Discovering New Truths: Exploring the Concept of Experiment Across the Disciplines
Discovering New Truths: Exploring the Concept of Experiment Across the Disciplines

(electronic tones) – Some words that I associate with the concept of experiment. – Risk. – The unknown. – Failure. – Transgression. – Precision. – Mid-twentieth century musical practice. – And cheese. – Laboratory. – Randomized control. – Possibility spaces. – Genre and time. – Trial and error. – Naps. – Dreaming. – Outcomes. – Play. – Vying. Interruption. (calm music) – My primary discipline is music. – Sociology. – I often call myself a
historical pati-physicist. – Literature. – Writer first and a curator second. – User experience design. – I consider my primary discipline, although discipline is a
curious word in this respect, to be that of poet. – I come to the topic of experimentalism a little bit as a naysayer. How might we triangulate across experiment as a sort of quasi-genre? – An example of research that
I do related to experiments is that related to stigma, how is it that we might devalue
somebody based on a label. – I feel that I’ve kind of escaped into this different domain of experiment, which is much more improvisational. – Choosing materials to make an archive and sampling or quoting from
that archive and recombining. – So there’s a sort of
ricochet effect across media and across languages. – I’m more interested in
the idea of speculation. – [Ashlyn] Comparing play to
writing and design as reading. – A real experiment is
getting on stage with someone I’ve never performed with and
then making something new. – We don’t often, as
academics, have an opportunity to be invited to come and play. – I’m not really interesting
in proving something, or kind of in logic. I’m more interested in these wild thoughts that perhaps will land some way. – Having a symposium
where you can learn about someone else’s work and see
how they’re thinking through an issue makes me realize that, wow, the way that we’re talking about this, while we’re using very different language, the thought process is
actually very similar, if you just take the
time to sit and listen and really try and understand. – I just wanna feel the light, you can’t. – Like, anything happens, it’s like, oh, it’s experimental now.

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