Discipline in Your Finances
Discipline in Your Finances

I have two words for you.
Discipline and finances. Two of the dirtiest words in
the vocabulary of a creative, but I’m going to teach you how
to think differently about both [inaudible]. So, Hey, creative, I know you so well because I am you. And for years I ignored both
discipline and my finances, but it never got me the results in my
life and my business that I wanted. So I had to finally face both of them
head on and start to see how combining the two, putting some discipline around my finances
could get me all the results I’d been dreaming of for years. So I want to challenge you to do three
things in your life that have to do with discipline and your finances and see if
this starts to change everything about your business. So number one,
get your mind around this. It’s going to be a little hard, but what would your business look like
if you spent 50% of your work week working on your business
instead of in your business? Now I know your mind just
blew and you’re like, Tobi, not even possible when in the world
would I take care of my clients. But I want you to see as
the CEO of your company, not all the stuff you’re doing
every day needs to be done by you. And so if you believe that what you focus
on is what really grows and you start to focus on your finances and
in particular your profits. Imagine the impact that could have on
your bottom line and really your personal quality of life. Because you could make
a lot more money than you’ve ever made. So first I want you to think about that
50% of your time spent working on your business. Okay? And in particular your
finances. So what else does that mean? Well, it means that you’re going to have to be
pretty structured or disciplined about your time. And again, creatives, I know this makes you want to run for
the Hills. I was the same way for years. I fought my entire team. I was
like, don’t put me on a schedule. Don’t put things in my calendar.
Don’t try to manage my days, but I was shooting myself in the foot. And so if you really want to have 50% of
your time spent on your business and on growing your business
and on your finances, you’ve really got to make time
blocking in your calendar, your absolute best friend.
When I did this for myself, I literally doubled my
own personal income. So I want you to think about how much
time each week are you willing to dedicate to specific meetings
based on your financials, time with your accounting
professionals, time with you, looking at your own numbers. I know
it sounds painful, but trust me, it will really pay off for
you. Okay, so not once a month, not once a quarter, not at the end of
the year, looking at your finances, but literally looking at them
once or twice, or even daily, every single week. Okay? So time blocking
will be your best friend for this. And then lastly, I want you to think about managing your
energy and your mindset around your finances. Because here’s what we do as
creatives typically, right? We’re like, I’m going to do all the fun stuff and
all the creative stuff and all the pretty pretty stuff around interior design
or some other creative field. I’m going to do all that first cause
I’m going to tell myself it’s way more important and I’m going to procrastinate
on everything to do with my finances cause they’re just not
fun and I don’t like them. Well think of what happens when you get
to the end of the day and you’re tired and you’ve used all your energy. How
much do you really want to say, okay, now it’s going to be really fun to have
a financial meeting and to really focus on my numbers. Not going to happen and you’re going
to push it off and procrastinate every single time. So it’s super important that you start
to put this in your days and your calendar first when
your energy is highest. And the good news is you
get it over with fast. You can be mid morning and already have
done your financial meeting for the day or the week. And when you do this, you’ll really start to see a
difference again in your results, because I believe whatever
you focus on grows, and I’ve really grown my profits and my
business by focusing on my financials. So stop thinking about discipline and
finances as dirty words because heck, I like to make a lot of
money, and I bet you do too. And so start to embrace both of those
things and more money is the exact result that you’ll get. Want to learn more about how to really
take control of your finances? Well, if you do, I have created an entire course
called financials for creatives, and it’s inside my
DesignYou coaching program. This course takes the fear out
of financials, and you know, we creatives are very afraid of our
finances. And if you do this work, you will finally get the financial results
in your life and your business that you’ve been dreaming about for
years. So check it out below. [inaudible].

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