Hero Teacher Carlie Flanders Gets a Big Surprise
Hero Teacher Carlie Flanders Gets a Big Surprise

– Today we have a big surprise
for a viewer named Carly Flanders,
and she’s a first grade teacher at Elmer Wolfe Elementary
in Union Bridge, Maryland, and like a lot of teachers,
Charlie– Carly does amazing things
for her students. She’s also a huge fan
of this show. We sent–Jeannie is there
at the school, and she’s outside the classroom.
Hi, Jeannie. Hi. – Hi, Ellen.
– Oh, she’s whispering. Hi. Tell us about Carly. Tell us all about Carly. – Okay, Ellen,
I got to tell you. – What?
– Carly is so amazing. So Elmer Wolfe Elementary
is a title one school, so a lot of the kids
that attend here come from really, really
low-income families. But Carly will do whatever
she can to help her students, from paying for school supplies,
or even paying for food. And her students know that no
matter what’s going on at home, as soon as they walk
in her classroom doors, they’re gonna have fun,
and they’re gonna learn. Carly is awesome,
and like you said, Ellen, she loves you.
She’s a huge fan of the show. I’m so excited
for this surprise. I cannot wait. – Okay, so she thinks
something else is going on. There’s a camera
in her classroom, but she doesn’t know
that we’re gonna do this. [phone trilling] Look how well behaved
those kids are. – Hello?
– Hello, is this Carly? – Yes.
– Are you expecting a call from the Ellen DeGeneres Show? – Yes I am.
– Are you expecting a call from Ellen DeGeneres? – No.
– Well, hello. – Hello.
– Hello. – Hello.
– Hello? – Hello!
– Hello? – Hi!
– Hi. All right,
we’re gonna play a game and see how good you are
at your job. We’re calling it “Are You
Smarter Than a First-Grader?” Jeannie, tell them how
to play the game. – Yes. Okay, all right.
So, boys and girls, listen up. Everybody’s gonna get
a paddle, okay? Ellen gave me some yes or no
questions I’m going to ask you, and of you think the answer
to the question is yes, you’re going to show me the yes
side, okay, the green side. If you think the answer’s no,
you show me the red side, and if you get all
of them right, you’re going to win a really
big prize for your school. How cool is that? [all cheering] Okay, here we go. So question number one: A triangle has three sides,
yes or no? Three sides,
a triangle has three sides. There we go.
All right! Good job! [cheers and applause] Okay, question number two,
question number two. Mrs. Flanders is the best
teacher ever. [cheers and applause] They got that one, Ellen.
They got that one. All right,
question number three: Two plus two equals six. – Well, they’re very smart.
Very smart. – That was right.
That looks good. Good job, you guys.
Good job. Okay, now,
here’s the next one. Do you know what Ellen says
at the end of every show? Can you guys all say it
together? all: Be kind
to one another. Be kind to– that’s right.
And, Ellen, I gotta show you. They have a sign
right here. They have that for you.
There we go. – Oh, that’s–
– So you guys definitely knew that one.
Okay, that one was right. – Amazing.
What an amazing class. And listen to this,
for getting every answer right, we got you this. Jeannie, Jeannie,
it’s facing the wrong direction. – Oh. Oh, no, you’re right.
Sorry. – Shutterfly wants to give you
$20,000. We’re going to play
one more round, but this time, it’s just
me and you playing, okay, Carly?
Me and you. Ready? All right. I’m gonna ask you
three questions. If you get them all right, I’m
gonna give you one more thing. So here we go. Yes or no,
you were meant to be a teacher. – Okay.
– Yes. – Yes?
– Yes. 100%. – 100%.
Yes or no, you’re living at home
with your parents because you can’t afford
to live alone. – All right.
– Yes. Yeah. – All right, I know.
Yes or no, you’ve spent over $1,000
of your own money on your students
in your classroom this year. Yes. Yes.
So you got all of them right, So you win. So Shutterfly thinks
you’re amazing. I think you’re amazing. So they’re going to
give you $10,000. [cheers and applause]

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