Can I Get a Job with an Online Degree? CNN Report
Can I Get a Job with an Online Degree? CNN Report

11 thoughts on “Can I Get a Job with an Online Degree? CNN Report”

  1. Sivageethagkanharock ka says:

    A debt of gratitude is in order regarding offering this incredible substance, I truly delighted in the insign you carry to the subject, awe inspiring stuff

  2. Vins Web says:

    maybe the job you'll get with your online MBA, will be online / make believe too.

  3. fastandeffective says:

    100% legal degrees and diplomas issued from Greek State Universities, apostille eligible, valid all over European Union, can be bought cheap, with less money than most other European University annual fees!

    No need to attend, no need to buy textbooks, no need to study, no need to pay enrollment fees in Greece's public Universities, no need to graduate on time!

    Since Greek Universities are riddled-sinking in corruption and embezzlement of European research funds, widespread fraud networks of employees are active, so all you have to do is find and get connected with a University management clerk, bribe him/her with just 300 euros, and pass any University exam you like.

    You can buy your way into graduating from a Medical School and become a doctor, and earn big money in hospitals clinics and the pharmaceutical industry.

    Tens of thousands have done it successfully before, even with passports, nobody was ever probed/investigated/arrested, only some of the corrupt University employees involved.

    Tens of thousands of medical doctors who graduated from Greek public Universities applied, presented diplomas, got accepted, got employed, and currently work in various hospitals in many European Countries, due to the free European mobility scheme.

  4. Rev. Gunn says:

    Kaplan is a shit school

  5. Johnny CincoCero says:

    How's WGU's program?

  6. technical guru says:

    I am from India I'm join online graduate how to contect

  7. gary felder says:

    Wow this was before Michael Jackson passed away

  8. Eric Nieves says:

    Capella University is also one of the biggest scam University. Please do not attend that University unless you want to waste your money and time. The Doctorate Program is a big Flop and they will lie to everyone.

  9. Hygienus Nwagwu says:

    How to Ensure Online Degree Credibility

  10. Jesse Mitchell says:

    You don’t need a doctorate degree and less you’re going to become a doctor and medicine or university professor or an attorney to be a CEO of a company all you need is a bachelors degree otherwise you’re what we call overqualified …!

  11. Joey Tribani says:

    Is Walden uni ok or not

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