How to Get an ACCREDITED American Bachelor’s Degree SUPER FAST

What’s up out there in YouTube land I
hope you’re having a great day so this is
and I’m coming at you live with another video right now today’s video on this
lazy Sunday afternoon is about how to get your bachelor’s degree really really
fast so I get a few pretty common questions and one of them is hey Ben I
recently graduated from high school or I never went to college
I don’t have a degree can I still work overseas teaching English that’s
something that I’ve discussed in another video and I will discuss in the future
video because I didn’t cover it well enough but the topic that I want to
approach today is another piece of that and that question is how can I get a
bachelor’s degree really quickly now some people they may not have been
trying to poke holes in my resume or doubt my resume but they’ve said man
you’re 34 years old and you’ve got 15 years of experience and wait hold on how
does that work out that’s a really good question and I would probably ask the
same question in your shoes so one thing that I talk about in the book and one
thing that I try to explain to people when I read their resumes and go over
emails and everything which I do every day of the week sometimes I take a day
off but one thing that is very important is selling all of your skills a lot of
people are very modest and they don’t feel comfortable with really putting
themselves out there and discussing their
abilities and what they’ve done in the past okay so one thing that I tell
people is to really dig and think of one way or another that you’ve been a
teacher or educator or facilitator or you’ve imparted wisdom in the past okay
so how about me let me ask you this question you can tell me if I’m a
bullshitter honest or not but when I was 17 years old I lived in Mexico in San
Obispo to see Mexico for the summer and I was an exchange student and I learned
Spanish and as part of that program I also taught English that was my first
experience really I was working with people everyday walking around carrying
a dictionary trying to learn Spanish stumbling through and also in turn
teaching people so although I was 17 years old when I was in high school and
I didn’t have a teachers license or TEFL or any of this fancy stuff does that
still count as teaching experience in my mind it does why shouldn’t it I was
doing exactly what a teacher did right what a lot of people don’t understand is
to teach conversation for instance this requires a person with a good year a
good listener a person who can relay information make people feel comfortable
this job can often be done by a smart high school graduate it does not you do
not need a PhD in TESOL or TEFL or apply linguistics or whatever to conduct a
good conversation class okay I learned this when I was 17 so let me ask you the
next question when I went back for my senior year of high school my Spanish
teacher said I want you to teach here for Spanish I want
co-teach with me I want you to give some of the classes should that or should
that not count as foreign language instruction well of course it did was I
a school teacher no but was i doing the job of a high
school teacher yes was i planning lessons yes so should that count
absolutely if I tutor and I give classes at the YMCA to people who can’t read
should that kind of teaching experience absolutely am I going to cut myself off
and say well technically no don’t limit yourself
don’t put stumbling blocks in front of yourself let other people do that before
they present it okay someone wants to come at me with that argument like oh
well technically you didn’t have well sure we can have that debate but I’m
going to stand my ground because I was teaching English in Mexico when I was 17
years old okay a little bit off topic but so people have said then well how
did you get a bachelor’s degree okay I’m going to share with you a website it’s
going to be in the links down below this website is called BA as in Bachelor of
Arts in for the number four weeks com so the author of this website came up
with this scheme which was quite genius where this person found out how to get
an accredited bachelor’s degree within four weeks okay is it doable yes are the
majority of people going to say that it’s not doable or can’t be done
absolutely and then up with excuses and ways around it so
here’s what I did I found this website it’s been around forever
I found it way back when I believe it was 2001 or 2002 I had a few community
college classes that I had done in California and I have a few different
credits that I’ve gotten from the military these were and stuff like basic
seamanship nautical science stuff that did not translate at all into what I
needed and just to clarify the United States for your average bachelor’s
degree you are going to need approximately a hundred and twenty
credits I believe I’m going to have to check that it seems like it changes
every year used to be that there were 30 course or sorry 30 credit master’s
degree programs and now it seems everyone is 36 credits and the price
seems to like double each year or it’s just gotten crazy so without continuing
to Yammer on I’m here at the website on my other computer you know I’m just
checking so the question who can complete a bachelor’s degree in four
weeks this lady says those learners who already possess the full complement of
required competencies require no new learning and only need demonstrate those
competencies so that they can make somebody to be properly validated and
officially recognized by way of conferral of an official bachelor’s
degree okay so check this out you can go to a school I have three off the top of
my head the first one is Excelsior the second one is Thomas Edison State
College and the third Excelsior charters Charter Oak State
College okay Charter Oak State College these are
fully accredited if you have followed me at all or read what I’ve written
I got my degree from Thomas Edison State College tes CED you and I got it in
Liberal Studies is it impressive no but is it accredited oh hell yes and does it
work oh yeah every time I go to apply through immigration for a visa they
always look they always say all your degrees are credited great so let me
tell you about this course and I’m going to be totally honest with you
postgraduate I’m sorry upper level courses year three and four for college
how many of them did I take in person three that’s all don’t judge me but I’ve
actually only sat in class for like three classes for my bachelor’s and I
talked about the master’s degree that I ended up getting way late in my ESL
career that one I did completely online as well okay I don’t do well sitting in
a class unless it’s language instruction because more often than not I just find
that there are a lot of people asking questions that
interested in and I do best just memorizing the material so what did I do
I did credit by examination so credit by examination a lot of people aren’t
familiar with it but if you can go in and take a test and prove that you know
the subject matter okay by way of getting a satisfactory grade on the test
then there are schools like tes CHR Oak State College etc then we’ll give you
straight up the credit okay I got my degree from Te SC I never once took a
course with te SC I transferred in every single credit so the very first one I
took English Composition I got six credits for this and I swear to you this
is the easiest test I have ever taken in my life if you can speak English I
highly recommend that you don’t even study and you just go and take it
because that’s what I did and the questions are literally like we were
fishing we was fishing or we wasn’t fishing I mean the grammar component of
the test is insanely easy I knew I passed it before I even walked out and
it gave me a really big confidence booster so then what did i do I ended up
taking 17 of these credit by examination courses through Excelsior through Dantes
and through CLEP okay so if you are not familiar with these as most people
aren’t because the colleges try to hide them from you because they want your
tuition money and they don’t want you to pass on your own okay so I was that nerd
hanging out in the library with earplugs in and I would study a class or a course
they have even the free books in the library almost every library
ask them ask them whether credit by examination books are they’ll be in the
reference section most likely or education or wherever they keep them in
your Public Library so I would sit in there and I would study for days until I
felt like you know what under all this stuff I can pass the test I would take
the test and I would not get out of the park I actually only failed one which
was business law but funnily enough I passed business law to the advanced one
I did great the other one I failed it so whatever um my mother has since gone on
to do all of her nursing stuff for her are in this way okay without having to
set foot in a classroom and deal with people showing up late and all the
hoopla or whatever involved okay I told this good that so I used this BA in four
weeks as my template it was an insane help to me I can’t believe how quickly I
was able to do it I got my bachelor’s degree in medley September of 2004 I did
not do it in four weeks I took my time and I really wanted to make sure that I
passed every exam a lot of people stress out and they freaked out because these
exams can be a little bit more expensive but when you compare it to the cost of
actually taking the course it’s night and day
hold on I’m gonna turn off uh Skype it’s annoying me but the cost is actually
night and day when you consider what you’d have to
take a class so if you’ve even fell one or fell – and you look at it in the
broad spectrum the money that you save on the time and the gas going to campus
and you know parking on campus and love the love the book buy books etc I mean
even if you fail I think that when I did the cost analysis it was like even if I
failed every other test I was still way ahead of the way ahead of the curve so
if you are a smart person or a person who studies well on your own and you
want a quick way to get a bachelor’s degree I would highly encourage you to
do this as I always say you know purchase of the of the manual includes a
year of unlimited consulting through me if this is something that you want to do
and you need help along the way or you have questions about the exams and
whatnot that’s something that I’m more than happy to provide help and guidance
with I believe you can even take them overseas in a lot of places now which
would come in super handy for a lot of people but credit by examination is
something that I recommend when I tell people about it I get mixed emotions
there are two things when I tell people how bad did my bachelor’s degree online
through credit by examination and when I tell them that I don’t pay taxes on
foreign earned income people tend to get pissed off because they feel like they
wasted a lot of money because they did people tend to say well you know I
learned a lot by you know going to college and joining a frat or whatever
and we’ve never changed those never trade
those experiences yeah that’s fine great I’m happy for you I’ve never trade my
experiences teaching English overseas either but people get defensive because
a lot of them are still paying off exorbitant student loans they got you
know they feel really couch by you know making these payments every
month and people’s tax burden is super high so these are two topics that I
don’t really talk about but for you the viewer who’s obviously on my channel
because you’re interested in such a thing and you know that there’s you know
often a better way to do things if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree yet or
are you trying to get another bachelor’s degree or something check out this
website BA in four weeks comm I’m not selling you anything here I owe a ton of
gratitude to this lady Laura Miller who wrote the website because it
tremendously helped me so as always I give credit where credit’s due not
making any money not getting any kickback don’t you don’t have to enter
my coupon code nothing like that I’m just telling you how it is as I always
do and try to be upfront and honest so that’s it for today I hope that this
helps somebody if you have any questions about it feel free to ask in the comment
section below have an awesome day and see you next time.

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