Factoring Higher Degree Polynomials
Factoring Higher Degree Polynomials

Morning guys, today we’re going to look at factoring higher degree polynomials. We’ve already worked with factoring quadratics. Today we’re going to work with cubics, quartics, fifth degree, sixth degree, and so on, higher degree polynomials. The first thing we’re going to look at is quadratic form trinomial. So it’s a polynomial that’s got three terms and it’s going to be laid out just like a quadratic Instead of having an x-squared, x, constant, we’re going to have a degree; we’re going to have half that degree; and then we’re going to have a constant When we have it in that form, it’s going to break up just like when we had quadratics into a pair of binomials, with equivalent degrees. Well that degree ends up being half of the original degree. Just like x-squared broke up into x to the first, x to the first. If I had x to the fourth, it would break x-squared and x-squared. If I had x to the tenth, it would be x to the fifth and x to the fifth. It doesn’t always work. in every x to the tenth. But if it’s an x to the tenth where we have x to the tenth, x to the fifth, and then a constant, then we can try it just like we do with quadratics. So when it meets that format where it looks like a quadratic trinomial, we can factor the same way. back to you X 226 was seven XQ of three re I have everything I have cost said of so or Friday repair this here just a few 26 26 just like before factor perfect for few XQ yes you have a great centers if you have
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    thank you so much, my shitty textbook could'nt explain this nearly as good as you could, thank you again. 

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    Thank you sir, that was really helpful.

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    I swear you video explained higher level polynomials better than my teacher

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    Something that would help students understand factoring from this video is proving that (u+v)(u^2-uv+v^2) expands back into (u^3+v^3). I know when I was a student not having that proven to me made it stick in the back of my head until I had a moment to check it for myself and it made it hard to concentrate on anything else until that was resolved. Some people can't just take it on faith that it works, and need proof or it bothers them. I happen to be one of those people ;b I used this video to refresh myself on the topic that I will be tutoring soon, and that part stuck out to me so I had to prove it on the spot before continuing with the video. In a classroom setting there would be no time to prove it, and as we know, high-school students are generally terrible at asking the teacher to elaborate for the obvious reasons of being intimidated by the teacher or scared to look like a nerd in the class thereby being made fun of for asking good questions that other students don't really care about.

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