There’s been a whole bunch of red hot knife
videos going around the internet but let’s uh, do something a bit better. Alright so that was a lot of fun but if you guys don’t know me, I’m the Hacksmith and on our channel we take fictional ideas from movies, comics, and video
games and make real working prototypes like this rocket propelled sledgehammer from the
game Overwatch. Now we had an idea… what if we heated this up to a thousand degrees, and made it red hot? It would stay hot for a long time because
it weighs 50 pounds! So if you wanna see that, don’t forget to
subscribe and check out some of our other videos! Is my face okay?

100 thoughts on “EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 Degree SWORD VS FIRECRACKERS IN SLOW-MOTION!”

  1. the Hacksmith says:

    Yeah, red hot knives have been made. BUT HOW ABOUT A RED HOT KATANA!? Also I don't think anyone's used electricity to heat the sword… WAY more effective. Few seconds versus 10 minutes with a blow torch? The other channels are amateurs!

  2. Jaša Knez says:

    now you just have to cut off one of wolverine's claws in Tokyo and you will have a whole movie

  3. Λουκάς Παπανικολάου says:

    You tried to make captain yamamoto's sword
    Theres a long way ahead of you

  4. Tony Macaroni says:

    1000° red hot lightsaber vs Han Solo. GONE WRONG!!!

  5. Seth Rutt says:

    Red hot wolverine claws

  6. Jeksof says:

    "Debily, blyat'…".

  7. Mercarri says:

    how many volts did you use to heat up the blade?

  8. 1beegood ‘ says:

    а че название русское нахуй?

  9. Mati Gørzala says:

    3:35 what the batsmith does for a living.

  10. DJ MALACHITE says:

    how many amps was flowing through the katana

  11. Survival_Exotic says:

    I play overwatch

  12. Malte Westergård says:

    i might be the only one who see this, the text is swedish

  13. Y.R 凛生2 says:


  14. KlutzyStream 666 says:

    1000 degree wolverine claws now that would be awesome

  15. Michi says:

    4:19 Mario

  16. Kingob123 _ says:

    The sword is red

    His gloves are blue

    How did this guy get 662 thousand views

  17. BITZ says:

    omg he was using a lighter to make it red hot
    hats off man!!

  18. Shane Kenny says:

    The ending starts to look like the universe

  19. THE XENO KING says:

    where is my KATANA

  20. Amy Miller says:

    so many thundercrackers

  21. Eduardo Mayoral says:

    how about a sheat that does the heating
    lightsaber anyone?

  22. Marcelo Junio says:

    ese e o famoso cortando coisas com uma espada a mais de 1000 C so que um toque de eletrisidade

  23. skruss10 says:

    That banana scene was painful.. thanx for slaying the evil ass snowman.

  24. paytontech says:

    What you clicked for: 4:07

  25. Axdecy says:

    Lets call it the blade of justice! (Geometry dash reference)

  26. fat burger says:

    4:06 heres the part you wanted, thank me later

  27. TheGamePro LP says:

    Yeah, red hot knives have been made. BUT HOW ABOUT A RED HOT KATANA!?
    Also I don't think anyone's used electricity to heat the sword… WAY
    more effective. Few seconds versus 10 minutes with a blow torch? The
    other channels are amateurs!

  28. Martin Barrett gamer says:

    That's what you call a power ranger ninja knife skills. 🙂

  29. shakabudi legend says:

    that is a katana

  30. spR says:

    4:16 Watch the smoke ring coming up to the left! Next level vape tricks 😉

  31. Dávid says:


  32. Stingy fix tips says:

    God you guys beat the shit out of that blade

  33. lmfi åhfwjfsjfw says:


  34. Mikail Arda Denizli says:

    100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 degree

  35. Mateusz _exe says:

    4:19 Mario bit xD

  36. Robert Xavier says:

    Interesting Idea, but looks like the heat made the sword softer and duller. Ah well.

  37. Nurul Haykal says:

    he is the real tony stark

  38. Paradise says:


  39. X_Profik_X says:

    nooooo 3:55 nooooo

  40. alejandro leal says:

    PREST NOTHING Xdidididi :v

  41. Deadshot Massacre says:

    u guys and jairus of all must join togather….and finish the iron man suit…u both are the best people i have ever seen …who actually have an idea of hw to mould diff things….to what we actually wanted to always make……so plz..if u hav an idea of getting togather …just dnt keep it as an idea…work it out…we all are waiting for it…

  42. John Saw says:

    5:12 look like some body got SHREKED

  43. Reiki Pranata says:

    judul.lagu nya apa

  44. JunHao Wee says:

    why is there the word"I am the BATSMITH"?

  45. JunHao Wee says:

    oh my goodness

  46. JunHao Wee says:

    are you ok

  47. JunHao Wee says:

    are you using katana?

  48. JunHao Wee says:

    is the sword cover ok?

  49. JunHao Wee says:

    wow,the snowman is on fire

  50. Abby Booth says:

    Make Thor's Hammer!

  51. Lucas Lopresti says:

    sniff sniff anyone smell something burning in here?

  52. Lucas Lopresti says:

    some people just like to watch the world burn. 3:34 min.

  53. Lacey n Brian Dalton says:

    Jet stream Sam is back?!

  54. Ris Ras says:

    Do you speak Japanese

  55. Omar Gonzalez says:

    I was just hoping it wasn't a real katana when I saw the thumbnail

  56. Toastre says:

    5:11 R.I.P Shrek

  57. LinkBetweenTime says:

    That poor poor sword…

  58. Taco Cat123 says:

    Why didn't you think to use induction heating, that would have been way faster

  59. Taco Cat123 says:

    Glowing 1000 degree Metal fidget spinner vs something

  60. Muskan Rathore says:

    please make a composite sword

  61. William O'Donnell says:

    I loved you. Why would you do this hack daddy?

  62. にゃんこカレンダー says:


  63. AtrophyBelladonna says:

    I feel bad for the katana.

  64. noSwearINGonMyCHRISTIANsERVER says:

    just use an enchantment table and get fire-aspect 2 smh

  65. OldWestAction says:

    You should've called this video "Making Popcorn Out of Glowing 1000 Degree Sword"

  66. Reval Anims says:

    This could be a great war weapon

  67. Jay's Brick Co. says:

    Anybody ever tell you that is a stupid idea?

  68. Pancho Elona says:

    It reminds me of the Shishkebab

  69. Cardiair Robertson says:


  70. Annie Beijen says:

    Voetzoekers is een Nederlands vuurwerk

    Voetzoekers are a netherlands firework!

  71. Annie Beijen says:

    Ant gloeiende to

  72. The Nameless Gamer says:

    you should make a sheeth that heats a sord up to egsactly 1000 degrees celcius and regulats the temprituer

  73. m4ti140 says:

    Kids in Africa could have eaten those firecrackers

  74. Pikachu plush says:

    so this is a tutorial to how to make a light saber from Star Wars love it

  75. B_crafter101 says:

    I think you should heat up the wolverine claws but I understand if you don't want to if it would like warp them or something

  76. Leonidas Trash Spartan says:

    Instead of hot blades I always wanted to compare them to electrified blades to se witch one is better.

  77. Griefix says:

    Sword vs popcorn seeds

  78. Lazer Unicorn says:

    you should have put it though some induction heating to get an even glow

  79. Raphaël says:


  80. The mini Lab says:

    Rip. You are going to die here.

  81. The mini Lab says:

    Also am I the only one concerned with a snow man on fire. Like if you agree.

  82. Chaon Prince of Darkness says:

    you did way too many cutting motions imo.youre supposed to try and let the heat cut the items instead.stiill pretty cool tho

  83. Ahmed Kassim says:

    a lot of youtubers did this too the 1000 degree sword

  84. cubesmith,com says:

    You had to give in to it… didn't you?

  85. bobawatch says:

    Is "1000 degrees" in Fahrenheit or in Celsius?

  86. Mrjohnjohn12 says:

    Couldn't you have used the psylocke sword for better results?

  87. TheQuantumRuby says:

    That glowstick part kinda freaked me out, when I was a little kid some cracked and sprayed in my eyes…

  88. Mikko Raddock says:

    That was a perfectly god sword and you destroyed it!

  89. Mikko Raddock says:

    Stil swords are swords!

  90. Adam Wolfe says:

    The end of the firecrackers sounds like the start of the Mario theme

  91. Olthdori Mirth says:

    He killed a fellow Canadian!

  92. Curtis Lim says:

    The way James is going he is gonna be Einstein v2.0.0………but better!

  93. Артем Коликов says:

    Ryujin Jakka

  94. Kumiho Pilot says:

    Looks so cool when the sword was being heat up

  95. Name says:

    This is kinda satisfying

  96. VDrake says:

    the sword looks like is melting XDD

  97. Steffen Misgalski says:

    Yes burn all the plastic… Great

  98. Kourosh Khadjenouri says:

    4:20 Sounded like a machine gun

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