Community Education
Community Education

Education is the most hopeful space I know of. That place in our society where we think, how are we gonna make the world a better place? It’s through schooling. So in 2007 our chancellor started his tenure at UCLA and one of his first acts was to start the UCLA community school, incredibly brave move, very visionary. So students as young as five had been bussed out across the entire city, and now they wake up and walk to school. Completely historic. This serves the community, And it says UCLA is here, we’re gonna help you. I think that we’re changing lives. Leyda Garcia is the very visionary principal. I was born in Guatemala. My family moved in the mid
’80s, fleeing civil wars, natural catastrophes and
just economic hardships. I think we begin with this idea that we are all connected, we are all one community. You have a responsibility to sort of make things better for others, to include others. Your connection to others really makes the whole community better.

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