Grants and incentives available for woodland creation
Grants and incentives available for woodland creation

I’m Kate Tobin I’m the local partnership
advisor for the Forestry Commission in the South West my job is to give advice
on all sorts of things to do with woodland to organisations and
individuals in our region and one of the questions that I’m often asked by people
is about grants for creating new woodlands and there’s quite a range of
grants available from larger woodlands over ten hectares there’s a Woodland
Carbon Fund and that’s more for productive woodlands if you’re trying to
get a crop from a new woodland and then there are also grants for smaller
woodlands that are more about benefiting wildlife, the landscape, water quality
that sort of thing there is actually a comparison document that you can find on
GOV.UK which compares all the different woodland creation grants and
the level of grant what they’ll support and all sorts of information
so that’s on One of the grants available is woodland creation grant and that’s really focused on creating woodlands like this one lots of
butterflies lots of birds really good for wildlife and good for water too and
the grant is payable you can get up to 6,800 per hectare to establish the
woodland in the first place and that pays for the cost of the trees and
planting them and protecting them and and then you can also later apply for a
maintenance grant that gives you two hundred pounds per hectare for
looking after those trees that as they’re growing in the first ten years
making sure that they’re weeded and there’s clear space around them to
allow them to grow so it’s a really good grant for covering most of the costs of
establishing a new woodland like this. People are sometimes uncertain whether
to plant now or to wait and see what new schemes come out in the future it’s
worth knowing that the government has guaranteed that any schemes signed up to and agreed before 2020 will be guaranteed for the entire lifetime of the scheme.
The new environmental land management scheme that’s being designed is quite
likely to be based around natural capital and public goods a new woodland
like this has such amazing wildlife, water quality, carbon storage benefits to
it that this kind of scheme puts people in a really good position they’ll be
very well placed for any new schemes that come forward in the future you

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