Get Schooled! EarthQuaker Devices Master Class with Cory Juba
Get Schooled! EarthQuaker Devices Master Class with Cory Juba

15 thoughts on “Get Schooled! EarthQuaker Devices Master Class with Cory Juba”

  1. Erwin H says:

    Get yourself a girlfriend that looks at you the way Stefan looks at Cory!

  2. Mark Albon says:

    That was inspirational (and potentially expensive…)

  3. Jonatan Martínez Music says:

    If Jake Gyllenhaal was a pedal nerd…

  4. Ktulu Bagel says:

    Why is Cory's right arm so tan? 😉

  5. gtmuse329A says:

    Love my EQDs…just added the Data Corrupter to the front end of my special fx board. Totally bonkers in the best way ever!

  6. Søren Jedal says:

    Holy shit det var fedt og wird….

  7. Sister Lo-Fi says:

    most excellent!

  8. Ander Sierra says:

    4:06 musical context!!!!!! Thats why this is the best gear chanel on yt!!!

  9. okaxis says:

    Thank you Stefan, you made my day again. 🙂

  10. Skadragon says:

    You're freakin lush.

  11. nolarocks says:

    When do we get a new studio / Pedal Zone / Production Space tour?

  12. No Cover Charge says:

    I want them alllllllllllllllll

  13. No Cover Charge says:

    epic intro Jam!

  14. clutch 3672 says:

    The data Corrupter and spatial delivery reminds me of skinny puppy! Killer sounds!

  15. Chris Hudson says:

    What a fantastic video! I can totally justify having an all-Earthquaker pedalboard now….

  16. brett leasure says:

    i turn the knob to change the throb all the time

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