Channelled Guidance on health and negative entities
Channelled Guidance on health and negative entities

Let us put it this [way] If one holds negative
thoughts, shall we say, to a different person of a different culture then you open up gateways
in one’s own psyche and, shall we say, there are what are often referred to as inorganic
forms, these are often also known as psychic entities and so forth, that latch on. Such
beings as such and do not occupy a physicality as such, so they do not feed on physical food
as you know it, they feed on energetic food. -Okay.
So this one, shall we say, opens the door [by] disliking somebody for whatever reasons,
whatever differences one perceives they have, shall we say then, one opens the doorway for
food for such elementary beings which will latch on and suckle, of course. And in doing
so they will provoke greater forms, shall we say, they will begin to evoke even greater
dislike and eventually hatred which of course is an exact increase of the energetic flow.
So they feed more and more off the body’s energy. One begins to become depleted and
as such one will also maintain that one’s personal depletion of energy is due to the
very thing that you hate. In other words more and more of the energy is fed to the inorganic
being which grows in size. Grows in importance until it consumes one’s whole energetic reserve.
As such a reserve is, shall we say, consumed, one will find it harder to get up in the morning,
one will find it harder to hold a positive attitude, depressions and mental disturbances
increase and eventually under, shall we say, the worst of conditions, one might begin to
take actions and violence against that which is seen to be the source of the problem. You
understand? So the sin that was warned against is indeed
invoking the Wrath of God. In other words everything has consequence. So, shall we say,
if you open yourself up to, shall we look at the other side of this? If one starts to
feel that one wants more of something then you open the door to desire. And the more
you desire the more the non-organics attach and so on. So then you become addicted to
the need as if you are feeding something inside of yourself. Then, shall we say, something
external that has attached itself to the energetic system is what you would call a psychic parasite.
– Yeah. So if the negative thoughts are opening a gateway in order for these entities… could
it be negative thoughts of self? So if we are having negative thoughts that may lead
to some level of dislike or hatred for self? Of course, that is often what obviously [is]
the case, many people project their self disgust out on to others and so in effect they are
opening the gateway of both sides of the feeding frenzy! You understand? Shall we say there
are parallels in nature to, shall we say, show such patterns. That is the frenzies of
feeding so often associated with your sharks and with your hyenas and so forth. The bird
world also has the same. Even the bats have, shall we say, feeding frenzies of that which
is captured.

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