First Grade Home School Reading Lessons : Handmade Books for Home Schooling
First Grade Home School Reading Lessons : Handmade Books for Home Schooling

Now we’re going to talk more about self-made
from the last series, you probably learned to make some self-made books and as your child
learns more rules about words and how to read longer and more complex words, the books that
you made for them should have those words added to them as you take them out of the
word notebook. Now it?s very important at this time I like to isolate a child from not
using regular books or magazines or anything still because that way they can learn the
rule completely and not be confused by extra words people throw in that they don’t know
the rules yet for. So, by this time you’re probably up to far more advanced words and
so we’re going to look at another book. By this time we have a book I’m just calling
it The Dog, remember you can call it whatever you want, it doesn’t have to be fancy. I like
to add little illustrations, I think it makes it fun for the child. If you’re not an actual
born artist, you can just throw stick figures up there, anything. It takes very little to
make it a little more exciting. There’s an easy cartoon series drawing. Also, if you
want to check, you can follow that series and learn some easy steps to draw animals
and stuff like that. But here we have The Dog I wrote by myself, illustrated by myself.
Make sure they read that on the cover. And then the first page notice instead of one
line, I’m up to four lines now. One day a dog, make sure they’re tracking with their
finger as they read, went to the store, notice we have double blend we have silent E at the
end. Some of those things to buy, buy is a non-phonetic word. A can of ham. Next page.
On the way, he met a man with a cane. Obviously your child will read slower. The man said
“Hi.”. And there’s an introduction of quotation marks, if you want to start teaching them
about that. It?s roughly about this time they can start learning, you can wait a little
bit if you think they need to work on other things. And look at my simple illustrations.
I am an artist and yet I just squiggle them up real quickly, they’re not that perfect.
Like I said, you can use stick figures and then as we go. The important thing, much more
important than giving them a beautiful picture, is making as many books as possible. When
the dog and look at that, get yourself some white-out in case that happens. Got to the
store, he took the ham and left. Very simple. I’m just using the words they know. The storyline
doesn’t have to be beautiful or make sense. They’re going to read real books soon enough
and they’re going to get all the other benefits of literature, but for now, try to make as
many of these as quickly as possible and don’t worry that they’re not perfect. Believe me,
the fact that you’re giving your child one-on-one far outdoes anything else that perfection
could come from actual text books.

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  1. Angela Bolton says:

    You are a danger to children and parents!

  2. Carlos Solis says:

    he´s an artist… and that book is .. a masterpiece… and… I eat plutonium for breakfast. and the sun is made of butter… and… the moon is made of spounge.

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