – Okay, you got this.
– I have faith in you, Kellie. – Okay, you can do it.
– All right, how do I… how do I make my brightness up?
There. – [laughs]
– I feel so narcissistic. – Oh, wait, you gotta flip it–
the bottom. There you go.
– Yeah, like that. Okay, and turn it.
– Well, that looks pretty good. – So you find the lighting.
– I feel weird doing it by myself.
Can y’all be in it too? – Sure, I’ll move over here
with Jen. You can get everybody in here.
– Okay, yeah. I don’t have–
I need one of those– – You might need to stand up.
– All right, so I’m gonna try this thing. – Okay, great.
– Maybe this way? – Yes!
– Now you’re onto it. – Is that right?
– You did it, Kellie! Beautiful!
– Yeah! – So, now, time for editing.
– Oh, God. No, that’s you–all you.
– No, no, no, it’s all you. – Oh, no. Okay, so…
– So here’s what’s gonna be so exciting.
– It’s exciting? – We’re gonna pick that.
Check it. Bam! Are we done?
– Nope. Now we’re gonna go
over here… – Good grief.
– To “clarity.” – Okay, clarity.
– Clarity really makes the picture pop.
– Ohh. – So just about one
or two is good–check. – Bam! We’re done?
– Step one, done. – That’s step one?
– [laughing] – Now we have another app.
– Oh, my heavens. – Let’s start with
the teeth whitening, to whiten your teeth.
– Okay, how? – Just, like,
one good swipe. Looking good!
– Get in there, get in there. – You gotta make sure
everyone gets equal treatment. – Wow, my teeth look jacked up
that close. – I don’t even know
what I’m fixing. There’s nothing wrong
with y’all. – So then click the check.
You’re done. – And that’s it?
Whew. [all cheering] Please don’t ever
make me do that again. [all laughing] The whole process
that she goes through before she posts a picture–
I was exhausted. I felt like I needed a nap. Take the picture, you gotta find the perfect one, then you do
all this filtering and all this stuff
to your face, and your teeth,
and you’re brightening it and lightening it, and… I probably will never
go through all that trouble. I’m gonna just take pictures
and send them to you. Pay you five bucks apiece.
– Cheers to that! – Cheers to brighter.
– Brighter days! – Brighter days.
– Yeah! [laughing] I Love Kellie Pickler Thursdays at 11/10 Central On CMT

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