Ask Dr. Phelan: Making Child Discipline Consistent
Ask Dr. Phelan: Making Child Discipline Consistent

We’ve done quite a few 1-2-3
Magic workshops over the years and one of the questions I get very often from
moms is “I like the program, my husband is not here, how do I get him involved?”
This is a different version of that from Lauren, and she writes, “I am my son’s
primary caregiver then his father after that. He goes to school four hours a week
and stays with his grandma all weekend 1-2 times a month when I work.
Grandma is not on board with any type of rules and consistency (there’s a
newsflash) for my two-year-old. My husband is just very laid-back and tired.
Will this book work if I am the only one implementing the process?” Well Lauren the answer is the book will work when you’re with him, if you decide to use the
process, but it’s not going to do much to change the times he’s with your
husband or with the grandmother. The other thing you can think about is how I
answer this question at workshops is is usually to tell the mom to see if you
can get a copy of the DVD (the blue one) and see if your husband or whoever we’re
talking about will watch that without you being in the room. Because then they
can learn it on their own. The DVD, I think, is engaging. It’s humorous, it’s fun
and I think it presents the program in an attractive way that a lot of
people like and makes them want to do it. But I think you have got your hands full.
Honestly, I don’t think they’re going to cooperate, but if you can get a copy of
the DVD, try it out fine. Otherwise don’t nag them. Just do it when you’re with
your two-year-old and I think that’s the best you can do.

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