How to Swim : How to Teach a Child to Swim
How to Swim : How to Teach a Child to Swim

Hi, this is Phil and Callie, and this is how
to teach a child how to swim. The first thing you want to remember when working with a child,
is to remember what it was like to be a child. Only at that point can you really understand
the fears that children go through in new environments, new activities, and with new
people. So when you’re adjusting to the water, the best way to hold a child is underneath
the armpits, just like this. This will help acquaint the child with water, and make them
feel more secure. Once you have them underneath the armpits, you can just kind of hold them
around, keeping their body on top of the water. Do you feel comfortable? Yeah? You afraid
to talk? That’s okay. And then they’ll just glide around on the top of the water, just
like that. The next thing that I like to do working with children, is to go ahead and
teach them first on how to hold their breath. And by doing this, we just ask them to go….and
make big giant cheeks. Can you make your big giant cheeks? Go….and then when you count
to three, go underwater. So, big giant cheeks, holding your breath, and one, two, three.
How was it? (I don’t know.) It was pretty good. And then they know how to hold their
breath. From that point, you want to try working with bubbles, which can be a lot of fun for
children, but then it also can be a little bit tough and difficult. So when you first
teach ’em how to blow bubbles, it’ll be something to this effect. We’ll go ahead and put our
mouths just at the top of the water, Miss Cal. And that way, they don’t have to put
their nose in the water, or their eyes, which some children might have certain fears of.
Once we do that, we can do a “ring around the rosy” song, and go “splashes, splashes,
we all blow bubbles”. And then we’ll just go with that portion, is that okay? Can we
blow bubbles? (Yep) Okay, so we’ll go, “splashes, splashes, we all blow bubbles.” Incorporating
fun activities in your teaching programs or in your lesson plan working with children,
makes the experience that much more fun and engaging for children. Especially when they
get a little bit cold and a little bit restless. You can also go ahead and go on with back
floats, by putting their heads on your shoulder, teaching them straight leg, pointed toe kicks,
and then glides. To learn more, please contact your local swim instructor for more information
and tips on how to work with your child in the water.

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    You're not weird, Phil. You're a good teacher.

  4. Veronika says:

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  5. EightysLady says:

    He's a good teacher because he is patient and very age appropriate in his instructions. The little girl is adorable.

  6. spiotticd says:

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    @krameralexander im 12, i only just learnt to swim, its really easy. teach yourself.

  11. irishkisses3 says:

    Swimming is not always easy to learn, yet just like your bike you will get better the more you work on it. I do feel that is important that everyone learn how to swim. It can be a life saving skill, and when you have children you will not have a fear of them going into the water. I recommend for those that do not know how or have a fear of the water, find someone to teach you and to feel more comfortable in and around the water.

  12. deanna hendricks says:

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  13. ABCDEthel says:

    your awesome…thanks for the tips..

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    Phil is a great and nice teacher!

  15. Lafavini Cali says:

    This video is definitely for a baby girl, because my baby boy he doesn't know what FEAR is, he is like " don't teach me, I 'll find out on my own"

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    Excellent video – as a manufacture that is dedicated to water training gear and fun in the water, seeing kids learn to swim is our pride and joy. Thank you for the work you do, and for the videos!

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    I had a fear of water, still kind of do, ever since I was 4 when my parents gave me to a "swimming instructor", with my parents permission, tossed me into 8 feet deep water, where another guy didn't grab me soon enough and I inhaled water and was pulled back out choking. This video was therapeutic. Thank you.

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