Home School Curriculum: Geography : Teaching Method for Home Schooling
Home School Curriculum: Geography : Teaching Method for Home Schooling

I’m Jennifer Miller with the Institute for
Reality, on behalf of Expert Village. One of the most common questions that we get from
families that are new to home schooling, or very skeptical of home schooling is ‘How do
you teach those things that you don’t know about?’ If you failed high school geography
and you can’t name all the states and capitals, and you don’t know what the seven continents
are, then how are you possibly going to teach geography to your child at home? A question
that can be asked in response to that is, if you don’t know what the capital of Brazil
is, how would you find out? What was your answer? Would you search on Google? Would
you go to the library? Would you use an atlas? Any of those answers would not only provide
the answer to what the capital of Brazil is, but it would also provide the answer to how
to teach geography when you, yourself don’t know it. It’s impossible for any person to
teach the whole body of human knowledge to another person. It grows exponentially every
year. And an educated person is not someone who knows all of the pertinent facts about
every subject. An educated person is someone who knows how to learn, and who lives a lifestyle
of learning. So if you are an educated person, and you know how to learn, then you will know
how to find the information that you don’t know. One of the ways that we teach the subjects
that we are not comfortable with and we’re not familiar with, is by finding someone who
does know how to teach those things, and teaching them to our children. Designing an education
is not so much about what to include, as to what not to include. If it’s a public education,
a private education, a home education, someone has made the decision of what is important
for a child to learn at a certain point, and how to teach it, and what we’re going to leave
out. Home educating your child is not about knowing everything and knowing how to teach
everything yourself. It’s about custom designing a perfect education for your child at the
stage that he is at. If teaching geography scares you, make friends with your atlas.
Start doing some reading about cultures. Start learning a new language. And before very long,
your enthusiasm for what you are learning will overflow into your home school. And you
will find ways to teach your child geography.

25 thoughts on “Home School Curriculum: Geography : Teaching Method for Home Schooling”

  1. ARMOROID5000 says:

    Thank you for this video.
    I was very lucky that I had extreamly good teachers when I was young. My son is unfortunate that my career has taken us to a place where there isn't a very good educational system, so I am going to home school him.
    This is a good start, thanks for the pointers.

  2. Kiyoshiwanke5 says:

    ill be that when i grow up!

  3. Arcturus111 says:

    So I hope i do real good in "home school", so I can get into a good "home college", and get a good "home job", and make lots of "home money" ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. SDG1750 says:

    @XIPM3 It's spelled "apparently." Sorry couldn't resist ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Reasons Nhan says:

    I know people that are home schooled and they do not do much, so not all home school option is a good one. It depends on the parent commitment to their children learning. Same goes for public school which will depend on the student will to learn. I am sure some of you are probably looking for spelling mistake I am making right now to troll me or something. I really don't mind making mistake because that is the best way to learn anyways.

  6. Jeannie Miller says:

    @reasonz2lie I was homeschooled and you are right! It all depends on how willing the student is to learn.

  7. Wishery says:

    @TheTruthLiberator You went to public school aswell ๐Ÿ˜‰ Continent.

  8. nvbjubjub says:

    @TheTruthLiberator Antartica North America South America Asia Australia Africa

    boom, no internet used (besides the one to post this)

  9. nvbjubjub says:

    @Wesh67300 what the crap? America isn't one continent make sure you double check your "facts" before you comment. and yeah you obviously have no observational humor, I purpously left Europe out of that list.

  10. Wesh67300 says:

    @nvbjubjub Cultural differences. My bad. You guys often say there are 7 continents, while we learn in France that there are 5. And american ignorance in geography can be so bad that i actually believed you forgot Europe.

  11. nvbjubjub says:

    @Wesh67300 ohh, ok, sorry 'bout that, and i love how you assumed that I was "american" heh heh, I'm scottish, well, i grew up in scotland, but i moved to the U.S. because of a Job promotion, so yeah i'm kinda american, but i've only been here for like…. two years.

  12. Katlynn Schmick says:

    how did i get to this from WKUK?

  13. miazagora says:

    @reasonz2lie How do you know they don't do much? Have you observed these "people who are homeschooled" for a whole day? If so, was it an average day? Do you assume from watching said "people" that ALL homeschooled people teach/learn the same way? What are your credentials to judge whether what they do is not enough? Are all public schooled kids taught the same way? What about the private-schooled kids?

  14. miazagora says:

    @petergonefar "I think that the social problems with homeschooling far outweigh any benefit…" What social problems? Are their "social problems" in public schools? What are your credentials? How many homeschoolers have you studied and how long have you studied them? Is your work published? How do you decide if a homeschooling teacher is "good at their job" – and do you use the same measurements to critique public school teachers?

  15. miazagora says:

    @KiLLSiGnZ No, she didn't. She said it's more important to know where to get information you don't know than to expect yourself to know everything. No teacher can possibly know everything in the curriculum – even those wonderfully effective public school teachers. With budget cuts, you may have a math teacher who also teaches geography or art. They have curricula. They have lesson plans. They are told what to teach. They don't know everything.

  16. miazagora says:

    @FlyinSpaghettiMnstr7 "…why is it only in connection with this area of intellectual endeavour that I have ever heard an eminent scientist (with a Nobel Prize to his name, no less) say in a public lecture in Oxford: 'You must not question evolution'? After all, scientists have dared to question even Newton and Einstein." John Lennox, Reader in Mathematics at the University of Oxford.

  17. miazagora says:

    @FlyinSpaghettiMnstr7 "Scientists, we emphasize, seem quite happy to include forensic medicine and SETI in the realm of science. Why, then, the furore when some scientists claim that there is scientific evidence of intelligent causation in physics (small furore) or biology (large furore)? There is surely no difference in principle. Is the scientific method not applicable everywhere?" God's Undertaker by John Lennox

  18. Sovereign Funding says:

    Come on now give this a break. She's had a lot of hits to this site. Obviously there are hundreds of other homeschool geography lessons online, so listen to them all. Thanks.

  19. Mr Nhan says:

    @miazagora All he said was he knows people that are homeschooled and they did not do much. He did not say that all people who are homeschooled do not do much. I think he means that no matter where you go to school or how you go to school really still depends on your will to learn. Homeschool does not guarantee sucess, thus the "not all homeschool program are good". I do not see anywhere in his statement that say all homeschooled people learn the same way. Where are your credential and studies.

  20. CreationScienceNerd says:

    yes, it is real.

  21. CreationScienceNerd says:

    how do you know?

  22. CreationScienceNerd says:

    Is this what you believe? Do you believe I am a moron? You've never met me.

  23. Wagner Gomes says:

    7 Continents? wtf, There are 6 Continents… Actually America is just a Single Continent… is just subdivided into regions like North Of America, Central of America, and South of America… all Together makes a single Continent.. the 6 Continents are America, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, Africa, and Europe… That North America and South America Continent thing was the United States who created that Stupid thing because the Anglo Saxons did not want to get lumped with Latin America!!!

  24. Anthony McMahon says:

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  25. Anthony McMahon says:

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