Drama Teachers Play Never Have I Ever
Drama Teachers Play Never Have I Ever

100 thoughts on “Drama Teachers Play Never Have I Ever”

  1. potatomato :p says:

    She sells seashells by the seashore:
    Never i have ever: i'm about to end your career

  2. Yaritzi Garcia says:

    first yayyyy

  3. The Koki says:

    Jesus Loves you fam, regardless of your past, opinion of him and sexual orientation. He accepts you as you are; without judging you.

  4. schoolkid _288 says:


  5. California Beach Boys says:

    Just to let everyone know I was probably one of the first people to watch this

  6. Al Rose says:

    What's the deal with Mac Beth?

  7. Al Rose says:

    The new teacher is so cool oml ❤️

  8. Abu Huraira says:

    Never have I ever played this game is there anybody who likes to play with me

  9. Remy Raymay says:

    Erik is so hot!

  10. 5K subs before 2020 says:

    Who else loves BuzzFeedVideo

    Im trying to hit 3K, any help is appreciated

  11. DizzyC says:

    Who’s down to play some never have i ever?

  12. تقافة عامة says:

    pleas abonné in my chanel to move me☺

  13. mrrayzor1995 says:

    Erik is so cute !

  14. Gee Noted says:

    Love how he says Macbeth even though she was very obviously avoiding it

  15. doodle d says:

    Now band directors

  16. Amelia Singh says:

    43rd great vid

  17. Zachary Laid Finding Freedom says:

    those teachers are on blind dates

  18. Hassan Mahone says:

    Who’s been a fan of BuzzFeed before 2019??

    👇I’m gifting my next 100 loyal subs🎁🤯

  19. chink says:

    am i the only one who thinks mary looks a lot like dua lipa

  20. Ayesha Nazir says:

    4:00 what happened that she wasn’t going to say it someone explain pls

  21. Justin Elias says:

    5:11 yes, yes. Every actor has. Just saying it gives me chills. Tech week

  22. M C says:

    How can you be so superstitious about 'MacBeth'???
    I played Banquo and this was the best play I ever starred in😕

  23. Josh Creter says:

    Anyone else interested in finding out more about Tommy's nutmeg?

  24. Attila Dobri says:

    There is always a gay or 2 in a buzzfeed video

  25. daniella says:

    they didn’t ask “never have i ever picked favorites” because they knew all of them would say they haven’t even though it’s a lie 😛

    this sounds mean- i was one of my directors favorites, i just think it’s funny they all deny it when the cast list has the same names every time LOL)

  26. Leo Alexander says:

    the girl in the red shirt (not the dress, the shirt) was capping fr and you could tell

  27. Holli says:

    Want the people in my department to play this game. Specifically the pre-casting question

  28. Magic Macaroni says:

    It’s Theatre

  29. Zac Elk says:

    Erik’s a sexy badass for saying the name to that Scottish play

  30. ck says:

    Alternate title: “Four ridiculously artsy people fight each other to see who’s more deep and artsy”

  31. Sergio X says:

    Erik, can get …… it?

  32. Sandrine Soon says:

    Kinda disappointed that the drama teachers are only actors or directors. WHERE ARE THE BACKSTAGE AND STAGE MANAGERS. (I'm they have more interesting stories)

  33. Rebecca Rich says:

    Throwback to when I had to take a drama class my freshman year of high school and it kinda sucked, and somehow I ended up co-writing a short play about psychics that was genuinely terrible

  34. Yani Singer says:

    He wants your cumin on his rack but otherwise he’ll show you his nutmeg

  35. Kat D. 杜洁 says:

    I like blue shirt guy with jeans and red dress lady.

  36. John Secret Spirit says:

    I never signed up for your drama,up for your drama club = Melanie Martinez

  37. Leander Dato says:

    I still have nightmares (after three years) that my high school drama teacher tells us she wants to redo the last play and I‘m dying because (of course) I forgot all the lines over the years

  38. Red Hunter says:

    I’m am a former drama teacher of 6 years so…

    1. I have
    2. Absolutely not
    3. …not that I can remember but maybe….
    4. I worked with kids for 6 years… so absolutely things have gone wrong
    5. …wasn’t really how it worked where I worked. I got to cast how I wanted without auditions
    6. I have not…
    7. I have not, never jealous. Impressed or inspired but never jealous.
    8. I have… much like the chick in the orange shirt

  39. emilystratten says:

    Like if you’re also a drama teacher! 😀

  40. Dave Metz says:

    yo where's the like/dislike bar on the manspreading video? i wanna' know the score

  41. Jen Klen says:

    “Never have I ever had something go wrong on stage”

  42. Brooke Jonas says:

    3:08 is going to an art school in a nutshell

  43. Chantel Bennett says:

    Anyone else think that the teacher in the dress looks a lot like Carrie Hope-Fletcher?

  44. Kaleb Pereira says:


  45. Hanna Mitchell says:

    I cOmE iNtO tHe AuDiTiOn PrOcEsS wItH a ClEaR mInD

    I WISH

  46. Hanna Mitchell says:


  47. Five Feet Under says:

    I’m convinced that drama teachers are the perfect example of chaotic good

  48. Katelyn Atwood says:

    My brother was in a play in Highschool about American history. He played JFK, he spent what felt like years memorizing one of his speeches. It was super long and had a lot of words that felt big at the time 🤣. Right in the middle of his speech however he got a nosebleed. He was obviously in costume therefore had a pocket handkerchief on his suit. He held his nose and finished the speech. It was OBVIOUSLY not planned and the audience was super confused but the director almost cried at his dedication to stay on stage. Stuff happens, the show must go on. The other performances however went well and he had his moment to shine.

  49. Tyler Fireeagle says:

    The girl in orange is such a liar, please stop lying 😁.

  50. Stella_means_star says:

    "They don't have my nutmeg"

    Take that!!!

  51. kimysuarez 24 says:

    Why didn’t she want to say Macbeth?

  52. Pineapple Lover says:

    I have two things that have happened in our play
    1. I was standing behind one of the sets because I had just come off stage, and they were closing the curtains for intermission. And our set was four canvases standing up, and as they shut the curtain one of them got caught and I had to sprint out on stage and lunge to go grab it from falling.
    2. We were doing beauty and the beast for our play, and somebody moved the mirror from its spot on our prop table, so the beast improvised and grabbed a piece of bread, and kept going with the same lines, just a different prop.

  53. KJ Safale says:

    I can't believe that guy said Macbeth like it was nothing

  54. Nunas World says:

    If ur the best then how come I’ve never seen u in anything

  55. mermaid songs 302 says:

    I got so excited when I saw this! I'm a freshman in college and I'm going to school to be a drama teacher!

  56. Engelo says:

    do this with tech theatre teachers

  57. Samantha Crevellari says:

    "It wouldn't be theater without something going wrong". I FELT THAT.

  58. Tobias Wolf says:


  59. hallele says:

    this makes me sad because i love theatre so much but i just hate the program im in

  60. Emily Condor says:

    I wuz in play today,and the fire elam went of in the middle lol

  61. Christine Daaé says:

    Fun theatre trivia, Erik is the actual name of the Phantom of the Opera in the 1910 novel. Poor Erik doesn't get his name in the Andrew Lloyd Webber show😭

  62. Skurkish 93 says:


  63. Kevn Eugene says:

    i do drama at my school and i’m not shocked at all that these teachers did some of this stuff

  64. The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con says:

    It took me 4 years to be casted in a show at my high schook I worked the other areas and it inspired me to study theatre as my minor ( education major ) I want to teach it

  65. Niamh Gallagher says:

    Why are these teachers so nice my drama teacher is satan

  66. AbbyBri says:

    tommy looks like the middle aged version of evan hansen tbh…

  67. Garden gnome says:

    Do choir teachers play never have I ever

  68. h a i r y t o e z says:


  69. h a i r y t o e z says:

    next to choir directors!!!

  70. Anna Budman says:

    When one of the people in the video has been your director in the past…

  71. Arianna Monson says:

    Idk if it’s just me but tommy gives off strong Jim Carrey vibes

  72. Bella Marshall says:

    “i have not, i feel like that compromises my integrity and…”
    other guy turns his to i have

  73. Mia E says:

    That moment when you recognize someone on a buzz-feed video 🤯

  74. purplecatlover1825 randompizza says:

    Anyone else play HA

    It gets so intense

  75. Tyler A says:

    alright, band directors next.

  76. Dr. boo says:

    the teacher with the aqua shirt looks like a math teacher at my school

  77. SaD C0RN says:

    6:09 the-atre

  78. Mariella Smith says:

    Funny story once in Seussical this one person fell in to the pit and then everyone else started daring each other to jump into the pit too 😂

  79. Julia McFalls says:

    the directors at my school pick the show based on the people😂

  80. Haile Davis 888 says:

    I would want Erik or joana

  81. J. David says:

    I just love Tommy's smile so much, idk why. It reminds me of a small child or something haha

  82. R P says:

    Why does that one guy look like Ben Platt

  83. Dawn, Dusk and Night says:

    I have had 2 things go wrong on stage in the same performance
    1) my prop was broken and all the contents spilled out all over the stage with a load noise during an important solo
    2) earlier in the production someone had to throw dust on the stage then we'll after that we had to run right by that area except that day they threw it practically in the middle of the stage, I didn't see it there and I slipped and my prop ripped apart
    That was also the day most of my family were watching 😬

  84. Kevin R.M. Richardson, ALP says:

    A drama teacher who says "casted" has zero credibility.

  85. Maeve Doyle says:

    His hesitation before he said Macbeth 😂

  86. Sophia says:

    oh you mean MaCBeTh

  87. Anna. St ._. says:

    I wish we had drama in Austria 😭 it would be my dream to have this here 😍😍😍😍

  88. April Sisley says:

    Where my Thespians at?!

  89. Scribble Note says:

    We actually have said Macbeth on stage and something bad did happen. I think the lights went weird or something. I wasn't onstage at the time, but I did hear that something went wrong.

  90. Shelby Brasfield says:

    I'm the queen of last minute memorization. Often I'm the only one not told when line dates are and so I have memorized whole parts in under 5 minutes.

  91. Shelby Brasfield says:

    I didnt say the play but everything went so bad on that show. Shattered glass and jazz shoes, I went to do a high kick and some how kicked too high and slammed into the floor. Everyone onstage could hear my skull hit the floor.

  92. ghostbooger says:

    mary (red shirt) was so unlikable

  93. Michael Trujillo says:

    Anyone else find Mary to be cocky and annoying?

  94. Crocoshark says:

    "Never have I ever had something wrong during a show"

    Might as well ask "Never have I ever stubbed my toe"

  95. vallerina_2 says:

    Who else was thinking about their acting teacher while watching this video?

  96. ava tozier says:

    Something goes wrong for every show at least once, lmao
    I did Peter and the Starcatcher and either one of our mollusks or pirates got hit in the face with a kitchen timer on opening night

  97. Bastien c says:

    Please do Never have I ever: dancer's edition!

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