Discipline in One Area Doesn’t Mean You Can Slack – Jocko Willink
Discipline in One Area Doesn’t Mean You Can Slack – Jocko Willink

please discuss how discipline in one
area doesn’t make up for slack in other areas for example the fitness guru who
has no savings mmm yeah you know this is something that we all have to work out
watch out for is the fact that we we focus on our strengths right that’s what
we do that’s what people do so you get a person that’s smart
a really intellectual person and they let themselves go physically right you
know or you get a person that’s a physical stud but then they’re not gonna
challenge their brainpower or like the question that was you know the example
here that was posed you know someone that’s a fitness guru or a party guru
him I’m throwing that one out there cuz some people were too good that sure or
they you know they’re an entrepreneur entrepreneur and so they’re driving a
new Mercedes but it’s leased and they’re behind on payments so strategic yeah
yeah that so you know I mean you take another example is what about the
business person that doesn’t have time for their family right yeah and so
that’s not good so I think the focus here is do we try and we all have to be
try to be well-rounded and not focus so much on one area that you’re gonna let
some other area go that’s target fixation is what that is right is you
walk into a room and you get fixated on one target in one bad guy you think
there’s one bad guy so you focus all your energy and then you’re getting
flanked that’s the target fixation you can’t let that happen you can’t let it
happen on the battlefield you can’t let it happen on life so look out for that
when you do this um and I’ll tell you this is actually a reality of the
situation I’m I try and maintain this balance but I’ve been actually working a
lot lately and what and this is a clear indicator to me that I’ve overbooked
myself is last week we had to sky we had to skip a day of jiu-jitsu to record
I mean we don’t do that right when do we record rerecord after jiu-jitsu but I
knew I had so much stuff going on that I said hey we got a we got to record it
this time because I gotta get of this other stuff done cuz I’m travelling in
this and that and so we had to skip the jujitsu so that is it red flag to me mmm
that says I need to I need to tighten up I need to get my you know get my
schedule back in check so that I can do the things that I need to do of course
what do I say about the situation it’s fine you know what
can’t train jiu-jitsu that day because I’m trying I got some travel coming up
good I’m gonna heal up my shoulder a little bit more I’m gonna do no I’m
gonna it’s good fine but it is an indicator of when things
start going in the wrong direction maybe I’m getting targeted fixated on you know
too much work at a certain time which to me again I will run this thing in the
red as you say I like I like running in the red right I’m in the red and I got
no problem like we will go hard in the numbers of hours I’ve been or I will
work will have actually known impact on how much I’m gonna tell them to spend
with my family and do jiu-jitsu and all that so I’ll just do it all but there is
a capacity that you reach where you go okay now one of these things that has
just started to slide now I need to make sure that my levels get re re levels yes
you might say equalized is what I should have said so back to the subject don’t
be a one-trick pony you know be a jack-of-all-trades and
then master a few of those trades so you can emphasize fitness guru you can
emphasize intellectual power you can emphasize jiu-jitsu but don’t put a
hundred percent of your effort into one area because eventually it will take you
you won’t have anything else and by the way if you put all your you know if you
put all your all your eggs in the basket of intellectual power now you’re
unhealthy and you die right that doesn’t you know I don’t care how smart you are
you can’t do 2+2 when you’re dead so don’t
put all your focus a hundred percent into one area
don’t become unbalanced in your disciplines spread it around and hold
the line good yeah I get it it kind of feels like like you can be understood
that um I’m real good at I don’t know fitness and it’s easy to justify
yourself you know like you’re you’re say okay I’m real good at fitness you know
fitness guru and I go around and then I see out I know I go to the store go to
some party and I see this other guy who’s like socially he’s just a hundred
percent everyone likes me such a nice charismatic guy makes a lot of money you
know and all this stuff but he’s not in that good of shape or I don’t know he
smokes in whatever you know it’s easy I think a lot of people it feels like it’s
easy to justify well that guy’s in bad shape so who cares I wouldn’t want any
of that I wouldn’t want all the money you know
all this stuff it seems like and you know if the other guys saying yeah you
might be in good shape guess what yeah nice Toyota Corolla you’re driving
he’s all negative on it yeah yeah yeah so both those guys should issued instead
of saying hey you know what they should do walk up and be like hey man you know
what I notice you’re pretty successful financially I would like to get in the
game with you a little bit and and learn from you about that any other guy should
say oh well you know what it looks like you’re in pretty good fitness levels I
would like to get in the game with that let’s work together and improve
ourselves and go out and kick ass and dominate are you in I’m in let’s do this
instead what does a normal person do they do exactly what you said justify
criticize cut people down instead of building them up yeah and once you have
to be careful of if I was to go to you and say hey you know echo I got a lot of
money I can tell you don’t have a lot I’ll help you out that’s that can be
offensive to some people yeah did you think thank you
I’m gonna need your help money think I’m worried about money when I got abs like
geez you know so what we have to do is instead of if you if I came to you and
said echo dude I want abs like you got sir can you help me get in the game and
then we form a little relationship and now I say to you man so what’s your
what’s your main income stream dude you know what are you doing and you say well
you know I got these two clients you got a website no not really
well why don’t you have a website you got any social media to advertise on you
know and we go though that road and we build up we take care of each other so
we want to do as people yeah kind of like you ever seen the guys who go they
see like a football player or something I mean like I kick his ass though
you know you know that King guy you know he’s like some success and I kick his
ass though yeah yeah then well I’ve told the story before in the SEAL Teams it’s
oh no one no one is good if a guy like we have guys in the SEAL Teams that are
literally you know world-class athletes in whatever world-class triathlete
world-class sailor world-class whatever and so oh you owe your your world cost
triathlete oh yeah that guy’s really good triathlete that’s cool he’s a
really bad shot someone is gonna chime in and cut him down that’s the way it
goes slack no slack slack

42 thoughts on “Discipline in One Area Doesn’t Mean You Can Slack – Jocko Willink”

  1. Scott Sutherland says:

    I love all your podcasts Jocko! Listening everyday man! Been gettin after it way more since ive come across your videos. Becomin more free everyday due to discipline in my life!

  2. Don Alejo says:



  3. Randy Cain says:

    Glad to hear you discuss the importance of balance in life. 🙂

  4. Randy Cain says:

    6:41 reminded me of JP Sears . Hahaha . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T66UyxiPr-I

  5. METAL SLUG says:

    "I don't care how smart you are, you can't do 2+2 when you're dead." -Jocko Willink

  6. Dion Thomas says:

    Wisdom coming from a former Navy seal, I salute him for it and discipline in everything in life is the best tool and weapon for success in life

  7. G3Dem says:

    That helped man. Thanks 🙂

  8. Woken Warrior says:

    Fuck I needed to hear this!! Thank you!!

  9. Salvador Diaz del Valle Santana says:

    Glad he went into that thing about emphasis around 3:50 because emphasis is still necessary to achieve greatness in your particular passion.

  10. Loki Kokopelli says:

    slack is something I am guilty of for sure and love that you mention it. Sometimes life becomes overwhelming and those questions never answered become first priority. Then you are old with a bad back overweight and old and ugly and yeah it happens so fast. People get old and slow down for sure. Kind of hard to pump out a thousand sit ups with a Hernia. That is good for sure but doesn't mean slack isn't being taken up in another area. Some times in life we have to totally rebuild the very foundations our childhood was built upon. So I listen to the Metal Slug comment and nah life isn't like that at all. WE ALL ARE GOING TO DIE. No avoiding it ever at all. 2+2 isn't intelligence ever. Intelligence is however using stem cell research, conducting experiments on Jewish prisoners to learn about this kind of stuff. Not good kind of intelligence in my opinion compared as to how to feed 9 billion people and distribute food and water and energy to them at a reasonable cost knowing full well we will have to step up our game for all the irresponsible people that exist on this planet. I don't subscribe to the ideal of intelligence being to eliminate life to elite people can live. For me anyways at some point meaning changes and outlook changes and perspective changes. I just pointed out Hitler's intelligence vs. the intelligence that exists today. The lack of intelligence however points me out as in current political vernacular anyone supporting Donald Trump is a nazi. That for me is 2+2 thinking. I still don't know Jockos political stance nor do I want to. He does choose great topics to speak about and man this is fun and good and we are still alive so lets celebrate life for once! Metal slug join the team. As I don't know you as you may be a team member Navy Seals have a purpose and excell at that purpose. Those that aren't do the same. Navy Seals can kill the enemy the rest of us cannot.We have to make people think and 2+2 isn't thinking and yea perhaps it is Jockos quote and yet part of being a participant in this life is bringing people together as a team. What is the greater team? Jocko hasn't banned me yet and I haven't rang the bell but yes I never was a slacker before but my age and body got the better of me so I slack physically just not spiritually or mentally. I hope that dichotomy is understood as All of us are going to die. Except for one hope that I am aware of. God. When someone like myself gets older that is where I want to pick up the slack of my own life and my own choices so to speak. Food for thought anyways.

  11. LARS says:

    Just game back from the club. Was a bit down bc i drunk a little too Much. Listened to Jocko for a minute, put on my running shoes and ran 15 km. Jocko thanks for your work!

  12. david charles says:

    Target fixation !!! Cool !!!

  13. Democrats are cunts says:

    2:46 GOOD

  14. Mikko Keskitalo says:

    I've been slacking on my knees lately. Gotta fix that

  15. M G says:

    True discipline, is maintaining the course without the rewards!

  16. SMViking says:

    I just wanna know Jocko's forearm routine

  17. tedlington says:

    5:44 I drive a Toyota Corolla and I’m obese. That’s was below the belt Jocko.

  18. raju naidu says:

    opportunity cost is a b#tch life is more or less the sum total of trade offs and chaos theory

  19. Noah.Lytle312 says:

    Jocko, just want you to know. I have been a addict since 14yrs old. I’m now 24, and getting through and past my addiction. Thanks to you, and your motivation. You have helped me so much. When days are hard, I just turn you on and listen. Brings perspective, and makes me realize withdrawal isn’t as bad as what it seems in my mind.. thank you. You’ll never know the profound impact you have!

  20. AVFC 9289 says:

    It’s ok to split your time 70-30 to two tasks but you can still give 100% effort to both

  21. Marcelo says:

    Jocko looks like Cain Velasquez/ Tito Ortiz/ John Cena’s dad

  22. Will Jones says:

    "Running in the red". I love that, that's exactly the way I like it and a great way to put it.

  23. Impact Motivation says:

    Thanks for this one Jocko!

  24. Richard Price says:

    Awesome …awesome well yes absolutley spot on in most areas , me having been a gifted academic from a young age and also bowled 9 people out whne it was all swinging and on , things happen , 21 a bd acid trip recover, at 23 another even more serious self destructive period 18 moths + in hospital recover , live in London in ten different bedists finish Dip Sw, back find my soul mate start a …On it goes now recovering past four years from being the target of antisocial behaviour and serious dental problems, i am begginning to get fit again and realize the supreme importance of health , at the same time thesee other areas .

    Making money oh God that is a diffciuilt one but to retrain , health issues need worlk and some imaginative well researched protocols ,so what at 58, my retired and successfull cousin says , its your age , F…em.

    Should all of this stop me no, for me I must listen to (my Higher power ) God, go deep and see and as my dad used to say your best , it is about learning from our mistakes and aknowledging areas of weakness and listening to this inner tyrant that tends to collect this garbage and use it against me , it says you f..d up , your too old , these health issues well , just give up , no I exclaim …..Take a big step back stay calm and keep working at it "balance" without giving in to all of this negative flak , thankyou for your inspiration.


  25. Алерт Алертов says:

    In Russia we have big problems with SLACK. USSR is back. People carry flowers to Stalin's grave https://youtu.be/bgteN-ULKfQ . Corruption at the top https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrwlk7_GF9g . Unofficial government forces beat people at rallies, with tacit police approval https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNMY1tFeeQs . And of course the propaganda on tv, every day turns the USA into radioactive ash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TA9mVLomYo8 .

  26. AKF Energy says:

    Justify and criticize, with a dash of condescension: That is the trade life.

  27. Remi says:

    This so right .this podcast ..like this one….Its about helping each other with each others goals …that's real team work…you both bought up a real good point on this subject…

  28. Andrew Kirschner says:

    “I dont care how intellectual you are…You cant do 2 + 2 when your dead” – jocko

  29. Volvox says:

    q: "what's your main income stream, dude?"
    a: "Well… I got these two clients…" casually points to his abs

  30. Rafal Reyzer says:

    Good sense of humor right there!

  31. Akshay Joshi says:

    Well, this goes against the logic of ' Prioritise and execute'

  32. Dirt Diver says:

    Was that "world class triathlete, terrible shot" bit a jab at Goggins?

  33. Stephan Grové says:

    Be a Jocko of all trades

  34. 8 c says:

    His emphasis on balance is imperative

  35. LightUpNancy says:

    Excellent question and responses!!

  36. tayfun sür says:

    "you think I'm worried about money when I got abs like this" lol

  37. Spencer CCFT says:

    Man you give good advice.

  38. Hugh Jainus says:

    Don't be a one trick pony – be jocko of all trades

  39. watermonsters says:

    This is so true! My dad always said "education, education, education" and I understand that he wanted me to succeed academically, but at the same time, I noticed there was almost no emphasis on physical health and I thought to myself: you can be the smartest person in the world, save up all the money in the world and have the best career in the world, but all of that means jack shit if you die early to disease.
    I love it when I hear someone say something that I've thought of before, but never really externalized those thoughts/feelings.

  40. Lubomir Fotev says:

    Jocko, how do I work with a control freak leader?

  41. Dzenis Sabljakovic says:

    Quality episode 🔥🤘

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