Genetics | Undergraduate Degrees at University of Leeds

[MUSIC PLAYING] The reason you
come to university is not so you can
get a better job. It’s so you can maximise your
potential as a human being and make a difference. I wanted to do
something in biology. And genetics gave me a bit
more freedom within that. I’m interested in
cancer research, so genetics was the
right way to go. [MUSIC PLAYING] What genetics is about, it’s
about how a living organism develops, how it passes
on its characteristics to its offspring, how it relates
to other organisms around it. It’s in viruses. It’s in plants. It’s in us. It is just everything. The techniques are becoming
more and more precise and sophisticated. And who knows what we’ll be
able to do in the next 35 years? So some mornings you
can get up and you can be in lectures all day. Others you can be in labs
looking at zebrafish. The next week you can be doing
something completely different. Because you get to pick
optional modules as well. They’re within the
whole School of Biology, so you don’t have to just
stick to your degree programme. So I’ve been able to
like explore the science that I like most. I took a food
sustainability module, which is completely
different to genetics. I was able to choose
chemotherapy modules, which are part of a different school,
so it was really flexible. You can still learn about
a broad range of things while staying in your
specialty as well. Leeds University is a
member of the Russell Group. That’s the principal
research-active group of universities in the UK. And we try to make sure that our
teaching is all research-led. It’s really good
to have the people doing the research in the labs
and then coming and teaching you exactly what they
found out themselves. Interesting to see
what they’re actually doing, rather than just the
general sort of virus structure or something. You really get to get in there. And just find out
everything in more data and how it is also
applied in real life, like in diagnosis or in
that sort of situation. You can tell when they’re
talking about their subject, because they’re always that
little bit more enthusiastic. It’s a lot more advanced
lab equipment than school, particularly in animal
development, which I’ve been doing this year. We’ve done a lot of work
with the model systems you learn about in the lectures. And you just get to use
loads of techniques, like gel
electrophoresis, and you learn how to prepare
it really accurately, and just things like that
are just really good skills for the future. And it’s really
exciting, really, to be using the
high-tech equipment. There’s a lot of options. The MBiol is one. It’s the integrated
master’s scheme. We offer this from
the start, but it’s something you can do at any
stage during the progression through the University. You get funded by
student finance, so it’s really quite appealing. We see students going in
all sorts of directions. I went on a trip for
sustainable food production to Askham Bryan College, where
we got to see the dairy farm and how sustainable practises
are put into actual play. That was really good to not
just hear it from a lecture, but actually see it as well. Now that I’m at the
end of year two, I was able to gain an industrial
placement in Singapore as part of a cancer
research lab. A lot of my friends
are doing year abroad. So one of them is
going to Adelaide. Another one’s
going to Wisconsin. It’s a broadening experience. You’ll be travelling
to another country. You’re possibly not even
learning in English, so your language
skills will improve. Again, that’s a great benefit. I did come with a plan, but
it’s changed completely. I’ve seen other opportunities
and other things I can do while I’m here. So much has changed. I’ve been through halls. I’ve got used to
living on my own. I’ve grown a lot in confidence
since coming to University, just because of having to
do more independent study. It’s a really nice city. It’s a very nice place to live. Everyone’s just really
welcoming and friendly. It’s just like a big
community really. So come here and take everything
we’ve got to offer and make the most of it. Definitely apply. It’s been absolutely fantastic. Yeah. I love it here. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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