Baalveer Returns – Ep 124 – Full Episode – 28th February 2020
Baalveer Returns – Ep 124 – Full Episode – 28th February 2020

How many more proofs
do you need, Timnasa? I am completely sure that Debu is neither the masked man nor he’s Baalveer anymore. Even the snake was removed
from there by Fire Fairy. I still don’t believe, Bhaymar. I’ll keep an eye on him. I am partially feeling like
Fire Fairy saw the snake herself but I am also feeling like
Mr. Debu gave her a signal. I am so confused
because of these two thoughts. But there’s only one way to clear this confusion. It’s a magical pot. As soon as someone
with magical powers comes near this plant the colour of this flower will turn yellow
from being pink. As soon as Mr. Debi comes
close to this plant his reality will come out. Mr. Debu.
Sister. Have you guys had food?
The party is over. No.
– No. Then come on, let’s have it. But, Mr. Girpade, we should find
out who those kidnappers are. As long as those kidnappers
do not get caught we can’t be peaceful. Any other kid may get kidnapped
the way Khushi was. Yes, you’re right, Ms. Karuna. Curd is made from milk, but I
like butter more than that. No..
That’s a different context. I was saying that I’ll find
those kidnappers at any cost. I just need a clue.
– Okay. Just a minute. Vivaan! – Yes.
– Come here, please. Mr. Debu, you guys have food. I’ll be back.
– No, Vivaan. We’ll wait for you.
You just go. You just start having food,
I’ll be there in a moment. Vivaan, we’ll eat together.
– No. I am hungry. Let’s eat. Look, even she’s
hungry, you guys have food. I’ll be there soon. Okay, go. Vivaan, come here.
– Yes, coming. Let’s go. Yes, Grandpa. Yes, Mom.
– You just tell Mr. Girpade where, how and in what condition
you found Khushi. – Yes, dear. Yes, tell everything, dear. So that he gets some clue
about the kidnappers. Right. He won’t find any clue. What.. What! What are you saying? I-I mean.. He won’t find any clue the kidnappers were very smart. Not just smart,
they were over-smart. Vivaan, no one in India
is more smart than me.. I mean,
in the entire Bharatnagar. You tell me..
Tell me properly. I found sister alone
in the backyard. In the backyard? ‘Two more steps and I’ll find
out ‘the truth about Mr. Debu. Hey.. ‘Hey, why has he stopped?’ God knows how this
tape come here. Okay, Vivaan, you’ll see. I won’t spare those kidnappers. No! What!
– What! What do you mean, no?
– Y-Yes. I mean, yes. Mr. Girpade can definitely
catch them. Yes.
– Those kidnappers.. A-After all, the cops
are very smart. That’s correct.. Long. Are you all right?
– Yes, I am fine. Flower? Who placed such a beautiful
flower here? Doomed!
– What.. What do you mean? Who? Doomed? The kidnappers. May the kidnappers are doomed.. Yes, he’s right.
– Yes.. I mean.. So that they can never
do such things again. Yes. ‘The flower is no longer
connected with the soil.’ ‘That means its magic
will no longer work’ ‘and its colour won’t change.
Everything is failed.’ Do you remember, Sarvakaal when Tress Fairy ousted me
from Fairyland after making me Baalveer
for one day? Then you gave me shelter. Even the God makes mistakes. Even I made. I know, Sarvakaal that I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have
done that to you. But now, I am completely ready
to correct my mistake. I want our relation to be
same as it was earlier. Then set me free. I’ll definitely do it. I never said that
I won’t set you free. But, Sarvakaal,
before that you have to tell me
about the hidden power on Earth that
wants to kill me and where I can find it. After that, I’ll set you free. And I am sure that you won’t disappoint
your so called daughter. Right? – Sarvakaal can trust
anyone, Timnasa but not you. But everyone dies one day. Even you will die. Remember this, Timnasa. Sometimes death arrives wearing a mask. How do you know
about that masked man? Mr. Debu. ‘There.
My flower has stopped working.’ What happened, Vivaan? What are you thinking about? Did you push sister? No, Vivaan. Why would I push Khushi? She’s like my sister. I mistakenly stepped on a tape and I lost balance
and pushed her. I didn’t do anything
intentionally. By the way, that reminds me
of a poem. Here I go. If I had not stepped
on the tape.. If I had not stepped
on the tape then Khushi wouldn’t get
this flower. Wow.. Thank you.. By the way, Vivaan.. Where have you brought
this flower from? How do you know that I
brought this flower? I just guessed it. If not you, then Ms. Karuna
may have brought. Let me ask her. Ma’am.. – Hey, listen..
I brought this flower. From Brave Realm. And if you like it,
then I’ll bring one more. N-Not just one,
but bring two. We’ll keep one in the living
room and one in our bedroom. It’s a very nice flower.
– Yes. By the way, does it smell
as nice as it looks? Y-Yes. Hey, I think I am allergic
to this flower. Don’t bring this flower again. Here. Okay, I will never bring
this flower again. – Yes. But you just go to bedroom
and take rest as of now. Let me bring water for you.
– Okay.. ‘Oh, no!
Even this plan failed.’ ‘Mr. Debu is allergic
‘to this flower. ‘How will I test
his powers now?’ Mr. Debu! What happened, Mr. Debu?
Have you seen a rat again? Not rat.
– Oh, I got it. I’ll bring an anti-allergic
tablet for you right away. You’ll stop sneezing..
– Stop, Vivaan.. But.. Look at this. Oh, no! Seems like somebody had
come to the room. Somebody has destroyed
our room. Let’s go and check Mr. Debu if something valuable
has been stolen. – Yes. No valuable items have been
stolen from the cupboard. There has been no valuable item
stolen from here as well. In fact, not even this
money pot. Did you see someone, Vivaan? No. So did a cat come to this room? No cat in the world can unlock a cupboard
and drop such a huge table. And destroy everything. Yes, you are right. Then who came to the room? The thief who entered the room,
was it a man or a woman? Nobody will know as to who
in Bharat Nagar is keeping me informed
about Vivaan. But we know about it. Because the spy you have
in Bharat Nagar her name in Nagini. Am I right? Yes.
– Timnasa, I don’t think that we need to keep an eye
on Debu. – You’re wrong. Because there is a saying
in Dark Realm. ‘If you want to survive
for a long time’ ‘then always keep an eye
on your enemy’s actions.’ Is it? According to my saying we should finish the enemy
immediately. to survive longer. So that he can be forgotten. That’s what I want, Bhaymar. That’s why I already have a plan
to unmask the masked man. Will you tell us about
this plan yourself or will we have to spy on you? Hey! Wow, Vivaan! You have got
really good magical powers. I wish I had such powers
as well. You saved Khushi using
your powers, right? I didn’t do it alone. A mask wearing friend
also helped me in it. Mask wearing friend? He is your friend?
If he is your friend then why is he hiding his face That’s what I want to know. If you want to know that
then ask him directly that why is he covering
his face? I was about to ask him but.. before I could ask him about that he sat on his
horse and left. Not a horse but a bi.. How do you know that he arrived
on a bike? Nowadays, people merely sit on
a horse on their wedding day. Otherwise, people mostly
travel on a bike. You told me yourself that
he arrived on a bike. When did I say that? Vivaan, you told me
about it yourself. No, I am very sure that
I said horse not bike. So am I lying? That’s not what I meant.
– No, that what you meant. No.. – Hey, what are you both
discussing about? Okay, whatever you both
are discussing about stop that now and sleep.
It’s too late. And we have to get things
from the market as well. Yes.
– Come on. ‘Timnasa must be thinking about
the masked man too like me.’ No, Timnasa, this plan
is very dangerous. It can put your life in danger. Yes. No. I don’t like this plan. Is it? You care about me
a lot. Are you very fond of me? Can you not see me dying? You know who I like and who am I loyal to
very well. But right now you’re the queen
of Dark Realm. Yes. That is why
it is my responsibility to keep you safe. So I don’t agree
with this strategy. You should have lot of courage to win a big battle. Did I really mention about bike? Vivaan?
– Yes. Hey, what is this? Does Baalveer go
for grocery shopping too? I might be Baalveer for
the whole world. But for my family I am
just a normal boy. In fact if I make a mistake
in my school homework I get punished like
he normal kids as well. – You? You get punished? But rather than getting punished it’s better to complete
your homework using your powers. Mr. Debu, a wise man
told me once that these powers should not be
used for one’s own benefit but to help other people. Which is called generosity. So a person who owns juice shop
should remain thirsty himself. Brother, I was wondering
ever since the time Mr. Dev has lost his memory
he has been acting funny. So what if we take our revenge
from him rather than Vivaan. This is a great idea. Vivaan loves Mr. Debu
so much anyway that if Mr. Debu gets injured
Vivaan will be hurt. Come on, Brother.
Let’s do this. A great man once said that an enemy’s friend is equal
to the enemy. Yes, Chinti, let’s go. Mr. Debu, hold on. I’ll check the list. Look, this list is huge. Tell you what. You buy half You buy half of the groceries
from Mr. Cheda’s shop. And I’ll get the vegetables
from outside. Yes. This is a good idea. After that if we have time,
then we’ll play cricket. – Yes. Get it to me.
Go ahead. Mr. Cheda. Ms. Diwali. Gopu. Is anybody here? You are stealing here?
Don’t you feel ashamed? You? What the heck? You called me a dustbin once You called me Ms. Pune too
and I didn’t say anything. But you have crossed
all the limits today. You called me a thief? What wrong did I say? This isn’t a super market. This is Mr. Cheda’s
grocery shop. And you are taking everything
from here. Somebody help me. This girl is stealing
and bossing around. Somebody help me or she will
rob the whole shop. Hey! Can you see this rest.
2,000 note? I kept it there as an advance payment. I was getting late for college. That’s why I was shopping
not stealing. I am sorry. Do you look around before
crossing the signal? – Yes. The same way you
should use your brains before calling somebody a thief,
okay? Okay, listen You didn’t steal anything
at Mr. Cheda’s shop so that means the person
who destroyed my room is not you.
– Hello! – Hi. After saying sorry,
you’re insulting me again. Why would I go to your room? Hey.. Well.. When Mr. Cheda comes back
please give him this money. Okay?
– Okay. Brother, I have a plan to prank Vivaan’s friend Mr. Debu. What’s your plan, Chinti? You just wait and watch. Timnasa, we have set
that machine at Bharat Nagar
according to your plan. Great! Nobody can save themselves
from that machine now. ‘Now the mask will be removed ‘and Baalveer’s real face
will be seen.’

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