Got My 1st Web Developer Job! No CS Degree Required.
Got My 1st Web Developer Job! No CS Degree Required.

– I did it, I got my first
web developer job. Let’s talk about it. So if you clicked on this video,
I’m sure you thought about web development and
how to get into it. Well, some people go to school,
some people self-study, some people go through
a bootcamp. The way I did it was
through self-study and through a type of
bootcamp, kind of. It was through the
Udacity program which I do have a video on
and I’ve reviewed it. But really, it comes down to
your skills and your projects. I learned HTML, CSS, Jave Script,
JQuery, Bootstrap, Adobe Illustrator,
Adobe Photoshop, some InDesign too and how to
shoot photography and video and do personal branding and
those are really my core skills. And I just self-studied a lot. I did books, I did Pluralsight. I did… Let’s see, what else did I do? I did, Team Treehouse,
just all these online resources as well as a lot of offline
resources, a lot of books. So, that really taught me how to
do HTML and CSS. And actually, I learned all of
that before I learned design. I was using a program called
Corel or CorelDRAW, which is great but there’s not as much
information out there as there is with Adobe’s products. Adobe Photoshop and
all that stuff. There’s tons of information
out there. And that’s how I really
got started. After that, I just started
building on my personal brand, doing a lot of projects. Did my website over
multiple times. Learned Bootstrap,
did projects with… Using API, so I would take some
Java Script, who’d make request and then with the information
that came back, it would come in, in what’s
called an array. You can learn about that later
but I would take the array, take the information and then
reorganize it to get specific data. So I’ve a lot projects like that. But it really comes down to
completing your projects, how good they are. That’s it. The cool thing about web
development is you don’t need a degree. But you have to study and you
do have to be educated. You know, you don’t necessarily
have to go into computer science, although I would recommended it,
if you could. But those are the skills
that I learned. But why did I get into
web development, what pushed me that way? Well, I was in a job that I
really wasn’t passionate about and their really was no way up. I stayed there for two years. And after seeing other employees
moving up, I realized that it’s probably not for me,
this company. Just because, either, I didn’t
have the right personality or the right skills, but it wasn’t
that I was hard to get along with or anything like that, it just
wasn’t the right fit for me. So, I decided to studied. I studied graphic design, and that’s primarily
what I started out with. And actually, I started out with
a book, it’s up here. Give me just a minute
to grab it. This is like, the first book, the
OG that got me into all of this. It was You Can Learn How
To Draw, whoops. You can Learn How To Draw
in 30 Days. So…no, that was right. You Can Learn How To
Draw in 30 Days. Sorry. And from there, I just learned
more about graphic design theory, history and moved into
web development. And I do it all of my spare time
and the time came to make a decision. Am I gonna get serious with this,
is it just something that I can kinda do on the side? But I decided to go serious and
take time off, five months, in fact, to study web development
though the Udacity nanodegree. And it was really the best
thing I’ve done. After that, I didn’t have a job
yet but I did have a few inquiries and I had a few people I had to
turn down, not just for web development but some were
for customer service for some really cool companies
like Pluralsight, but what happened was, I saw
a job here in town for a social media manager. And I thought, that’s a great way
to learn graphic design. And it was, and so
I just worked hard. Learned all I could about
graphic design and photography, all of that and how social
media works and then, just kept on working
on my projects. I made a few web development
projects and incorporated that Photoshop in there, so you
could do the whole design and front end. Now, I don’t know the back end
yet, I’ll be doing that later. But that’s really how
I got my job. Just putting my branding
out there, making completed projects and then going to interviews and
really knowing what I’m talking about. So, one of the interview questions
I had was: Are you familiar with C# or Now, I’m not.
Not yet. But I was able to know enough
to say, I’m not familiar with a lot of those Microsoft
languages or frameworks. And that shows that I’m in
the know, I know what they are and I’m in the web development
world and I keep up on it. So that’s really how I did it. Now, going forward,
I’m gonna do these every week and I have a new intro, so,
check it out. If you have any questions, let
me know in the comments and I’ll try to answer them
as best I can. I’ll be going forward, again,
just talking about my experiences, what I’m learning,
what I have to learn, what challenges I come across
and that’s it. Thanks for watching. Oh, and remember to
always be learning, keep it real. See ya.

34 thoughts on “Got My 1st Web Developer Job! No CS Degree Required.”

  1. Agustin Arriaga says:

    Awesome! Something I would like to know is, where do you see yourself going with this company? What do the opportunities look like there at this company?

  2. jonathan salas says:

    Congrats!! Do you have any certifications before you applied for the job? Or better yet, do you think certifications will give you an edge when applying?

  3. вит ант says:

    you can give adres on site?

  4. Indranil Tiwary says:

    it's rude to ask.. but what's the payscale there.. sorry to be so blunt.. but ultimately money matters.. !!

  5. Icyro187 says:

    congratulations ricky!

  6. mike appe says:

    great inspire me always…

  7. Bang Dang says:

    Hello can you recommand some books to learn front end development please !

  8. Jhomar Maravillas says:

    sadlly in our country no company will ever hire non degree student, they dont even check the skills

  9. StarRoseAngelic says:

    Thank you for the video. Can you make a vid comparing the different methods of learning and resources you used when you first started learning web development? Ex. Books vs Online tutorials, Lynda vs Skillshare vs Treehouse, etc.
    Like were there any tips you would go back and give yourself, or resources you would have avoided?
    Also can you go further into any pre-planned study schedule you created for yourself? Did you start learning parts of everything at once (college course style), or focus on one language/skill at a time before venturing on to the next. Sorry for the overload of requests lol I'm just an aspiring front end developer who's about to start the self study route, and I want to make sure I do things as efficiently as possible.

  10. Garry Cabrera says:

    What kind of projects did you built that caught recruiters attention? Great vid btw and congrats on your accomplishments

  11. 0hmyy0utubeusername says:

    "It would come in what was called an array" lol, one of the most basic components of programming…

  12. Rogue says:

    I have the same skill set as you, 9 projects on my portfolio, as well as an active Github and Codepen, but I'm finding that job postings have become scarce when it comes to junior web developer/mid-level web developer positions. I've taken JavaScript assessments and scored well, my portfolio is featured on CodeCademy's "Intro to Full-Stack" course, and I've got a really strong brand identity. I've got two client websites, two JavaScript/jQuery-based games, two website design concepts, a weather app, a to-do list app, and a PSD-to-web app project.

    Perhaps I've just gotta exercise patience, but boy oh boy, getting your foot through the door is a challenge.

  13. SpaysE McG says:

    cool! good job bro

  14. SpaysE McG says:

    also people try sololearn on android its sweet and like a game

  15. shahiduzzaman foysal says:


  16. Ricardo Maldonado says:

    Thanks for sharing your story! Very inspiring!!

  17. Andy Garcia says:

    Just Subscribed! Great topic Ricky. I just finished the HTML/CSS Codecademy course and the Jon Duckett hard cover. Thinking of taking the Treehouse course then some sort of online bootcamp thereafter. On that note I'd ask: What's your opinion on bootcamps? Did Udacity teach you anything you didn't already know through your own self-studies? Or was it more of a reinforcement of what you already knew?

  18. AvoidTheBeast says:

    I'm a 15-year-old Canadian Developer, and I got my first Internship starting on Monday all I know is HTML, CSS, Javascript, a little Ruby & Web Design, they told me in 6-12 months they'll possibly offer me a job if I've shown growth & I'm a good fit, the job will be an entry level part-time developer job ($50,000 CAD per year) at 16/17 years old! The place I learned was TeamTreehouse so I recommend that alot ($25 per month) it took me a few months to learn all that and now I could be making $50,000 at the age of 16 or 17 before I even graduate Highschool (Keep in mind this is a part-time job so once I graduate they'll give me a full-time job $80,000 CAD a year) and another thing I recommend is to go out there and get the stuff yourself, I had 0 help from anyone (Except learning sources) none of my family are devs, own company or have connections, I went out and went to studios, business, organizations and asked if they need developers for either a job or an internship and I got 2-3 calls back (I only went to like 5 places) I chose the one that offered me nothing but a free MacBook (The other places offered me legit nothing) and a possibility of a job.

    Best learning source if you're looking to actaully get a job would be teamtreehouse(dot)com and research ($25 per month USD) they also have a Tech Degree program which teaches all you need to know about a specific track (Such as Front-end, Back-end, App Development etc) for $200 per month but it looks amazing on a resume and could get you a really good dev job

  19. SupremeMystique says:

    If you don't mind me asking, how much do you make starting out? Can you work up the ranks and get a raise if you don't have a CS degree?

  20. eduardo Ramirez says:

    So your saying, just pick up web development, stick to it! You'll do great! Keep at it! I can find that on a Hallmark card. HOW did you do it in details is what people want to really know. Everything you said is something all of us already know or feel

  21. Tuscan Wonder says:

    lala la la la la

  22. Ana S. Benedict says:

    Great! That's great!

  23. Cuca Rodriguez-Loera says:

    what part of the country are you in?

  24. Devansh Garg says:

    sir, please tell us what are all those questions which can be asked by a front end web developer….. waiting for your video

  25. Sunil Ayar says:

    How one can be good web developer what are things need to follow please tell us

  26. Coding Grunt says:

    Hey ricky,
    Did your vlogs on youtube help get you your first front end dev job? If not, Do you think it could help someone else?

    Please and thank you,

  27. ismaeel yaghoubi says:

    hey there… can u link your website…

  28. Kederath says:

    At 1:40 are you talking about HTTP requests? I'm not sure I caught exactly what you said there..

  29. Michael Mansy says:

    how do you list your projects on your resume?

  30. Federico Riva says:

    Very interesting, what age did you decide to move into web development?

  31. Mo3taz Sj says:

    Hi! Does the companies require to have some skills in adobe illustrator , adobe photoshop and graphic design as a front end developer ?

  32. n bala says:

    I am 43 and have no degree. Do companies look big upon the whole age issue ?

  33. RORO Dev says:

    did you live off your savings during that five months of studying…..How did you keep your income stream coming in as you self studied?

  34. KloutKulture says:

    I'm in the same as you man. I was already studying code but after some BS with my job I quit cold turkey the other day. Plan is to live off savings a few months and study my ass off

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