How Young Is Too Young to Discipline Your Children?
How Young Is Too Young to Discipline Your Children?

What’s at stake in practicing
correction is probably better gauged by understanding what
happens when correction doesn’t get practiced very well. And what’s at stake, maybe of
most importance, is gospel opportunity for the heart of the
child. And so to take one step back
from that if parents can’t get their children to listen to them
for ordinary everyday tasks then they forfeit a hearing for the
Gospel. We want our children to hear the
gospel therefore we want them to hear us when we say put your
toys away, get your pajamas on, brush your teeth and all that
sort of thing. And then to back up one step
further perhaps parents, by not practicing correction very well,
forfeit their own credibility in the hearts and minds of their
children. If you say don’t jump on the bed
and then they jump on the bed and there’s no response they
don’t know if don’t jump on the bed means anything and so your
words begin to mean nothing and so what’s at stake is the
reputation of the parents in the hearts and minds of the
children. Further then the future
reputation of the children is at stake because they’ll begin to
gain a reputation as being rowdy, disrespectful, naughty,
rebellious. And rebels tend to find each
other in daycare centers and on playgrounds and at bible camps
and different places and so the child’s future reputation is at
stake as well. More temporally what’s at stake
is just the peace in the home and in the environment, in the
church nursery, on the airplane, wherever these children are. If they will not tune into their
parents then that rowdiness affects everybody who is around
them and people don’t want to be around them as much. So we would love for the peace
in the immediate circumstance as well as the possibility that
they will be in glory with us someday. We want correction to happen

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