How I Teach My Daughter English – Phrasal Verbs In Context
How I Teach My Daughter English – Phrasal Verbs In Context

alright re ready ready ready well this
is my daughter Aria you could say hello hello and she was on the channel a while
ago I think but she hasn’t been on for a while
but I thought a great way for you to see how I help people learn not only adult
learners but anybody else is just how I work with my own daughter and really
it’s not working or you know actual lessons we just try to find a way to
practice speaking with whatever we have and so typically we’ll just play with
toys or something and the lesson will just kind of come from that even though
I have maybe specific agony of your mind of what I’d like to keep but re what are
you working on over here so today like we’ve got some Legos over here and a lot
of it is physical actions so I can teach her lots of phrasal verbs and as I’m
going through these you’ll get to see how it works did you drop something yes
what did you drop baby a baby you dropped a baby this one here you are now
you say thank you oh no you dropped it again oh there he
is what should we make do you want to make something here lookey make this
make what do you want to make a beach do you want to take it apart
take apart so she’s starting to learn phrasal verbs things like take apart but
I show her the physical usage of that can you take this apart what do you do
Wow are you took apart yeah he took this apart to take apart you’re going to put
it together no you want to make a beach or a pool with that make a pool where do
you want to put it right here okay you can do it can you put it together yeah
no yeah why not whoa whoa okay you can do it you’re going to break it ah there
you go if you want to break it apart like this you try break apart so hold
here and break Oh break apart break apart so she is
slowly learning the the different ways we speak but mostly when people are
teaching their younger children like this so I’m just teaching her in regular
English it’s mostly phrasal verbs we use and that’s why I teach phrasal verbs to
adults especially non-native learners because they’re so important and it’s so
such a necessary thing for people learning this is really the way we
communicate conversationally and that’s why you need to learn phrasal verbs so
we’ve already done a few of them and for the repetition for her we just practice
these things over and over and over again so what are you doing right now
what’s that ah hair yes it some hair I’m here from a Lego piece right here do you
want to put the hair on the lobster no Mia on Mia where’s Mia Mia I think Mia
is someplace else we don’t have Mia here though you can put it put the hair on on
somebody else do you want to do somebody else we got a different character like
Alice from Alice in Wonderland you want to change the hair should we put on put
on different hair er thank you kinky you’re welcome all right you can
do it put on what almost almost and ah very good
yeah so now you put on different hair so we read books and other things that that
give her the same kind of vocabulary but in different ways of a book talking
about putting on clothes or taking off clothes or doing something you want to
drink okay take a sip a rag what are you HOT letters you want to do
some letters it will be we’ll do some some letters afterward after we’re done
with this another thing that so she is already how old are you nice
– yeah that’s right so she is two years old and so you heard her say Mesa which
is – in Japanese and so I speak with her in English and Japanese just like her
mother does why are you drink a lot Wow was that
delicious delicious but because she is – I’ve spent a lot more you want more
water what do you say well more more please that’s right please is a magic
word more please so when you’re working with
someone like especially a native speaker they’re often introducing things and
easier way first or a slower way so I say do you want to play this
so I practice with her do you want this but after some time we say do you wanna
do you want to run do you want to go do you want to play you want to play and
then she will learn that also the same thing so I want to but typically we’re
learning it’s almost the opposite way for a native child so they’re learning
the the way of expressing like wanna and gonna and then after that they learn how
to do it the correct way in school but again that’s why we teach the opposite
way and I have to do those things when I’m teaching adult learners go ahead
Toto in English take off very good so again she’s using
the phrasal verb to take something off so which one do you want to take off
this one you can do it here I’ll hold this you can take off that piece can you
do it right here this one what right here what take off now you took that
piece off so she learns the present in the past and all of the different tenses
in context like that tomorrow take off the bubbles you’re going to take off
this one you can do it I’ll hold this piece take it off or almost here you go
I’ll help you out all right can you do it take off that’s free and you can take
off this one you’re going to put it down all right
put them down right there very good do you want to make something should we
make something you want to make a tree make a tree which one are you going to
make the make the ocean again and often the we don’t have a specific plan about
what I’m going to teach or something we just go wherever the lesson happens to
be so if she’s moving something around I’m going again you’re going to make the
beach again where you want it you want to make this one we have to put it
together so you can see I’m also speaking more
quickly because she understands the patterns of what I’m saying
so it’s really the same speed I use when I speak with her now
it’s faster and it’s the normal speed that I use when I’d be speaking with
some regular adult friends of mine but I’m just using more simple language
above it you don’t put that in your mouth you don’t want to swallow that
thing so I had her start no no no don’t put that one in your mouth either do you
want to eat that no don’t eat that don’t eat that why not
you don’t want to eat that because you could choke you don’t want to eat that
she is uh no no no no you can pretend remember you pretend but you don’t eat
it okay good I have a kiss ah quick kiss I need I need a better kisser than that
oh thank you thank you well do you have anything more you want to tell people
you want to say bye bye are you finished we don’t want to make her sit here for
too long because she likes to play with something and then run and do something
else do you want to say bye-bye well you got to see like a happy Bubba
up there see you see everything like that yeah well she is just learning to
be a YouTube celebrity so she might take a little bit of time but if you’re
interested in seeing more about the different things we do this is again
just moving the table over here and trying this for the first time did you
have fun it was fun what should we do next you want to make a tree mega tree
like this tree over here okay okay we can make a tree well we are will finish
up with that and well thank you very much thank you yeah well thank you
you’re welcome I’m not saying this home alone is great
that’s right we can make the tree after that so her language ability is coming
along very well and I’m teaching her to read and write as well and again if you
want to see more videos about specific things or how I teach her or other
things like that let me know but we will say good bye for now
also if you’d like to learn more about how I help adult learners you can click
on the link in this video also you can click on the link in the link or it’ll
be a link in this video or link in the description below this video to learn
more about our app that we’re using to help people learn to read anyway we will
say bye bye and again we’ll see how this video goes if it’s popular and you’d
like to learn more then we’ll see eligos blah blah bye bye alright

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