Highest Paying Jobs with NO Degree | 2019
Highest Paying Jobs with NO Degree | 2019

just because you don’t have a degree
does not mean you don’t have any experience and you don’t know what
you’re doing if you are 18 years old right now with no experience coming
right out of high school most jobs you’re not gonna just be able to walk
into and make six figures however these jobs are going to be talking about today
are things you can be working towards to inspire you that you do not need a
four-year degree to make good money in fact most of my friends with four-year
degrees are paid well and I have a lot of very successful friends who don’t
have any formal education whatsoever actually I have a few friends that are
rolling in the dough and they are a college dropout how about them apples I
am gonna share you some other jobs mixed in here that you don’t need experience
but I’m mostly gonna be going into jobs that pay very well without a four-year
degree but you’re still gonna need experience so if you don’t have that yet
you can work towards that now and we are getting started right now job number one
is working for Apple music in content and planning the average salary for them
is 70,000 to 111 a thousand dollars a year if you’re somebody that is seeking
a job without a formal four-year education and this could be a great
option for you with this job you will have an opportunity to provide strategic
content direction for Apple music a degree is preferred with this job
however was 7 to 10 years of experience they will not worry about if you have a
degree or not in fact the CEO of Apple Tim Cook did say that more than half of
the Apple employees do not have a degree so this could be a great company to work
for if you have experience without the degree my second job is a client
solutions manager at Facebook the average salary is 76 thousand dollars to
one hundred and thirty one thousand dollars a year this is great for any
marketing solutions expert relationship managers media specialists and project
managers anyone with or without agree is welcome to apply this would be a great
job for you if you have experience in presenting ideas and data to
cross-functional teams and the ability to influence c-level executives although
a degree is preferred if you do check all the boxes of everything else they do
not care if you do not have a degree or not my third job that you can apply
without a degree is a creative director at Apple the average salary is 83
thousand dollars to one hundred and forty thousand dollars a year
currently Apple is looking to fill a position as a director one of these
directors in Culver City California although a bachelor’s degree is
preferred if you do have 15 years of experience you are more than welcome to
apply what experience they would like you to have is professional experience
in event design creative direction and content production okay my fourth job
that you do not need a degree or experience is if you become a taper the
average wage for them is fifty thousand to seventy four thousand dollars a year
depending on which state you reside in for example Illinois and Hawaii pay the
upper amount up to eighty something thousand dollars a year and states like
North Carolina and South Dakota pay the lower end of that very much what you’ll
be doing as a taper is you’ll be sealing joints between plaster board and the
wall board to prepared the wall for surfaces like painting and papering so
obviously if you live in a bigger city there’s more demand than if you live in
a smaller city my fifth job is if you get a food service manager a lot of
these jobs you do not need a degree most of these types of managers in the food
service industry you can just work your way up from being a server or being a
hostess and kind of seeing how other people do their job and you can work
your way up by asking questions and being curious and letting your boss know
that you are interested in moving up in the field the average salary for a food
service manager is fifty three thousand dollars a year and they only ask usually
if you have some kind of high school diploma or GED I’m the manager and a
food service industry you’re gonna be planning and coordinating different
activities in Boonton service industry number six that you do not need a degree
is a railroad offering railroad operator average salary is about $54,000 a year
and they also have great benefits which could be great if you have a family or
you need insurance or looking to have a 401k match every month
all they ask is you have a high school education or a GED what you’ll be doing
is operating the railroad tracks switches things you might be doing as
well is signals for engineers by hand or by flagging you’ll be inspecting
couplings hand brakes as well as air hoses number seven is a certification
exam contact manager with Google cloud the estimated salary is seventy seven
thousand to $19,000 a year this is one of the many high-paying jobs at Google
that you can land without having a degree for this job you’ll be working
with experts to develop and launch and maintain certification exams for Google
cloud operation this position would be perfect for you if you have experience
in project management and facilitating working groups in writing workshop
number eight is a gaming manager at a casino they plan direct and coordinate
different types of operations at the casino the average medium income in 2016
was 69 thousand dollars the only experience they asked you to have is a
high school diploma or a GED and projected job openings in the next few
years it’s gonna be about 1800 position so if you’re a kind of person that likes
to gamble you know how to play lots of games and you can manage money very very
well and you’re trustworthy this could be a great option for you number nine is
to be a post mate or male superintendent they plan direct and coordinate
operational administrative management and supportive services for the US
Postal Service in 2017 the average medium for a post mate or postal
superintendent was 71 thousand dollars they only require you to have a high
school education or a GED the projected job openings from now until 2024 is
about 3,200 positions number 10 is a transport inspector what they do is they
inspect equipment and the goods in the transport of people the average medium
is 72 thousand dollars a year and they only require you to have a high school
diploma or a GED the projected openings from now until 2024 is about 7,000
positions so it’s looking like it’s gonna be
growing number 11 is to become a telecommunications line installer their
average medium income is about $54,000 a year and these are gonna be the people
that are working on the power line to install and repair telecommunications
between the different networks like cable and fiber optics all they require
you to have is a high school diploma or a GED number 12 and the last one it
lights mean examiner’s you know when you go to the DMV to get your license or
permit and you have to pass well you can do that job without a college degree all
they ask you to have is a high school diploma or a GED their average yearly
income is 69 thousand dollars a year all right guys that’s all I have for you
today those are well of the jobs I think are
very high paying that you can get without a college degree obviously some
of those you do need experience to get into but many of them you do not if
there’s any other jobs that you’re aware of that could inspire other people that
they can get into improving their legacy and changing their life please comment
down below and share with the community we all love it and I do look at all the
comments I really do so don’t forget to leave a comment and I will see you in
the next video bye

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    Kat Theo 🙂

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    The FAA is almost always hiring Air Traffic Controllers and the pay is $120k no experience needed. The training is hard though, I failed. You also have to be under the age of 33. Go to USAjobs.gov to apply

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