Degrees of Separation Nintendo Switch Review

hi everybody and welcome to get indie
gaming as some of you regulars to the channel will now be acutely aware I’m a
huge huge fan of puzzle games I always have been and find them an immense
source of satisfaction I’ve usually one or two of these on rotation at any
moment as I find them really easy to get into and out of say while on the bus
ride into work or sat in front of the TV were there something on the Box I’m not
really bothered about the same holds true for couch co-op party games
give me an overcooked or something like everybody keep talking and nobody
explodes and I’ll happily play away with a group of pals or buddies for hours at
a time now give me a game with both of these
elements and you have a fine mix to keep me really really happy which is the
premise for today’s video review now I first clocked on two degrees of
separation towards the end of last year and together with a fold apart it tops
the list of co-op heavy games I’m looking to play over the first quarter I
played this one on the switch with a day one gifted launch copy of the game taken
from the east or as provided by the publisher for review purposes degrees of
separation’ sees you play as two contrasting Souls ember and rhyme each
having power over summer and winter respectively these powers link directly
into the core mechanics of the game play with a barrier between the two
protagonists either warming or freezing the player’s surroundings one simple
example of this sees a water section where rime walks ahead of ember thereby
turning the water to ice thereby allowing ember to cross this particular
section other instances of this include Amber’s ability to use her power of
warmth to cause lanterns to rise platforms or rhymes rather fetching
skill to roll giant snowballs over the terrain to help gain access to sections
previously unobtainable while you can play this in single-player alternating
between the two characters via press of the button I’ve no doubt by design
degrees of separation is at its best when played in local couch co-op with a
pile or body as you work to come indicate with each other to solve the
various puzzles actually while I think of it the single player is easier to
play than in co-op although it’s not as much fun simply as you don’t have the
particular communication issues and what the heck are you doing sort of moments
to deal with which really helped make this what it is it’s worth noting though
as this review goes out there is no online co-op for me that’s not an issue
these days will I rarely venture into the online games with randos although
perhaps this feature might be added at some point in the future for the record
much of my time with degrees of separation was spent over the course of
a weekend with my eight-year-old son while he’s a dab hand at Mario Kart
where I honestly can’t defeat the little so-and-so even though I’m really really
trying this is pretty much the first puzzle centric game he’s had the chance
to play actually in truth I spent much of our playthrough sitting back letting
my boy work out what we had to do occasionally I needed to suggest things
we might want to try to solve the puzzles although for much of the time
with one or two big difficulty spikes aside he got things as they needed to be
for us to progress with a little thought and experimentation at times I did
struggle with the controls as did my boy while they are very simple with a jump
or activate mechanic they often feel imprecise wooly even to the point of
being disconnected from the input to the controller to the action that you see on
the screen there’s also more than a few instances with a game demand at a level
of exact character placement in the platforming that seems a tad harsh and
unforgiving and in these instances degrees of separation goes from being
somewhat of a joy to actually a rather big pain in the backside fairly quickly
what doesn’t disappoint is the game’s art style and overall atmosphere that
said though the character animations well they can look a bit odd at times
although this really doesn’t impact how it all plays the key thing the team have
got right though is how the world looks and changes moving from the warmth and
the cold sections this could have been clunky and yet in this implement
while the transitions are buttery smooth as for the overall story I don’t
consider this to be too much in the way of spoilery although from an overly slow
and plodding opening it quickly moves into a popcorn tale of love which I
could take or leave and some of you no doubt will find it up there with a right
blue on the cheesy side of things hey after all this was launched on
Valentine’s Day so there’s a message going on right there
that being said I’m able to let this wash all over me with little or no
bother as for how long this takes to play I’d estimate this equates to a good
ten hours or so of playtime I did however really go to town with
everything it offers perhaps if I took a lighter touch I could have rattled
through it in maybe five or so hours although much of the fun I had here came
from playing with my eight-year-old who in turn didn’t want to stop playing it
now I assume this was genuine he’s pretty headstrong and if he doesn’t
want to do things Oh like tie to his room or help out with the household
chores he’s fairly capable of switching into teenager levels of sulkiness with
little or no effort if you are looking for a game to wile away a good number of
hours and you fancy something of a puzzler that can and our argue should be
played in local co-op mode degrees of separation is something to take a
further look at will I play it again well possibly but only if my boy wants
to go back in and have another look having nearly solved all the puzzles and
found most of the secrets I can see little incentive to fire it up again the
prospect of future online play affords me zero joy although I can’t see how in
others this might be something to really look forward to although it’s just not
for me I enjoyed this one I like my puzzlers I like my couch co-op and as
should be apparent from what preceded this I rather liked much of what degrees
of separation’ had to offer I would have appreciated a firmer and more engaging
and solid control scheme although altogether this left me with fond
memories of my first long weekend spent gaming and puzzling with my little boy
whom I suppose having recently turned eight isn’t so little any
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