Erasmus+: Adult education
Erasmus+: Adult education

In my short life
I’ve had the occasion to learn and teach through various methods
in different countries. What I like about theatre is that it can turn reality into magic
and magic into reality. The actresses and actors of our theatre
are very different, each of them comes from a unique
background. They have one thing in common
though — they are homeless or disabled, people with serious
mental health issues. During the ten years that we have been
doing theatre with the homeless, we have noticed that the theatre grants
them a feeling of safety. There is the space where they can do,
say, show things, that they would never be able to show
in everyday life, because there wouldn’t be room for it. Theatre can help people to develop
relationships. The ability to travel outside
my home country, to meet and work with others, was for me and our theatre a powerful
driving force over the past years. Without an effective teaching and practice-sharing tool
such as Erasmus+, a majority of these things
would never happen.

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