How to JUMP with Skates – 10 Tips
How to JUMP with Skates – 10 Tips

How to JUMP on Inline Skates Here are 10 tips for you Jump with both legs at the same time, side
by side, parallel. It’s tempting to leap forward as that’s your
natural instinct. However, with skates this is a bad idea. Just jump straight up instead. It’s the speed at which you approach the jump
that brings you forward. Stretch your arms as far back as feels natural. But as you swing your arms, try not get your
hands higher than your eyeline. Keep your arms in front, almost as a downhill some best electric skateboard
skier. Stack some soda cans and place a yard stick
on top. I use empty cans, as unopened cans tend to
explode on impact … Just fill the empty cans with something, else
they may be taken by the wind. Once you’re a bit more comfortable try to
find some natural obstacles. In everyday skating I do jump curbs, water
puddles and potholes all the time. This is great practice … Well, as you see, jumping comes with
risks. However, with long jumps I still struggle
sometimes. Especially when I am concerned that I won’t
jump far enough, the instinct of leaping forward kicks in. This puts me off balance, which in turn triggers
this windmilling thing where the arms go way too hig over my head
and then backward. It’s not a nice feeling at all, and a few
times I’ve got so off balance I’ve fallen. The higher the speed the more likely I’m to
get off balance, so I really recommend you wear kneepads and gloves or wristguards. Long sleeves or elbow pads are good as well, and I do also wear padded
underwear to protect my hips. It’s good to practice jumping over grass. If your timing is off or you jump too short, so your skate land on
grass, you’ll naturally start to run but not fall – hopefully. Some reasurring words at last. Jumping is really a lot of fun when you get
the balance right. Just practice on a safe place wearing protection
and I promise you’ll get there very soon. Oh btw, today I’m on a new pair of skates. This is not the first time I fall and it won’t
be the last. But with gloves to protect my hands and knee
pads, no problem. Elbow pads or long sleeves and padded underwear
for hip protection are good to wear as well. I only jump after I’m fully warmed up. At least for bigger jumps that’s very important. Also, if you are not used to jumping at all
I strongly recommend you take it easy the first few sessions. Else you can expect stiff muscles for a week
afterward. Today I’m jumping with urban skates. But I used to jump with fitness skates. Both types can be used for sure, but the urban
skates definitvely are better. They have much more rubber on the wheels,
which absorb shock. They even feature a dedicated shock absorber
in the heels, and I really do notice it helps. But the landing itself is the most important. Try to make it as soft as you can. Try to grab your feet in air. It may look cool, maybe, I don’t know, but
it does practice your balance. Another trick is to put your skates sideways
to jump over even higher obstacles. Maybe I could have jumped over seven cans
here? I’ll try that next time. But, put down your skates quicker than me
… unless you want to land on one leg … COMMENTS When my aim is to jump high I never have a
problem with balance. Even if technically I don’t do it that well,
and I flap my arms, I mean wings, like a seagull, the high jumps are okay and I never get off
balance. It got smaller wheels and a harder boot than
I’m used too. The speed isn’t as high as with my old big
wheel long frame skates but the control definitively is better. Stay tuned for an upcoming review of these

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  1. Damagineer314 says:

    I'm wondering, how different is balancing on one foot inline vs ice. I ice skate and the edges make it fairly easy with practice. Don't know about inline skates.

  2. Arina Thomsen says:

    Very nice! I am still a chicken with jump.

  3. PROLIFICCA says:

    Great! Love your sense of humour!

  4. Dire Wolfy says:

    I can jump about 3-5 inches on my sebas, this helps alot

  5. k Martin says:

    Great vid! Love the twisters, had a pair for 2 years now

  6. John Keiffer says:

    What kind of knee pads are those?

  7. SingaporeSkater says:

    these vids are getting professional!

  8. superiuxn0va says:

    yay, how to jump video! haha oh man u wasted a can of coke ?!

  9. Trygg Tholvsen says:

    Hey! I've binge watched almost every video of yours this afternoon, thank you for all the tips and keep up the good work! But I've got one small thing to ask for, would be awesome if you could write the name of the skates you use in the description of upcoming videos! Looking to buy a new pair of skates and would be awesome if you could include that! (And yes I've seen your reviews of the different pairs but it's pretty annoying to find the review video every time..) Thank you and as I said, keep up the good work!

  10. Lucas Dias says:

    Nice, i've been wanting to practice my jumps, this will be of great value, thank you!

  11. heepy1 says:

    Thank you for putting the list in the description!

  12. Bavmorda says:

    Hey great video! I'm struggling with the fear of jumping right now and I think your tips will be of great help :)Loved finding all the explanations on the description too. I'm suscribing and watching the rest of your videos, I bet I'll find more useful tutorials. Thanks! 😉

  13. Rolling Dubai Guy! says:

    Nice vid! How are you liking the Twisters?

  14. Zeissler Media says:

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  15. ZG BitBack says:

    Your videos are very informative and fun to watch. Thank you.

  16. Zshock soda says:

    AAAAHHH! 4:36. I have a phobia of seagulls (and albatrosses). Shoo, Seagull! Shoo! It better not be your pet. 😉

    Oh yeah, don't forget Bill Stoppard's advice: Flick your toes during the jump to gain extra lifting power.

  17. Max Day says:

    I love the fact you include clips of you falling or not doing it perfectly as it reassures us that it's normal to fall and it's part of learning. Keep up the good work 🙂

  18. dmi3evi4 says:

    Похоже на Межапарк!!!

  19. Shop Task says:

    Good stuff

  20. Joker Gaming says:

    how to make small jumps or kids who cannot skate very well

  21. maiaIII says:

    Thank you man for your tips! It´s very dificult to begginers to jump. I really like your videos because you look like more like us, some times you fall down to. Thank you!

  22. Martin Wood says:

    Excellent video, as always ! thank you 👍

  23. Boon says:

    Is learning to jump on triskate more difficult than 4 classic wheels ?

  24. Daniel says:

    what urban skates do you use. and you sound very german

  25. Попович Алёша says:

    Если был заранее 2 недели увидел ваше видео, моя рука было бы не сломаться

  26. Night says:

    Great content friend, keep it up. Greetings from Spain.

  27. Paweł Procek says:

    Please do not try to teach people when you cant do it on your own properly, you're landing on flat foots (no, toes firsts) and you're hurting your knees and other joints. Shock absorbtion is nessesary and saying "as soft as possible" its not enought when youre trying to teach somebody. If you want to be a teacher please be responsible 🙂 ( I was jumping the same way as you are in the end of all my knees got hurt )
    1. Jump on the grass with your skates on in one place, try to put your knees as close to your chest ass possble DO NOT PUT YOUR FEETS BEHIND YOUR BACK, PUT THEM STRAIGHT UP OR ON THE SIDE, they will have much smaller distance to get back contact with the ground
    2. Jump on the grass on one foot and side to side to practice your balance and explosive strengh witch is nessesary to perform the good jump.
    3. Jump on asfalt without gliding in one place, it will be difficult but defienetly help to gain proper balance.
    4. Jump on asfalt without gliding with one foot, its nessesary to make your feets stronger and get control of all muscles in your leg witch are in use while jumping
    5. Jupm over small obsticles and with everething you/ve learned already try to keep landing as quiet as possible.
    6. Repead previous steps as a warm up before jump practice (DO NOT FORGET ABOUT REGULAR WARMUP before)


  28. Rudraksh Sehgal says:

    Your comment on slow mo's video was amazing:p keep going love from INDIA

  29. Anonymous Two says:

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