English Grammar for Teachers
English Grammar for Teachers

The course that we offer is a subject knowledge course for English Grammar for primary and secondary school teachers. Grammar sometimes has a bad name for people who have decided they don’t like grammar. And thats because it was often taught in a boring way. In a stale kind of way, and so
what aim to do with the course that we teach and the site that we use for that is to bring
the fun back into English grammar. The skills that teachers can take from this
course and go back and apply them to their own teaching are primarily two things. 1: grammatical subject knowledge 2: pedagogical knowledge So we look at how grammar can be explored in relation to various literary texts such as poems and plays and novels. And we look at how grammar can be used as a creative writing tool This is all trying to get school students to
explore English grammar as a system of language but also to see how grammar operates as a
system of meaning Well there are other cpd courses around, and
some of them, no doubt are very good, but this one is new completely designed with the
new national curriculum in mind. And the course is taught by people who know the curriculum very well so that is a huge advantage. This particular course was lead by experts
and up until now the training that I’ve had was through the local authority and I felt
I really needed that expertise so i had somebody who could answer all of those difficult questions
that I had. It was actually quite good to come in and
to experience this classroom environment and there were also a couple of people who were
like me, who didn’t feel that they had grasped this subject at all. So it was quite reassuring
to be here. I felt very encouraged. I really wanted a short course, just because
I felt I had the basics there and I just really needed just a short burst in order to have
somebody answer the specific questions that I had and to cater for my individual needs
rather than for a big group of people who might have had wider needs. I definitely would recommend English Grammar for Teachers. It helped you to explain some
of the terms in more detail and how they were used in a contextual way and I would absolutely
recommend it because of that. I would recommend this English grammar course
because it has been really helpful. The fact that we get to talk to experts, the fact that
we were in a group environment and we could talk to each other about our experiences was
really useful. Once they’ve taken the course, teachers feel
empowered and enthused to teach English grammar. They often arrive in the morning of the day
that we teach the course saying that they feel very uncertain and not confident. The subject knowledge that they get at the end will help them: A: to teach realiable grammar but also to teach grammar enthusiastically and to convey that enthusiasm to the students in their classroom.

2 thoughts on “English Grammar for Teachers”

  1. Med Med says:

    Hello, my friend ! I would like to give u m'y way of presenting grammar lessons and i would be so thankful if u givee me ur feedback . NB i use thé inductive méthode

    Well , 1st i interact with m'y kids through questions in a context (communicatively ) ,then i write 3_4 sentences on thé board which thé target language is mentioned then ask them to repeat chorly .NB i write all the sentences in one colour , i.e i dont write the target lge with diferent colour , then i move directely to thé tasks i ask them to do tasks 1st one :task based form and 2nd one : meaning based form. Then , i ask them to state thé rule by themeselves after doing thé tasks by themselves of course then i ask them to write sentences communicative task this is thé last one . this is a ppu méthode what do y think?

  2. Kostia Bazrov-WORK says:

    is it good for elementary level?

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