How to Teach Your Parrot to Fly | Parrot Training
How to Teach Your Parrot to Fly | Parrot Training

100 thoughts on “How to Teach Your Parrot to Fly | Parrot Training”

  1. Mrs. Majid says:

    I love this bird 😊

  2. S.P Style says:

    What you eat your parrot

  3. Danny G. says:

    what type of bird is truman

  4. MeggieFaggie says:

    How do you make bird follow the "target" ?

  5. Sea Mermaid International says:

    Dear what are you feeding by your hand and which tool you are using in your hand ?

  6. Anis Khan says:


  7. SJ Jacker says:

    What breed of parrot


    Nice you guy helped me in chess now in bird also keep it up

  9. Curi0u50ne says:

    I touk my parrot outside to practice and it's flown away into a tree then ten magpies chased him away😭

  10. cold_ killer says:

    2:19 did it just poop???

  11. 646Lim says:

    Do I need to use a stick to train my parrot?

  12. max box says:

    what name this bird

  13. Mikayla says:

    i cant get my sun conure to do the hop stage she just wont do it ive been trying for weeks and she wont hop perhaps shes afraid to fly

  14. ReadableSlinky5 says:

    What are the treats that your givving it

  15. Elyssa Golivesky-Bloom says:

    The bird pooped 😂🤣

  16. MeAwsoME says:

    I got a big yard so i just took mine and threw it like you would a paper airplane(of course carefully)At first he was just flapping down and barely sticking the landing. Now when i throw him he makes a few circles in the sky and comes back. Seems a little rough but its not. Don’t doit inside if they hit their head or beak in the wall, thats the end

  17. Toss Kitten says:

    The entire time the bird was like "I REQUIRE SCRITCHES!!!"

  18. wibas2008 says:

    Humans are so inhuman taking the natural ability of flying of parrots

  19. Mel N says:

    Lol when it pooped

  20. Jei Chrile says:

    My bird knows how to fly but always flies down.

  21. Mimifoox xXNaiaReaperQueenXx says:

    SHUUUUT UPPPPPPP 0:00 1:20

  22. Someone You Might Know says:

    Why do birds need to tought how to fly? In the wild dont their mothers just throw them and they fly? xD

  23. Leah Fisher-Stedge says:

    what kind of treats are those you have? Thanks, I'm rehabbing a sparrow. She is very reluctant to fly but her wing has healed.

  24. Kevin Durant says:

    Will this work for a 2 foot weiner dog?

  25. NJPeterL says:

    But it dose fly

  26. muneer ahmed says:

    What s give that parrot

  27. Oof Its me says:

    Does this work with a male love bird?

  28. Asma Aziz says:

    The bird was like "hey! Im still here! Stop talking to the air!"

  29. Kiwi Dew says:

    He keeps screaming saying I don’t want to be here shhh shhhh ah eeh

  30. Sujoy Modak says:

    nice video

  31. Saba Sheikh says:

    Wats parrot's favourit food which can be easily available so we can traun them

  32. Itbluesky says:

    2:12 the bird pooped 😀

  33. Sketchy Comment says:

    what a noisy parrot

  34. TheDeathMonkey says:

    Can a baby covet talk because that's the only one I can offord

  35. ayaan shiyana says:


  36. Quresh Dhakhter says:

    Bro are you sure it's true

  37. janie utley says:

    He sounds like a cricket

  38. Elite Gamer says:

    Which best treat should I use for my 2 year old comers green check

  39. mauricio ortiz says:

    Great videos…thank you!

  40. Clash lover says:

    What happened at 2:19?

  41. Vijai Rakavan says:

    you are a Genius ,a Gentle man & and a Great scholar!

  42. Spencer Huyck says:

    Your parrots voice sounds scratchy and he looks discolored, is he ok? Or is he just a lot older?

  43. Dogpet 10 says:

    im getting ring neck parrot the green one girl i will get it after one week

  44. elomari taher says:

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to discover how to get your parrot to talk try Dalz Parrot Tips Discovery ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my m8 got excellent success with it.


    Anyone who clips a birds wings shouldn't be allowed to keep birds.

  46. Alien Mapping says:

    2:20 poop

  47. lionsden8698 says:

    He pooped

  48. Jed Jarin says:

    Whats clicking sounds?

  49. EmeraldPotato says:

    Well I watched this but I didn’t try this but one day my parrot just started flying. He flew over to me when I was across the room.

  50. _Gemini689_ 287 says:

    My bird died today…..😭😭😭😭😭😢😥😰😨

  51. MY CONURE says:

    Hi All,
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    Love you all….

  52. Kiwi and Kona says:

    I should teach kiwi he jumps his wings clipped

  53. BugsTheBunny says:

    My cockatiel just flies into the wall

  54. GAMING WITH JOKE says:


  55. Austra Robust says:

    My bird is afraid to try.

  56. Josiah Bagsit says:

    Can you do that with pigeons?

  57. Anton Schanz says:

    Witch kind of parrot is that

  58. Shahiq iman Ansari says:

    One parrot killed by my golden eagle

  59. hari krishna says:

    What the feed ur giving kindly plz

  60. soso mekhrishvili says:

    What treat is it?!

  61. Hyp Noob says:

    One is lazy and one acturally dont care abt the target

  62. Dee Griff says: me and my pigeon

  63. Aadarsh Naik says:

    Now you know

  64. Aadarsh Naik says:

    Now you know

  65. Candice Girone says:

    Could you do a video of potty training Lol

  66. Mahfuza Khatun says:

    does it work for free flight

  67. Dominifer - simper says:

    I recently got a pair of budgies. One doesn't have longer feathers at his wingtips, but they aren't clipped either. Is he still young? If so, is it relatively harmless to go ahead and start helping him learn? Just so he stops crashing against walls? T-T

  68. Kawaii Narwhal says:

    my parakeet doesn’t like me 😂 she’s very sassy

  69. Jake Branthe says:

    Dude: *explains on how to train parrots*
    Parrot: EEK EEK

  70. Ken YT says:

    The parrot pooped in 2:16

  71. Ken YT says:

    Wait not 2:16 its 2:19? I guess

  72. ČRËÂTÜRË says:

    That parrot is dubbing over for other parrots

  73. Keno Santos says:

    2:53 he drops the F bomb😂

  74. Abdulrahman Alateeqi says:

    Does this work on lovebirds

  75. SAGAR BHOITE says:

    What is you feeding to your parrot after completing target as reward which food pls tell

  76. Wizard Nerd says:

    Ok now my cockatiel can fly she can actually fly her cage was in the living room and she flew 2 the kitchen

  77. Atif Malik says:

    Tell me plz what is best learning age of talking

  78. Foxy The pirate says:

    Guy: blah blah blah lol

  79. Finton Mayes says:

    I hate this guy!

  80. Beth Simm says:

    Can you work for budgies to

  81. PreHeated_Ice says:

    At 2:20 the parrot poops and I don’t think he realised

  82. skate isLiFe says:

    2:20 parrot pooped

  83. Dillets 10 says:

    My African grey has a clipped wing

  84. Dharshan Jayaprakash says:

    What job do you do. I want to have a job by which I can spend time with my birds

  85. Jocelyn's animation's says:

    My bird knows how to fly SHES SELF THOUGHT

  86. Nazir Ahmad Niazi says:

    Which kind of food is in your hand ?

  87. Alex Acquaah says:

    Where can I get the stands?

  88. Athens The Cockatiel says:

    2:20 poop 💩

  89. Bell Iron Fist says:

    Mine knows how to fly because his breeder tests them when they are babies. The problem is, he’s almost a year now, and I’ve let his wings grow out because I trust him to not fly around my house and get eaten. Anyways, he does not want to jump to me when I’m close, or far. Only when he wants to fly.

  90. JASONME54 says:

    How to train cockatiel to remember what am I saying

  91. foodoverlord says:

    What if your bird is really stubborn and likes everything spoon feed to him yet he is 9 years old.

  92. meriem Ferhat says:

    I found an eagle who don't know how to fly
    Hope this gonna work with it

  93. Captain Virtu says:

    I don’t have any treats that my bird would fly to get

  94. Arman Soccer says:

    It poops at 2:19 😃😃😃😅

  95. Lionel Deva says:

    What is a good treat for sunconure

  96. The Challengers says:

    How I teach him to follow the stick? Cause u used a stick

  97. For Kids By Kids says:

    My bird wouldnt budge from the 1 stand

  98. Luz Ortiz says:

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  99. Lion Heart says:

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  100. RED JUEGOS says:

    the best success that i've ever had was by using the Parrot Ploy Plan (just google it) – without a doubt the most incredible resource i've seen.

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