Analysis of our EDUCATION linked with our CAREER (D1,D9, D10 & D24) PART 1
Analysis of our EDUCATION linked with our CAREER (D1,D9, D10 & D24) PART 1

Welcome to Jayashreebalan learn Astrology
We have seen Predictions of October month now as the request of one of the viewer I
am going to talk about the education for the career in Part 1 & 2. I am going to explain you how have to study
and what are angles and aspects I going to explain with full detail. Next video I will explainyou with chart now
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reach me and it is paid we will talk..first is
what we are going to study like commerce,technology physicians
journalistis related what we study is the 4th house and how much we are
going to get success in our studies is going to be seen from 5th house next MBA,Phd post
graduate or doctorate is going to be seen from the 9th house ..after completion of our
studies if we are going to career level or break
our studies and if our chart supports us to earn..and for our higher studies captation
fees should be given by our our parents should be well have finatial support
and after seeing all we have completed our studies then how we are going to
much we will get success in our oral interview..what ever we have studied in mind we have to bring
it in our tung so this must be seen through second house..after all these thing we should
be with full healthy so for this we have to see the lagnam then after that for dr studies
it is not at all enough but we have to be guts to cut the body in this dr profession
for that we have to see the 3rd house next 10th house is how we are going to earn through
this study and profession next if any breadk up in our studies we will see this position
from the d9 chart for the D4 our birth time must be exact then one we can say about it. we will study one and do the job not related
to our studies because they have not success in our studies for all these we are going
to see it through D10 chart so we have to 4th house is what we are going to study 5th
house is for what level we are going to do it D9 is for our higher studies for above
all these we have to see the yogas..what are yogam is the native is having..bhud adithya
yogam..what is bhud aditya yogam mercury must be exalted with sun and jupiter is called
bhudh aditya yogam and it is kendra is good meaning 4th house then shanka yogam 5th lord
kendra 6th lord is sitting is called shanka yogam or 6th lord kendra 5th lord is also
called shanka yogam kendra is 1st 4th,7th, 10th then saraswathi yogam sun venus mercury
these 3planets in lagnam or 2nd 4th 5th , 7th or 9th house 10th house is conjuncts or separatly
in these places is called saraswathi yogam meaning they will be very inteligent next
bhud yogam jupiter in lagnam, jupters kendra moon, moons second house rahu 3rd house mars
and sun is called bhud yogam then 5th lord and 9th lord conjuncts or sitting with each
other house then the native will be studius fir main planet is jupiter ..jupiter is the
one main for our inteligent meaning it must be in first house, 5th or 9th house or exalted
or it must sitting on its own house all these things is good..murcury if it sits in own
house 1st,4th 7th 10th house is good and lagnam must be strong..all these placement is good
for our studiesand we must read navamsa too..for continuation of our studies we must read the
navamsa chart too next part 2 i will show it through the chart. thankis for watching my channel

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