Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center
Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

Ferguson’s is a library database that
contains information about career planning and job searching. In this video,
you will learn how to search Ferguson’s for career information, how to find
articles and email them to yourself, how to find an MLA or Chicago style citation
for each article. To navigate to the Ferguson’s database, start from the
Kimbel Library homepage and click the database finder link. Choosing the letter
F will lead you to an alphabetical list of databases. Let’s start with the letter
F. From there, choose Ferguson’s and click the link. If you’re off-campus, you’ll be
prompted to log in to the library with your CCU username and password. If you’re
on campus, you’ll be taken directly to Ferguson’s. Near the top of the main page
of the Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center, you’ll find the search box. Type the name
of the career you’re interested in learning more about into the search box
and click the search button. For example, let’s search for career
information about event planning. Type the words “event planner” into the search
box and click the search button. You should see a list of articles that
contain the words “event planner” in the title or somewhere else in the article
itself. For each item in your results list, you should see the title of the
article, a brief excerpt from the article, and a “from” line to show you the name of
the book or other source that the article is from. These can help you
decide if the article might be of interest to you. Choose an article from
the list and click the title to go to the full text of the article. After
clicking on the article title, you’ll see the full text of the article. You can
read the article to see if it has information that is useful to you. When
you find an article that you like, you can use the toolbox in the right corner
of the screen to email a copy of the article to yourself. Click “email” and
enter your email address and click “send” If you would like to email a copy of the
article to yourself. If you find an article that you would like to cite, you
can get a suggested citation for the article in MLA or Chicago style. Click
“citation” in the tool box in the top right to navigate to the suggested
citation for the article. The default citation style is MLA. Click
the button on the top right of the citation to switch to Chicago style. If
you need to cite in a style that does not have sample citations available in
Ferguson’s, use Kimbel Library’s “Ask the Library” service to ask for help with
citing sources. Ferguson’s has many other helpful features that you can explore on
your own, including a database of current job opportunities and articles about job
searching. Visit the “Ask the Library” page on the Kimbel Library website if you
have any questions about Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center or other
questions about your library research.

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