ASG – HR guidance for a growing business
ASG – HR guidance for a growing business

– With paychecks you guys, coach, mold, and get these people like Hailey, and that are allowing us to say hey, we don’t know, but we know you know… Hailey and I have been working a lot, I mean we probably have a
meeting weekly by weekly, and we’re always in
communication via text or email. Hailey goes above and beyond for us. You scale and you go
more and more employees, it becomes more and more complex, and you get more and more of an eclectic style and demographic. You got some people that
need to be handheld, some people that are self-managed. You have some people
that are entrepreneurial, and then you got all the
little gaps in-between. What I do with Haley is, I’m just like, hey, can you answer this? What’s the best route to take? – Adam and I work
together to have a process for hiring, on-boarding, and recruitment. Not only just from the
employee experience, but also, training the managers as well. – Anytime we do any onboarding,
of ancillary benefits or enhancements, she will
come in and she will train the individual that is
going to either be using that service, or give kind of an informational training
to all our employees. We’ve tried to evolve our Handbook, she’s gone above and beyond to always give me a 30 day,
a 60 day, a 90 day, notice. And getting insight and clarity on, hey, what’s the best language to utilize. Having someone like
Haley that can bifurcate between each department that I have, and help them, in and HR stance. I can’t really say enough about her. (upbeat music)

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