Discipline Is Only in Islām
Discipline Is Only in Islām

A‘ūdhu biLlāhi mina sh-shayṭāni r-rajīm. May Allāh keep shayṭān
away from us. Sit down. A man made friendship
with shayṭān. It was fajr time and his friend didn’t pray fajr. “Maybe he prays in ẓuhr time.” He didn’t pray
ẓuhr prayer also. “Maybe he will pray
‘aṣr time.” It was ‘aṣr time
and he didn’t. He thought “Maybe he prays maghrib”. He didn’t pray maghrib
either. Maybe he’ll pray
before he goes to bed. He went to bed
without praying, like carcass. A man’s body is like carcass if he isn’t praying. When he doesn’t prostrate he sleeps like a carcass that day. A bad smell comes from him. The angels of mercy
stay away him. That’s why they will
be in trouble. We find refuge in Allāh. When he sleeps, his soul is
sent to the dark side, it is imprisoned. It is imprisoned there
until morning. He wakes up as if he was beaten by a stick, wakes up worn out.
The more he sleeps, the more he gets tired. I hear a lot nowadays. Youngsters go to bed at this time
and wake up next afternoon. They sleep at midnight,
wake up next midnight. Sleep at midnight,
wake up next afternoon. They have a sickness of too much sleep. Some of them have insomnia, Hj Hüseyin.
There are two kinds. Some sleep more
than enough. Most of them are young people. If a small child
sleeps 24 hours no harm. No matter
how long they sleep – until puberty there is no harm. After growing up,
maximum sleeping hours is eight or nine hours. When they sleep more than
nine hours they eat up the body’s
energy. The physical body starts to get weak, runs out of energy and retreats, consumes the energy. Excessive sleep
eats up the energy. There is an energy
special for the body. If it is more then nine hours,
it starts eating from that. No energy left even
to stand up. One group is like this. The other group
lacks sleep. That’s also a punishment
for the other group. They long for sleep. They can’t sleep. They need pills. Those pills called
valium are poison. That poison eats up the energy of the body. Can’t even stand up.
Nervous system can’t keep the body up. They get numb, numb, numb. And they sleep by force. Both are big troubles that bother people, who aren’t disciplined, a life without discipline. All lives outside Islām
are without discipline. All kinds of troubles, suffering, come on people,
who aren’t disciplined. Because once you are inside
the borders of undisciplined people, you are inside the cursed area. They leave the mercy area
and enter the cursed area. Once they enter, they are finished. His life is pressed. Don’t look at his outfits, his fortune, money, gold, or position. Their lives are as if they are being pressed. Their souls are pressed. So, whoever goes
out of a disciplined life, falls into
the suffering area, cursed area. They have no goodness. Discipline is only in Islām. There is no discipline, in any system, any religion,
any belief, except Islām. Discipline is a system
against the ego. All the rest show a discipline on the outside
but actually, it is the undisciplined ego. The ego says; “I made up a discipline
according to myself”. Making up is a trouble
that destroys humanity. Trouble destroys the individual.
Trouble destroys the society. Having no discipline
destroys humanity and people. The trouble, that the whole
world fell into, is the trouble of an
undisciplined life. Until they are disciplined,
it is fake. The ego wants to make up,
to go out of discipline. They remove Allāh’s system. Allāh Almighty lifted it up. He (jj) took it because
they didn’t appreciate it. Now people make up laws, fake laws according to their desires. The laws are crushing and pulling them. It is full of laws now. They are all
for imprisoning and crushing people more. They are fake.
They are made up. If somebody dives into the sea, the water is above him. He’ll be crushed. All these clouds,
filled with tons of water are above us, not harming us. It
refreshes us. A couple of years ago there was a storm in New York. 40 million tons of
snow fell on New York, 40 million tons of snow. How do they carry
40 millions of tons? How does it lift it up? How do 40 million tons
go around? They don’t fall on people
all at once. If it fell on people,
it would crush them. Nobody would be
able to stand up. There was a storm for three days
in New York. 40 million tons. How many hundred
thousand tons of water is coming with these clouds? They fall down drop by drop
by divine grace. The water is above us
but not crushing us. If you dive into the sea, the water above you
crushes you. If they don’t give
up this fakeness people can’t be saved,
can’t be well mannered. They run away from discipline. They say liberty. Liberty, liberty in American English. What is liberty? Liberty. Freedom. It gives people everything
they want. Allāh orders, asta‘īdhu biLlāh: “am lil-insāni mā tamannā.” (53:24) “Or is there for man whatever he wishes?” If there is anybody,
who can say “I reached everything
I wanted in this life, whatever I wanted, I had.”? I’m not talking about
people, who have a disciplined life. People, who live
an undisciplined life they are on the animal level. An undisciplined person
belongs to animal kind. They are registered there,
are transferred there. They are unregistered
from the human world and registered in the animal world. Undisciplined life is
on the mountain, jungle, desert. Whoever wants this,
they are unregistered from the human world and
transferred to the animal world. If you leave home, if you leave the disciplined life and move to an undisciplined life, nobody can say: “I lived as I liked, I got what I wanted”.
That’s a lie. At least he will say; Eczacıbaşı was richer than
me. Sabancı is such a man he comes out and says things. Probably he is thinking he is the boss
in this country. I’m here.
But what to do? He is still alive.
If he died, we would be better off”. This jealousy, envy, competition, poisons their lives. Their wives are more
envious when they are in a group. So a comfortable life isn’t given to undisciplined people, who live outside the disciplined life. Certainly, whatever they
try to avoid, comes in the way of these undisciplined people. They suffer with that grief. “This man turned
our lives into hell. Why is he bothering us?” Take this into consideration.
That’s why about undisciplined life: “am lil-insāni mā tamannā.” (53:24) “Or is there for man,
whatever he wishes? Is there such a thing?
Can anyone claim? Abū Jahl represents
kufr (unbelief). Isn’t it? Beside him were the
notables of the Quraysh. They had all the power according to that
time in their hands with pride and arrogance. They thought
they were superior. Did any of them live the life they
wished for? What they wished, desired,
longed for – did they reach such an ending? They fell into pieces
and finished. What did they find
in an undisciplined life? Did they find what they hoped for? They were disgraced
and vanished in degradation. They were 70 people – 70 were thrown into
the hole at Badr, on top of each other and
stones were thrown on them. Maybe Ahlu Llāh knows
which hole they are in, very few others know. Look at them. This is the end
of the undisciplined. Go, see the situation of the disciplined people. They call all of them sulṭān. People bow and stand with
respect in their presence since thousand of years. They are the sulṭāns of
ākhirah. They stand in awe. There is majesty in their
maqāms. The Prophet (saw)
addressed them, these 70 people, who
were thrown into the hole. When they were killed they threw stones on them.
He (saw) called to them: “We found what our Lord
promised us, did you find what your Lord promised you?” – the Prophet (saw)
asked them. The companions asked:
“Yā Rasūla Llāh, do they hear?”
“They hear very well.” he said. Wahhābīs don’t let people
go to graveyards – “Why do you go?
They neither hear, nor talk”. The Prophet (saw)
said this when the companions asked
him (saw) “Do they hear us?” –
“They hear me like you do but they aren’t able to answer.” But they found the ending that Allāh prepared for them. So they couldn’t reach
what they hoped for. But people, who accepted
a disciplined life found more than what they hoped for. They are called sulṭān.
Ayyūb Sulṭān is in Istanbul. Halā Sulṭān is here. Even the Greeks come and
stand like this, they fear. They call her Saint Katerina. They consider her
from their saints. It was abondoned
because, Hj Efendi,
the Islamic rule on the island paused for a long time. When they came to
her tomb, their animals went like this, their flocks didn’t step on her. That stone was standing
like that on top of her. That’s why they call her
Saint Katerina. They refer to their own
saints. They showed her respect until the Ottomans came. Until the Ottoman army came and conquered this island, she was respected
and protected. The British also
occupied here for a while. Until the last days the war ships, when they were passing, they used to do artillery shooting and saluted Halā Sulṭān. Armored war ships
did artillery shooting and saluted
Halā Sulṭān. The other ships,
either Greek or Muslim, they saluted her by sounding the horn. Did she order them to do so? These are spiritual sulṭāns,
ākhirah sulṭāns. Like the Prophet said: “We found what Allāh
promised us more than we hoped for. Did you find it?
You fell into the punishment. You also found it. We found what Allāh
promised us.” The trouble in this world is the curse, wrath
of the undisciplined life. We are living
in a cursed world. We take refuge in Allāh.
O our Lord! Ya muḥawwila l-ḥawli wa l-aḥwāl ḥawwil
ḥālanā ilā aḥsani l-ḥāl. You change it [our state].
You change it. You are the One able to change. If He (jj) orders
one servant, His weakest servant
has the power to change. Change it O Lord. Send Your mercy
by opening the gates of heavens. May it descend in the hearts. Let this curse
be lifted from people that they may return to disciplined
life, keep Your orders. Or else they won’t find
goodness. That’s it.
We couldn’t pass from A‘ūdhu biLlāh to
Bismi Llāh again. Bismi Llāhi r-Raḥmāni r-Raḥīm. May He dress us with the
blessing of the holy Bismi Llāh. Because the Hudhud bird carried
the holy Bismi Llāh, Allāh crowned him. Hudhud has the crown
among birds because he carried holy Bismi Llāh. Carry it. They put down
Bismi Llāh, and didn’t see goodness and they put pictures instead. Bismi Llāh is the name of Allāh. How mindless you are! Say “Bismi Llāhi r-Raḥmāni r-Raḥīm” and walk on the sea. But now humans are
on zero level. Without discipline, they’ll be thrown
to the garbage, to the waste,
they’ll be discarded. People, who live in this world
are more poisonous than the hazardous wastes. May Allāh not deprive
us of His (jj) mercy. Send the Owner (ṣāḥib),
Owner of Islām, Owner of the religion
O our Lord. Send the Sulṭān of Islām,
sharī‘ah. Send our Lord.
When you send there is no power
to stand against You. We can’t bring,
You’ll send. biḥurmati l-Ḥabīb, ziyādatan
ilá sharafi n-Nabi … ṣiddīqiyun al-Fātiḥah.

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