Angel Guidance Dec 2019: New Approach Big Changes
Angel Guidance Dec 2019: New Approach Big Changes

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spirit and help you trust your intuition now here’s your host dr. Jenn Royster hello everyone welcome to the show I
hope everyone is coming back after a two-week break for the holiday and here
we are in December so we’re gonna focus on December today in the show
what angel guidance has for us with the alignments of the energy that’s coming
now this is the last month of the year and it’s a big one so we have a little
bit to go over today it’s the 12th month and there’s an interesting lineup I’m
gonna go into detail on this next week because next week we’ll focus on the
full moon which is coming on December 12th so here it is I mean one of the
biggest focuses which is fascinating me so I’m really digging into this and
we’re gonna dedicate a show next week to that so we’re going to go over the whole
month today and what what is coming up for us how we can make the most of this
month and it’s really a months to finalize things that we’ve been doing
this entire 2019 year so we’re ready for 2020 because 2020 is a big year – yes
it’s not easing up because everything’s changing is changing great I mean if you
think about what you’ve seen change in the last 10 years that’s when you notice
it but here’s the it here’s something that I noticed that was very interesting
we have the 12th month on the 12th day at 12:00 12:00 a.m. Eastern is when that
full moon is next week that’s a 12:12 12/12 right that’s significant when you
look at numerology or angel numbers or just the energy behind things last month
we had 11s a lot of 11s at 11 11 11 11 11 this is the 12:12 12/12 month and
that is one of the things that’s happening this month but that’s a big
one so that’s why we’re gonna put the whole show next week
that’ll be December 11th so that’ll be the day before all this hits so we’re
going to do that then but today what do we have
going on here the energy behind so much of December is helping us to finalize
all the things that we know we need to change improve let go of all that stuff
and really start moving into the new approach
two weeks ago well before we went on the holiday break we did a show on the new
cycle begins and it did with that minute New Moon it was the new cycle is here
now we’re calibrating we’re adjusting to living with a brand new approach to
everything really it’ll feel sometimes like I feel like I don’t know how to do
anything it’ll feel like that at first if you’re not used to change this is
interesting because some of the alignments are going to help us expand
and feel like we can go for it so the energies coming in this month will nudge
and help push you along that will help you if you’re hesitant to do anything or
step out of your comfort zone it is a step out of your comfort zone to try
something brand new think about it think about it it really is to just try
something brand new you’ve never done before you know and maybe it’s a big
decision maybe it’s a little decision it’s a big deal it’s a big deal to us
personally this is on a grand scale yes but it’s so much better and what I
love about the synergy is anything is possible a lot of its going to come down
to what you believe in yourself I mean do you trust do you believe in yourself
do you believe you can exist succeed do you believe you’re capable do you
believe you’re worthy I mean if you look at the last few years what have we been
focusing a lot on self love boundaries balance you know working those things
out all preparing us for this brand new cycle of living a completely different
way and it’s healthier it’s gonna feel lighter it’ll feel more free so there’s
you know there’s a lot to look forward to in it and you can choose to
participate resisted of course I mean I wouldn’t I’m
not going to the more I just go with it the more I love it this is truly a
rebirth in its finest hour it’s a rebirthing without this is like
yeah it’s almost like reincarnation where you you leave this physical plane
and then you come back differently and you do something else and you keep
growing we don’t have to do that with this one I mean we’re all here and we
have the opportunity to stay in this physical and change completely and I
thought wow it’s multi-dimensional if you think about it as we’re raising our
frequency we can tap into different levels of frequency not just 3d anymore
we’re all growing up into a different way you’re going to find you’re more
aware of things you’re noticing things that you didn’t before
maybe you’re appreciating things you didn’t before maybe you just know you
know what I’m not doing it this way any longer I got to change it now I want to
do it I want to change big this is a dream big and believe in it and then
anything’s possible energy so as we go into the show I want to break it down
there’s different powerful alignments coming for the whole month full moons
just one of them for example just a couple of days ago so today’s the fifth
of December doing this show but on the 2nd of December we had Capricorn Jupiter
Jupiter’s the expansive planet remember it helps you reach beyond what you’ve
done before it really does sounds like Star Trek didn’t it but anyway Jupiter
is an expansive go for it try something else just expand go further reach
further that’s the type of planet it is that energy that it brings it’s moving
into the Capricorn energy and that did that on December 2nd and that it hasn’t
done that for 12 years it’s been a while ok so we haven’t really felt that
about 12 years and even though that’s not the perfect alignment for Jupiter it
because right now we also have Saturn and Pluto going a little bit together
here it’s really gonna peak this is all gonna peak in January so this is going
to give you a little taste of what this might feel like when January rolls
around so January has a very powerful alignment we won’t dive into that
completely because we’re working on December right now but Saturn Pluto
together in Capricorn you know you see the the breaking down of something that
needs to go away you will see that sometimes it’s described as destruction
as an intense word in it you know sometimes makes you freak out a little
bit but it’s really to break down things that are not supporting us any longer so
something new can come up out of it it’s that Phoenix rising out of the
ashes of everything falling away so you’ll see that you’ll see that out
there in the world if you haven’t already around you in the news you’ll
see it and you’ll see within your own life like whoa okay I need to stop
trying to hang on to something that’s just not going to sustain me going
forward that’s what we’re wrapping up here that’s what 2019 has really been
pushing for us because now that we’re officially into the news cycle all of
2020 is really about the news cycle the new doing everything different and
better so why would you want to keep dragging something old like using an
outdated computer like an outdated software program you know how that
doesn’t work right things like that so this is powerful and it’s positive so
when we find that things are breaking down and falling away focus this month
especially with that full moon coming next week and we will talk about that
more next week but focus on the things that are coming up
out of it they’re gonna be better to replace what’s going away you may not
know what they are but that fear of not knowing every little thing before you
expand and reach further is that holding you back from just exploring life in a
different way I mean how will you ever know if you don’t try and for some of us
that are very fixed I mean we’d like our structure we like to know what’s going
on I get that there’s a little bit of that in me too I mean we you know I
sometimes have to take a deep breath and go okay yeah it’s changing you know all
right you’re gonna always feel out of your comfort zone a little bit because
it’s new and different but it really gets the sparks flying the mental energy
starts firing up again it’s not stagnant when you’re in that zone it’s waking up
and emerging something new is it’s trying to push forward and through its
gonna do it through each and every one of us in a very unique way and at the
same time we’re all gonna relate because we’re all going through it together so
that’s what we’re gonna be focusing on today this energy for December quite a
bit to share with you angel guidance about this energy because
I always tap into that I always ask like what what do we need to to know like
sometimes if you’re feeling the fear what can ease our mind and help us keep
moving forward we don’t want to be held back anymore
that’s the last thing we want I want to welcome everyone to the show if you’re
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p.m. that’s an hour after the show ends if depending on where you are in your
time zone so that’s 1 p.m. Eastern for me anyway this is all about energy
emerging and we’re really learning how to allow the things that are crumbling
away so we can move into the new cycle this is a major upgrade if you want to
think technology it helps sometimes to comprehend what’s going on here is it’s
like we just got a brand new computer all the upgrades on the software and now
we need to learn how to use it and when you try to do some of the stuff that you
need to do today on an old program or an old computer you know how that doesn’t
work right that’s really what we’re doing energetically that’s what’s
happening it’s a it’s very similar it’s a good analogy to use it helps you go
okay that makes sense so there’s a lot of things that used to be great that
just aren’t going to be anymore why are you that’s a question to ask
yourself why are you holding onto it I’m gonna leave you that while we take a
quick break when we come back we’ll really start
diving into this think about the questions that you want answered even if
you don’t put them out for the public to see in the show you can ask yourself you
can ask your angels as well just know that all you got to do is ask and that
ease and that peacefulness and that insight will come through it will we
have to just be willing to go there and and take it seriously a lot of times
that’s one of the biggest things with intuition and if you’re trying to
connect we want to and but we just don’t trust or believe in it or we don’t take
it serious like we can do it actually everybody can do this everybody can do
this so with that note I’m going to take a quick break I’m dr. Jenn you’re
listening to the Jenn Royster show we’ll be right back after the break tune into the Jenn Royster show intuitive
guidance to inspire your life this amazing show is an inspirational hour
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intuitive readings and visit for more information welcome back to the show all right let’s
start diving in and want to point out a few highlights for December energy and
then we’ll talk about what angels are saying or what I’ve picked up for that
about this energy and how we can handle it
some of this is more on a global unified front some of this energy for example I
said that you know when we move into December we’re moving into Capricorn
energy and Jupiter actually just went there which is expansive Saturn and
Pluto are already there now they’re working and they’re not peeking until
January 2020 like I said that is working with Capricorn Saturn and Pluto are
working with Capricorn more on tearing the things down the big stuff I mean
it’s more on a global front I mean you’re gonna see the big stuff in the
news you’re gonna see I don’t even have to go into all that we don’t want to get
sidetracked with all that you’re gonna see some of that changing and it’ll be
highlighted through 2020 some of that because it’s you know when you’re
putting up a brand new building you know they’re tearing down the old one that’s
not safe anymore that’s no good that’s not working anymore so that’s what
you’re seeing happen here think of the analogy this is going to make it
difficult if you’re fighting and afraid and you’re seeing all the gloom and doom
here you will see some things breaking down but it’s gonna be the old stuff all
the old stuff going away what you want to do is you want to grab on to some of
that Jupiter energy that’s you know slipping in there and this is what the
Angels told me to focus on they said you’re gonna steal this stuff you know
coming down but that’s what that’s what this whole transition is about we don’t
just talk about it and dream about this great new life without a lot of major
changes happening what we’re learning on a personal note one on one here and
there’s what I want you to hear the Jupiter it helps you expand it helps you
look for a new approach a new approach it could
the same thing you’re doing but you just can’t do it the same way anymore
it might be the way you respond to something it might be the way you do
your job it might be the way you interact in relationships it’s gonna hit
it all including finances not in a negative way guys unless that’s what
you’re focusing on the whole time you’ll see some of that change but what I’m
saying is look for the opportunities that the Jupiter expansive energy brings
okay this is what Michael was reminding me of so much and I loved it and that’s
why I want to share Archangel Michael because he’s the one if you’re getting a
little nervous and jittery and you know the fear and you’re you know you need to
cut that toxic cord of that energy because remember for the last month or
so we’ve been talking about manifesting manifesting you really want to keep your
focus on what you want not what you don’t want right Jupiter will help you
navigate through this because you were learning how to expand and learn a new
Pro CH a brand new way of doing whatever it’s like learning like say you only
speak English and you’re learning a new language you’re going to learn to
communicate still communication with another person but in a different way I
think that way I got a lot of analogies today I know there’s just plenty of them
out there you can relate to this you can do this here’s the other part you’re
focusing also to learn this new approach and keep your balance yep think of the
mountain goat that is the representative of Capricorn and those little tiny
hooves and he’s balanced on top those high peak mountains and rocks and they
don’t fall I guess they do sometimes but goodness you know what I’m saying they
they balance and you’re looking to balance but climb higher reach further
but keep your balance so how do we do that one of the ways that has worked for
me personally and I can share that is I take it in increments I will try some
they knew I won’t try to overwhelm myself with too many things at the same
time I keep the focus on one aspect of it let’s use something like cooking in
the kitchen or something like that when we went completely plant-based it was
overwhelming to try to learn and figure that out all at once so we started
breaking it down and narrowing it down to different types of things that’s how
you would use that how how you would approach energy like this is as long as
you’re you know willing to be in the game and expand and learn something new
then this energy is gonna support you angels are very much supportive they’re
always supportive of us our guides people that we love that have crossed
over and I mean it’s always there guys it’s the support is always there but do
you believe it do you believe in yourself but this is the opportunity to
make new boundaries break away from things that feel restrictive what feels
limited lots of lots of new boundaries lots of getting out of the restrictions
that hold you back if you aren’t doing anything about that
you will feel that restriction a little tight that’s how you’ll know oh I really
do feel this this is I really do feel restrictive I really do feel like you’ll
see it’ll feel enhanced that’s not to oppress you as much as it is to let you
know your soul is ready to bust through this you are ready to move forward you
are done with this holding yourself back think about it what are you what are we
doing individually what are you doing in your life that would hold you back what
do you want to try that’s so brand-new that it makes you nervous
or you feel a little bit you might even feel a little intimidated by it
what could you do a little bit about like how could you do a half step maybe
learn about it maybe take a class in it something I’ll go back to the cooking
okay so they won’t even try to bake bread
because they’re like oh that’s too hard I can’t get the Easter eyes I can’t do
any of that guess what the people that succeed and become great at whatever
they’re doing they will probably go in there try something it doesn’t work that
loaf did not rise at all go back try again you don’t want to feel like oh I
can’t do this at all because you tried once or you won’t try it all because it
won’t come out perfectly there’s a learning curve to things like this
you’re gonna be practicing a learning curve in this kind of energy whether you
want you’re gonna be brat it’s gonna have a learning curve guys say you want
a garden but every time you get a plant you can’t seem to keep it alive or you
overwater it or you don’t water it enough things like that’s another
example this energy will feel like that so in your physical world you’re looking
for that’s so outdated I just don’t feel passionate about that anymore I don’t
want to do that anymore what can you change about it it’s because some of
this will be changing how you do the same thing you just won’t be doing it
like for example the show we started with just radio and now we’re doing all
this video streaming that we emerged we changed we grew that’s an example of
you’re still doing a show but we changed it we brought it up a notch and let me
tell you when you’re first doing that that’s a lot that’s a lot it’s a lot of
different equipment it’s a lot of different expense it’s a whole lot of
everything just doing light you go from pre-record I’m using myself as an
example here so you guys can kind of relate this to yourself for starting out
you’re nervous just to do a pre-recorded show all those hosts and podcast people
out there you can relate to what I’m saying everybody at TTR they know what
I’m talking about Iger is you’re nervous you know or maybe
you’ve never done anything live maybe you’ve never been on a stage you know
things like that but this is something you really want to do yeah that’s that’s
a big expansive stepping out and reaching out
just saying that’s an example so in your own life what can you do differently
that feels like I don’t know but I’m gonna go for it I’m gonna try alright
what’s holding you back the fear of failure what’s holding you back
this is going to be favored in 2020 to reach out and do things differently so
this is a really good opportunity here in December to embrace that to embrace
okay I need to push I need to expand further I need to allow myself to learn
and grow in a different direction I need to do this and still feel balanced
because overwhelming anxiety is usually the first two things that kick in when
we’re trying to do something new here’s a little tip with that are you trying to
keep in place the way you do it now that needs to go away and learn at the same
time yes there’s such a thing as overlap but there’s also such a thing as okay as
I learn to do this this way I can maybe back off this one just a touch it could
just be shifting up your calendar where you had one hour for one way of doing
something and now you’re gonna change it to a new way you can give yourself a
little more time with it as you do it more and more it becomes more efficient
we’re recreating an entire way of living we’re recreating reversing really is the
word a brand new way of living and a higher frequency the higher frequencies
are here we’re learning how to navigate in them we’re learning how to live in
them and the old stuff is just not part of those higher frequencies so it’s
gotta go sometimes it’ll be people that will fall out of your life I know that’s
the part that really is tough you can’t force anybody to chew you can’t choose
for them I know I understand all that that gets tough but you can choose for
yourself and honestly one of the best ways that I have found that can help
inspire another is to just do what’s right for you because when people see
that you’re glowing and you’re bright and you’re happy or you’re healthy
you’re people that really love you really that matter that will be in your
life if they don’t if it’s just not going that way why are we trying to hold
on to that you got to think about that because that’s a restriction holding you
back because for you to do what’s right for you is gonna make somebody jealous
or or cause a big upheaval there’s a lot of brave souls out there in the last
decade that have been doing just that and they’ve been taking it on the chin
whether it’s in the news or anywhere else they’ve been really feeling it
because they’re trying to do you know live their truth they’re they’re forging
the ground they’re forging a new way for all of us to feel like we can do that to
me I admire people I might not want to do the same thing that doesn’t matter
I admire someone that has the courage to be their true self to be what’s right
for them and not feel like they have to you know constantly defend a higher
frequency yeah here hear this out a little bit higher frequency living
you’re not constantly defending your choices people are fine with it because
they’re going and doing their own choices too that’s what 5d living is
here there is no explaining or over explaining or feeling like you’ve got to
constantly apologize or feel guilty because you want to do something
differently or you had to say notice something and now you feel bad about no
no that stuff’s got to go and it’s getting harder and harder I would
imagine to feel stuff like that so if you know do you see what I mean that
that’s a lot of this energy right here right now that’s really going to push to
help us with that because the the moon coming on the 12 is a
Gemini moon so that’s there’s two phases they’re two sides there has to be a
balance and it’s a inner it’s more like you’re looking to see that true that
true or inner you versus the part that you put to the outer world that’s that’s
the related Gemini that I was feeling when I was looking at this asking with
the Angels but one of the angels that’s going to really help you with this kind
of there’s two or three that come in they’re so strong and they’ve been
coming in quite a bit Michael’s gonna really help you with the fears and
overwhelm when you really are starting to feel it Joe feels going to keep you
positive to keep you going Joe feels wonderful when you need a little bit of
positive Chamuel Shammi was fantastic for okay whoa Nelly calm down let’s take
it one step at a time then you won’t get overwhelmed so much you can still move
forward and still pace yourself find your balance because if you just go full
steam ahead without without looking where you’re going
yeah that’s gonna feel like a crash and crash and burn right mm-hmm
Samuel can help you okay one step at a time let’s let’s just take a deep breath
let’s look at what we can do to approach this new way things like that
so that’s quite a bit of what’s going on here now this full moon coming next week
it will be it will feel challenging but it’s a very powerful one like I said
with all those twelves and I am going to spend the whole show next week on that
as the holidays approach we get closer to the 25th or so you’re gonna feel all
the relationships and things like that are highlighted anyway relationships
finances because of all the stuff going on holidays but this energy kind of puts
a little bit more emphasis in those areas so you it might feel more
magnified this time because those are times the year where we feel that anyway
and these energies coming in intensify that
so don’t let it don’t let it tear you apart you will feel it a little bit
don’t don’t be hard on yourself when you do but know that you can stop take your
breath and go you know what this is what that energy is is all about so where can
I stop and pay attention to where I’m feeling this effect what can I do to
reach higher go further and keep my balance what do I need to do if your
self-care your self-love is out of balance you’re really going to feel it
with this one you’re gonna you’re gonna feel that a
lot it’s really gonna highlight where you need some balance for self-care for
example I mean when I do all of this stuff here with you guys and then we’re
gonna do we’re gonna I’m gonna pretty much be busy with my group today – after
the show that’s a long day for me and it starts early in the morning because I’ve
been busy all day with us look the last thing I want to do is go out shopping
and be in a crowd I’m gonna take that time to calm down later today because I
need that solitude as an empathic person being intuitive working and doing this
kind of work if I’ve had a long day with it I need to take that time off to
balance my day out it’s not just keep push push push push push not get enough
sleep not feel like I’ve recalibrated then when I wake up tomorrow I’m ready
to go again with something else I’ve had a lot of people ask me and I know a lot
of people do do this everybody’s on different time clocks but I’ve had a lot
of people ask me why don’t you do anything at night the reason I don’t do
anything at night is because my clock I’m a morning person and I’m not doing
anybody any justice to try to work at 9 o’clock at night and when I’m tired and
I don’t have the energy there that I should so for my self-care and my
balance to do my job the best that I can that’s why I don’t do anything at night
and some people didn’t like that you know some people are will you know I’m
working I understand that but I also have to do the job well so
it’s not gonna do any good if you know I’m out there and I’m wearing myself out
and some people can be night people some people are night people some people are
day people that’s just a good example like I’m using a lot of personal
examples to share with you how you can apply this today so let me let me take a
look at chat it’s really busy over there let me say hello to everyone
we have shadonna Candace Pamela Kelly Veronica Beth Robin and Kim Wow hi guys
good to see you guys over there so let me see everybody’s pretty much saying
good morning Pamela’s witnessing some interesting
wait a minute very interesting bad leadership at works
so instead of being mad which I was at first I’m now inspired to finish my
degree so I can shape my future great example right there that was looking at
the glass half-full from the challenge perfect way to apply an energy like this
that was a good example good job that that sometimes it hates a little extra
effort I know it really does it takes a little extra effort to go okay how can I
find a positive in this actually you can you can there’s always something we can
learn when something becomes challenging for us there’s always something that we
can pull out of that because that is what it’s it’s it’s it’s highlighting
something it’s highlighting something so good for you Pamela
Kim Eddie hi Kim let’s see I’m definitely feeling the need to change
many things in my life from my home to my family
absolutely this energy will help this energy this energy is all about that and
applying it in a new approach applying it you know for some of you that new
approach would be okay I’m going to have more balance as time for me I’m going to
have more boundaries that’s a new approach for some of us especially
people that are highly sensitive they feel like they’ve been empathic or
they’re absorbing and they’ve just had a lot of that in their life and I know a
lot of people that tune the show haves things like that going on
I mean I know I went through it I’ve been through it I get it
that self-care balance is so important not being worried about doing what’s
right for you and it becomes a different relationship with people sometimes when
you’re doing that but it’s so important so Kim hang in there I know you’re doing
a lot of changing good for you the fear of change holds me back but I’m trying
to overcome this Kim this energy is going to give you some extra nudge in
with that so absolutely and you know I’m here for you you just write me if you
need to you know that and hello we got a couple of new people hi Yuri hi Cindy
hello to you so listen guys with this energy we also are going to have a
little bit of when we get into the relationship side of this energy it will
be a we need to confront maybe some things in it if you might find that
there might be some things with finance or relationships that have to be just
dealt with the truth like a reality check that happens a lot like you know
especially around holidays this isn’t a negative okay not a negative this is
actually to help balance things better moving forward so there might be some
things that need to be dealt with that may rise in this energy you don’t want
to turn and hide and avoid and pretend it’s not there watch out for the people
pleasing to just keep things you know and we’re not saying go in there and
just start a bunch of fights with your family members I’m not saying that
either but I’m saying let’s keep it real what have you been doing when a certain
situation arises that is a challenge for you that you could do differently for me
I had to you know it could be it could be that you just need to maybe change
how much time you spend on something that drains you or with someone that
drains you reduce that time down a little bit put some more time mate it
takes that time put it into self-care these
are things we’ve been talking about for years well here’s what’s going on here
because we’re in the new cycle it’s really it’s really come around to where
we need to apply all this stuff we’ve been talking about for the last decade
we need to apply the balance the self-care the boundaries because we want
to move up into this higher frequency but we’re not going to be able to do
that trying to keep going and being polite saying yes to something we didn’t
really want to do anyway and you thought you felt anxiety about it before you’d
probably feel it more so it’s getting harder that’s where you’re feeling it
that’s how you’ll feel this it’s getting more difficult to just keep doing that
same pace and that’s your sign right there that’s your key that’s your note
message from the universe this is what needs to go this is the cinder blocks
tied to your ankles that you’re not able to move right here whatever is doing
that and the thing is it could be something that’s not even draining
someone else but it is to you it just means it’s not an alignment for you okay
doesn’t mean that one person is right one person is wrong that’s a mindset of
3d it’s not a right or wrong it’s about what’s right for you what’s a better
what’s a better alignment for you because if we all were allowing each
other to do this and allow ourselves to do it we would all rise in our frequency
so quickly just think about that really we would rise that frequency up so much
faster and and life reflects back the energy of where you are
so even when it’s reflecting back with something you don’t want it’s pointing
and highlighting what is happening here it’s like oh this is what I’m hello Emmy
Coast popping in yes I know she’s and there we go she’s
saying hello can you guys hear she’s all the way on the other side of the house
so there she is I know so thank you Amy that was in me if you you know Emmys ten
years old now by the way for those that have been with me on the show she’s been
she’s as old as the show she has been so on to this light she’s feeling like
she’s younger than ever so she’s 10 she turned 10 in October so let me see here
quickly we had a question come in URIs saying can you talk about the new cycle
what’s the dominant energy and theme for 2020 oh you came in a little bit late I
was talking about it earlier but the chain it’s about the changing it’s about
the changing I did mention some of that earlier in this episode so when we’re
done just go back and listen to the first half it’s in that one and I would
answer it again but I’m running out of time so it is in there URI so definitely
the new cycle is about the higher frequency just quickly and it’s also
bringing this whole new approach everything’s a brand new approach
everything’s completely different everything is you know we’re it’s just
changing we’re learning how to do everything in a better way and that
includes yourself caring yourself love so if there’s a boundary to set you set
it and you don’t feel bad about it you do what’s right for you your health
will thank you you will be healthier you will be healthier in mind body and
spirit so now December 21st is the Capricorn when it starts okay that’s
when it actually starts this is a good time in because December 25 26 that’s
the solar eclipse see if there’s even a solar eclipse in in this month so what
happens with eclipses all the energy around that is even more intensified so
this the main thing about December and we’re getting close to time I’m noticing
that okay the main thing about December is this
preparing us for the entire 2020 all of it is going to be living in the new
cycle the new cycle is what you’re creating everybody’s new cycle will be
their new way of living in a higher frequency so each person’s going to be
different but it’ll be getting rid of a lot of beliefs old beliefs that held you
back the right wrong or you know not being because in 5d 5d living you don’t
have to over explain yourself you don’t have to explain why you’ve made a choice
and when you make the choice you just live it and you’re not affected by what
another one it feels or thinks it doesn’t affect you if you think about
all the big changes and the brave people that have stepped out to do that a lot
of the focus this is something Michael brought up and I really want to make
sure to put this in I can’t forget he wanted me to make sure I told you about
this part if you think about in the last decade maybe 10 20 even 50 years back
with the people that have pioneered a new and better way and the ridicule and
the the toughness that has come at them because they were doing what was right
for them and they were trying to make changes be and the people that didn’t
want change didn’t like it I get that but this is different that was working
and changing things in 3d it was necessary to start the air to evolution
eyes and move us into where we’re going in a higher frequency now so now that
we’re going into more 450 living there is no worrying about how they think you
just you’re doing it anyway and it’s not affecting you that would be the
difference that’s how you’re gonna know what frequency you’re on if you are
making a choice that’s right for you and what everybody else feels or thinks
about it is affecting you and you can’t you’re so focused on what they might
think or you’re letting that drain you you’re falling right back to 3d again
didn’t do it wrong it just helps you practice oh wait I’ve got to work on
that one don’t look at this as a negative it’s
helping to highlight where you need to work or improve on and and the thing is
these are improvements for yourself you don’t have to do any of this if you
don’t want to but if you really want to change and you really want to grow and
you really want to improve we have to we have to let go of a lot of the
attachments that have affected us emotionally I know you’re still going to
have connection our heart has been cracked open now for a couple of years
we’ve been working with that heart chakra being open and then now we’re
feeling everything now we’ve got to process that and balance that out well
now we’re learning how to feel it and live it in a five D response not a
reaction yep and there will be things you know there will be things that will
pop up that will challenge you and this is where this month will show you how to
do that there’s a lot of energy it’s all for spiritual growth this is all very
positive this is all to help you in a very positive way Michael is one of the
best angels for this one because when you’re going into a brand new horizon
you’re turning a brand new corner turning over a new leaf changing your
life in big ways you know we get nervous we get that you know hesitation and it’s
in the hesitation that you acknowledge you know what I am nervous about this
and it’s a feeling that and then doing and going for it anyway and trying
I mean don’t don’t feel like you can’t try something new this energy is all
about trying something new and it could be just like I said you’re learning how
to cook a healthier way that’s trying something new and trust me that was a
lot to learn there was all of these new things coming in that you know sometimes
we feel so overwhelmed by ok I don’t even know if I can do this maybe I’ll
stay with what I know yes staying in the comfort zone is not going to help you in
2020 let me put it that way 2020 is all about living outside of that
comfort zone into that brand-new journey it’s an adventure think of it as an
adventure we’re going on a major adventure into living a better way I
know and you’re going to have more insights you’re going to feel more
connected and you don’t have to be overwhelmed and scared by it and that’s
where the angels come in and help support when you feel that way you just
take your deep breath and you go you know what Michael
I really am nervous about this I want to do this so badly but I’m so scared I get
that I get that it’s just it’s a you’ve heard that phrase feel the fear do it
anyway it’s kind of like that but we don’t want to you’re focusing on all the
fear let’s see you know I’m bringing that up because that’s where people get
stuck there they say cycle over I’m just so nervous about trying it now if you’re
focusing on all the nervousness of actually trying it to the point where
you haven’t even tried it what are we nervous about it hasn’t even
happened yet yep I’m calling you out on that one a little
bit let’s move let’s keep it real try it try try it yes try it so let me see
before we run out of time here let me go over to chat really quick uh let me see
how’s everybody doing hi okay can’t Candice thank you over there you’re over
there giving some good stuff out there a mantra I am safe it’s only change I
think we all fear change sending straight I love that yes I am and I I
that’s a very good one I am safe it’s only changed it’s just it’s more like an
emotion that you feel you feel you’re feeling it and it feels foreign
sometimes when we’re doing something different and this is going to raise
your vibration like you’ve never known because then you go alright and remember
the ten-second there’s I call it the
10-second rule whether it’s to respond you know when you feel something
emotionally charged you like something that upset you ten-second rule is let me
take a deep breath is my my response a reaction and outlash or is it truly a
response or do I even need to respond do I really need to respond to that I’m
asking I’m adding that because that’s happening a lot too we’re just reacting
and then because we’re upset and emotionally charged this is a good way
to practice this because you’ll feel the buttons getting pushed here in there one
of the things we’ll work on next week we’re about to go off the air here in a
second but one of the things we’ll work on next week with the full moon we’re
going to work with the 12:12 energy about what does all that mean I mean
really dive into that more this is a major moon coming up and it’s coming up
in the Gemini on the 12th remember that then it follows with the Eclipse and the
energy of Pluto Saturn and Jupiter all in Capricorn is why we’re feeling some
interesting stuff here remember just to recap quickly this energy is ramping up
and preparing us and it will really be accelerated in January of 2020 but we’re
preparing we’re preparing right now we’re gonna feel a simultaneous
balancing of letting things fall away as we’re rising up you’ll start to feel it
you know where it feels like you’re juggling all of it you’re trying to all
this new stuff and you still got all the old stuff now you’re gonna feel it start
to we need to let some of that fall away that is honestly one of the best ways to
explain it I hope that made sense oh I know we never did take any other breaks
but there was just so much to share with you today I want everybody to know that
December is a month for closure it’s a closure it’s the last month okay
this is where we wrap it up we finalized we’re rebirthing all the olds going away
all the news coming in it’s already here that’s why it feels like it does guys
because you’re feeling most at the same time probably you you you know you are I
know what you it’s like you feel both so that feels overwhelming because we’re
trying to handle it all we’re trying to hold all of it at the same time so
you’re looking for what is shifting 2020 is a big transitional turning point the
whole gear is we’re leveling up we’re gonna live high frequency and we can
start doing it now and if you apply yourself a little bit every day it won’t
be overwhelming like then then to not try it all so I encourage you to
meditate to work on healthier diets to work on anything that improves your
self-care because this is such a big transformative time you will feel that
you need more energy for it at times I know I have and I just want everyone to
know this is all a very positive thing so remember when you find your focus is
stuck on all of everything that’s going wrong is it just falling away and we
need to just let it happen do do I just need to accept that this is
what’s changing in my life this is what’s going on so don’t don’t freak out
call on Michael when you need to get that fear in check I’ve got to go really
quick here call on Archangel Joe feel when you need a little positive
affirmation and boost and if you’re healing through a lot of physical
emotional or relationship anything call on Archangel Raphael Samuel will help
you with one step at a time I got to go we’re out of time I will see
everyone in angel retreat for some angel gallery readings today at 1:00 p.m.
that’s in one hour that’s 1:00 p.m. Eastern please check your membership for
how to join that call we will be here next week with the full moon and all of
the 1212 energy thanks so much for listening and joining us today we’ll see
you next time on the generator show namaste you’ve
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