Epic Degree Man – You Won’t Believe How Many Degrees
Epic Degree Man – You Won’t Believe How Many Degrees

probably the clearest example of hyper
education which i see complex issue has even though she has like two humanities degrees are something like
that compaq but anyways she’s doing well considering so we have a guy michael
nicholson a resident of calibers you michigan who has twenty nine advanced
degrees and he hasn’t stopped yet uh… we’ve breakdown his one bachelors
only one bachelors to associates degrees twenty two masters degrees three
specials degrees although they don’t say exactly what those are and one doctoral
degree waiting for a living in seattle asset he has to be a student body
doesn’t so i think that seventy one d dena king like that over his whole life
and it is also takes log on by a one-point yeah i think he’s probably
benefiting the from the fact that a lot of what the required courses that you
might need for service res probably overlap writer that helps the double that but just in today to give an idea of his
attitude towards education says uh… i would like to get a thirty three
or forty four when a complete battlefield would have completed my
basic education and after that if i’m so glad that would
take me to eighty or eighty one i would then be free to pursue any type of
degree faces that’s why i think it’s an
interesting life if i was rich i would probably something
like this he read to us but that’s what the deal i don’t know about that’s the
only way i wasn’t paying for this uh… melanie maybe he’s like to bring
on campus you can usually get some sort of that much anymore probably never see the majority
of his uh… degrees like decades ago it was chief of it always
helps of yeah yet or maybe they’re like online degree
is likely the note that such a refuse at full sail with thirty three degrees you
know ten billion dollars or something like
that so that’s probably not it but i thought that you considering how
interested you are an education farms going to be an interesting sample it
taking it too far houston example of when education was pursued for
enlightening as well as each evening graham these days it’s looked upon as and investment so if you want to go to college you
better be damn sure that your to use that to create to make a lot of money
because if you don’t begin to take out loans for no reason other than something
like that that is not worth it yeah you know when you have you heard
anything and like yourself by iraq so obvi it’s abit students really don’t have the
ability to do this these days and the first thing that came to mind is how do
you think that this is so expensive buffet unfortunately again sonya an overnight certainly uh… led some point i think that
education’s important work experience is important to you after like ten or twelve disagrees
primary get but the internship something i think he’s probably the most
interesting man in the world possibly like he said the anybody has the right
side and always trying to always make it in the news but when he does it’s
because of his ridiculous numbers visited with him no

85 thoughts on “Epic Degree Man – You Won’t Believe How Many Degrees”

  1. EkteBoy says:

    Dat thumbtack πŸ˜›

  2. cymonebreathe says:

    Ana looks a little uncomfortable in this video. Maybe she's cold?

  3. blueorangelettuce says:

    She's trying not to fart.

  4. Naylob Swisher says:

    I don't always host TYTU, but when I do, I do that shit looking dapper. – John

  5. 713AlexG says:

    I doubt that he drinks Dos XX cerveza

  6. Praise The Masculine Flames says:

    Its a shame people like him cant live longer. I feel like his life is just getting started around 80

  7. HyrbidHermit says:

    My uncle was a track coach at UNC and was able to obtain three master's degrees for free since he was an exempt employee.

  8. tekfunk says:

    And even he can't get a job.

  9. Healthypig1423 says:

    This dude should go on Jeopardy.

  10. Romario Ramsaywack says:

    Ana is hella hot

  11. psykosomatiq says:

    I know females way hotter than Ana

  12. Dela Afari says:

    Maybe he confused "Schooling" with "Education"!

  13. MrWazzup987 says:

    what/? rich people

  14. Stephanie Vincent says:

    I have been tempted to do this. Also, if you qualify for student loans, you could afford this because you don't have to pay them back till you stop going. And apparently, this man isn't going to.

  15. Ava Lynn says:

    At a lot of colleges if you are 65+ you get free tuition

  16. tara8686 says:

    she never speaks to the girl on her left, maybe she dont like her and feels uncomfortable that she's there.

  17. mcjon77 says:

    He works for the university and gets to take free classes there because he is an employee (most state schools let employees take 2 free classes a semester). He is NOT a professor. In fact, for a while (AFTER he got his doctorate) he was a parking lot attendant at the university (I am dead serious). He takes whatever menial job he can at the university so he can take free classes. Even though most of his degrees are in the field of education, to my knowledge he has never taught anywhere.

  18. Tom says:

    'He doesn't always make it into the news
    but when he does…'


  19. nedmzad says:

    John I have an idea, a special one hour premiere of Common Room about religion with: Cenk, Ana, John, Brett, Alex, Kim, and Chelsey (to kick around)

  20. HyrbidHermit says:

    That's a thought that I had as well. It drives me nuts when people think that they can't learn without signing for a class in a certain subject.

  21. HyrbidHermit says:

    Cenk's too old for the Common Room.

  22. It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan. says:

    I keep imagining a white beard and bright robes. Please share your wisdom with us!

  23. peasinacan says:

    …i bet that guys really boring lol

  24. Courtney T says:

    This is what you call a professional student.

  25. psykosomatiq says:

    @dudesonman4200 actually yes and much more articulate than Ana my close friends who are beautiful (more so than Ana) can actually argue their views without sounding like a whining person.

  26. Lucho Portuano says:

    does he still live with his parents?

  27. Therrydicule says:

    "enlight yourself all you want" -> I never tough about enlightenment as a term for fapping.

  28. Outermainstream says:

    How is this possible?

  29. rayamat01 says:

    10 Bucks he is incredibly arrogant

  30. Babs2342 says:

    if i had tons of money and didnt need to work… this would probably be one of the things i would do

  31. ZiqqiPH says:

    2:06 If you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

  32. Clownish-Gambino says:

    "Stay thirsty my friends!"

  33. Eddie Subarashi says:

    u guys should research how he pays for this i heard it was just by working reg old work but i may be wrong

  34. gene says:

    Just pure desire for knowledge.

  35. NormacHC says:

    Some people have no lives…

  36. VladtheImpaler8 says:

    If I had infinitre money, I'd just spend my whole life in such a manner

  37. laviskrg says:

    This is such bullshit. Has this dude done anything relevant yet? Like invent something? Participate in something that will change the world? Research? No. He's just spent countless years in school without achieving anything important. Personal enlightment? Yeah, right. This is not life.

  38. WarMom says:

    So…no matter what job he takes, he'll be underemployed?

  39. Johnny says:

    I feel what Ana is saying, I didn't pick my courses for a future job I picked them because they are interesting and focus on some issues which are essential to understanding our place in the world and how to relate to it.

  40. UofM student says:

    Nice College Dropout reference!

  41. zepps88 says:

    her and Kim are always uncomfortable around each other

  42. Tony007corp says:

    yeah well i have 20 employee of the month awards from McDonalds checkmate bro.

  43. Leroset says:

    That's not true. He's got 29 advanced degrees, and education was tougher when he was college-aged… Quite a few of them were probably pretty difficult. Heck, he even has a doctorate! Then again, you have no right to speculate on how difficult his degrees were when you yourself probably have none, judging from your punctuation and spelling.

  44. Leroset says:

    Oh, but it is–it's his life, and this is what he wanted to do with it. I personally admire him. He has spent his whole life following his dream and doing what he loves, for himself, and without being a bad influence to others. And he has achieved the most important things of all: self-satisfaction and happiness. Is his life recommended for everyone? No. But I think that, unlike most people, when this man is about to die, he'll be able to look back on his life with no regrets.

  45. Indigocell says:

    heuhuehuehue, I just noticed this, but when you check out the wallpaper for the tytuniversity channel it looks like John is staring at Ana's chest with a creepy grin.

  46. Amp says:

    this guy has too much money and too much time

  47. Timefliesbye says:


  48. Therrydicule says:

    You know, in one way… We should have the option to do that. It use that the priest will do something remotely similar against vowing to live poorly, and we finished to have some genius like Gregor Mendel, Samuel Bochart and Montaigne. Sure, the world is becoming more secular, but that does not mean we should throw some of the few good religious idea away.

  49. fredguy2 says:

    tittle of the vid made me think of some one who could withstand extreme temperatures.

  50. 3rdParty says:

    I wonder if he gets an in school deferment on all his loans if he has any.

  51. fomiz says:

    …and lives with his momma.

  52. Abitourist03 says:

    maybe he studies in Germany? Fees from 100-1500$ PER YEAR help a lot πŸ˜‰

  53. liefur says:

    "should transgendered contents be allowed in beauty pageants?" YOU FUCKED UP JOHN

  54. Israel M. says:

    Anyone else checking out Anna's legs? Damm, S.E cup has nothing on Miss K. Fox is gona swoop you her up real quick!

  55. Drake Magnum says:

    well done sir!

  56. u ersoy says:

    That guy sounds like he is loan locked! He's probably had a student loan for his bachelors, then he just kept going to school to utilize from in school deferment so his payments don't start.. Now the amount must be too big so he just can't stop..

  57. QuijanoPhD says:

    And here I was proud of my 5.

  58. McCall says:

    He is actually brilliant because he is using the system to his advantage.

  59. DallasMavericksGuy says:

    I went to full sail a few billion seems too cheap lol

  60. Jonathan Levine says:

    Why is the thumbnail a Down Syndrome joke?

  61. Cuddlebunzzzz says:

    Actually it is, at least in the U.S. These days "higher education" is really just job training. Everything you learn in school you can learn online, the only difference is that school gives you a degree that lets you get a job. If you want to learn for the sake of learning and self-improvement, all you need is the internet. If you want to learn so you can get a job in a certain field, you have to go to school.

  62. MayChick567 says:

    what is his name

  63. Korin Carpenter says:

    "Basic education" is about right. There is much to know that he has just barely scratched the surface.

  64. MzDark says:

    slackademic πŸ™‚

  65. Jeveuxunbagel says:

    If you are a citizen, education in Sweden is free.

  66. aprisia says:

    No. Go ahead get a degree in any form of proper science or engineering online and see who would hire you or even consider you for grad school. Hell, I don't even see how that would be possible as you would never be able to fulfill the lab requirements.

  67. Cuddlebunzzzz says:

    Everything you do in labs can be learned through the internet. Of course it helps a lot to have actual labs to practice in, but obtaining the knowledge necessary to work in a lab can be done outside of a lab.

    Your point about people not hiring you is exactly what I was saying. A degree is just a ticket to get into job interviews. You can have all of the knowledge without the degree, but no one will hire you.

  68. aprisia says:

    Science is not about theory, it's about proving theory… which is done via practice, in a lab.

    Hell, let's forget about science entirely. There's a reason most fields that have certifications require experience. I mean I can learn all the theory I want about plumbing via books, but that doesn't mean I can be a licensed plumber without 5 years of apprenticeship. Why do they require this? Simple, theory is worthless without practice.

    The internet is a good for facts, but trash for education.

  69. Cuddlebunzzzz says:

    Which brings me to my original point that by American standards, education=job training. I know a far bit about all of the natural sciences (learned in school and on my own), but I've only ever had biology labs. So by your reasoning I'm not educated about chemistry, physics, etc because I've never had a lab in those subjects, even though I know a decent amount about the theories surrounding those subjects. In America, I'm not educated unless I can be put to work.

  70. Ben Monroe says:

    That makes me feel better about my two bachelors and an associate.

  71. InfiniteUniverse88 says:

    I would be impressed if he had a degree in every scientific discipline.

  72. Tiffany SomethingPolish says:

    My neighbor (in his 60's or 70's) is actually doing the same thing as the guy in this story. He says that as long as he stays a full-time student his loans get deferred. It's an ingenious way to maybe never have to pay back his extremely high education loans.

  73. Simon johansson says:

    Are you Swedish?

  74. Rhyannon Ashford says:

    He's almost certainly a professor. Master's and doctoral students are expected to teach and do research and they receive stipends. He probably is an associate professor abusing a tuition waiver.

  75. Rusty Snorkel says:

    I can't stand Kim. That is all.

  76. ash2kewl says:

    Once you're in school you don't have to payback your loans

  77. opus88888 says:

    This is a trap. He only has 1 bachelor (4 years). Masters are accredited in 2 years and he has overlapped courses.

  78. Andrew Bills says:

    The government makes it legal to keep on taking out a loans, and never have to pay them off so long as if your student. From what I can tell though, by the number of graduate degrees this man has, he most likely did it by conducting paid research for an institution. I would look at how many patents or scientific achievements he has acquired. People don't recognize that a large percentage of graduate work is paid for through stipends and sponsored research. Anyways I know this because I have accumulated almost 300 credits. By the time I graduate with my first masters degree, my goal is to get into Deep Learning Engineering with an extremely high paying salary. Yeah!

  79. Zombie Prodigy says:

    How the hell do you get that many masters degrees with one bachelors?? The fields must be so similar, ei, bachelors in business administration, masters in business admin, masters in global business, education admin, health admin, etc.

  80. Neel Sen says:

    In India , we have people with 145 Degrees


  81. Olan Douglas Webb says:

    Good for him. Especially when its fashionable nowadays to be ignorant.

  82. reborn_silence says:

    Oh no I accidentally clicked on a tyt video

  83. Riordan Plows says:


  84. Digvijay Kadam says:

    Poor journalism.

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