An Interview with Gilbert Strang on Teaching Linear Algebra
An Interview with Gilbert Strang on Teaching Linear Algebra

100 thoughts on “An Interview with Gilbert Strang on Teaching Linear Algebra”

  1. Douglas Strother says:

    Professor Strang, I think you inspired Grant Sanderson regarding Linear Algebra:

  2. Alex H says:

    He is great.

  3. Haris Elahi says:

    The best❤
    Love From Pakistan🇵🇰

  4. Hopi Ng says:

    I got to be the 933rd like. There were three beings that didn’t like it. Those three negatives allowed me to see a neat 933 33.
    “Deep cognition.” Thank you for sharing. ✌️

  5. Rinka Ghosh says:

    Sir ! .. so much respect to you sir .. !

  6. Thomas Kember says:

    He certainly shows there is a big difference between knowing a subject and knowing how to teach it to others.

  7. X.D. Huang says:

    More than twenty years after college, I stumbled upon the gem that is MIT 18.06 taught by Professor Strang. Watching him giving the lectures on the subject really changed my understanding of and perspective on some of the basic concepts of linear algebra. I would like to imagine Professor Strange as the great mentor I never had the luck to have in real life, and I am so lucky to finally find him on the Internet through MIT OCW. Thank you sir!

  8. Shahzina Khan says:


  9. Aman Gupta says:

    Have learnt whatever I know about Linear Algebra mostly because of Gilbert Strang's lectures in OCW.
    Thank you very much sir you have made understanding this corse the simplest.

  10. Jean Maté says:

    Oh my God Prof. Strang has gotten old. I remember watching 18.06 lectures like 2 years ago. He is one of the best professors out there. I have learned SO MUCH from him. He's a legend!

  11. Jousef Murad says:

    One of my heroes! Hats off Mr.Strang, you inspire a lot of people 🙂

  12. Roshan Sharma says:

    A legend of linear algebra

  13. Michael Law says:

    A great teacher …

  14. James Dochnal says:

    I was Told I Have Hi Functioning Autism

    So I See The World Somewhat in A Different Way

    When I Was In Grade School I ask My First Grade Teacher What would Happen When A Meatball Is Dropped Of A Tall Building Consisting Of More Then 70 Floors Or Higher
    As We Know We Can't Take in To Practice The Above Actions Because Of 9/11.

    Here is The Way I Would Like To Do This.

    Take Meatballs Cooed In A Oven And Look At Them Under A Microscope And Then Drop Them Off The Building From The Roof On To A Plate On The Ground Then Look At The Again
    Then Without Touching The Meat Balls Bring One Up To The Roof Of The Building. One In the Elevator And The Other In The The Stirs Of the Building I believe That The Meatball that is Dropped Will Shrink Some What Because How The Laws Of Physics Grover en the Meatballs.

  15. Lone says:

    Thanks professor

  16. pallav dubey says:

    The guy is million times more enthusiastic than my 26 yr old maths teacher… Hats off

  17. Sourav Chakraborty says:

    love you sir really love you

  18. JackJackKcajify says:

    wat a messy chalkboard unacceptable!!!!

  19. Arvind N says:

    Don't you just feel his love and warmth! Gauss would have been so proud.

    His 18.06 course are one of the greatest treasures of online education, just like Khan Academy Cardiology, Hans Bethe quantum mechanics lectures, Andrew Ng's machine learning course, Jeremy Howard's course and Gerald Sussman's SICP computer science course.

    Thank you so much MIT OCW….you have changed the world with your MOOCs!

  20. David K says:

    Wow…looks like he aged 30 years in the last 10…

  21. zang danny says:

    The real master.

  22. The Quantum Nerd says:

    Linear-Algebra became trivial because of this guy.

  23. Peter Haggstrom says:

    My favourite US mathematicians are Gil and the late, great Eli Stein from Princeton. Lovely people and great mathematical communicators. When doing proofs Eli used to say things like: "Morally this has to be right!" For a small homage to Gil on SVD go here:

  24. NothingMaster says:

    Strang is immensely passionate about his subject matter; a master of his domain — a caring, objective, and gifted communicator, never an arrogant showoff. He intuitively knows how to pump life into seemingly dry material, shows everything by example without skipping critical steps, follows a clear and logical roadmap that leads to a strong framework for envisioning and dealing with practical applications, enables you to learn the myriad of technologies without losing sight of the interconnections and the big picture; and above all, he puts himself in the students’ shoes and patiently works through the maze of potential challenges that they might face in absorbing the material.

  25. Bon Sheedy says:

    I remember in a lecture he suddenly stops for a few seconds then exclaims 'Wait a minute! there's a minus sign here!' It was a funny moment.

  26. Rehmanali Momin says:

    The profession of teaching is being loved from all over the world as one of the most important profession of all time!

  27. Marco Aurélio Lima do Nascimento Junior says:

    This guy is an amazing professor, I've learned Linear Algebra from him, despite being in college. Love from Brazil <3

  28. Deep Recce says:

    If the average life span of humanity is stretched to say 150 years old or even longer..what rate of progress would we have achieved?? Anyway, thank you for the service Prof Strang.

  29. YQ F says:

    I am very grateful to this teacher, this teacher's lecture has given me a strong interest in linear algebra. (In counting the number of viewers in this class, there are actually many Chinese viewers who watch it in other ways – like me, we all like your teaching style and think you are a good teacher!)😁😁😁

  30. Soumil Sahu says:

    Ok, this is kinda weird, but I love the lady's speaking voice. It just sounds so… peaceful? calm?

    idk but I feel relaxed somehow

  31. Marek Šajner says:

    I want to tell all math enthusiasts out there to never give up, because maths is difficult for everyone… You can see even mr. Strang says sometimes he gets lost, and he teaches this stuff for years. (I felt this was missing in the comments) btw. what a living legend!

  32. SoupIsReady says:

    Nothing but love <3

  33. Ted Zou says:

    There is a Confucius in Chinese history, who is know for the teacher of all teachers. This person is the teacher for nearly everyone who study linear algebra, even for my teachers at school.

  34. saitaro says:

    I'm proud to live on one planet with this honorable man. Both his lectures and his textbook are wonderful. The only textbook which was actually fun to read. And it was quite deep into the subject. Thank you, Professor.

  35. Alex Minsky says:

    In one word, he cares about his students!

  36. Joe Brinson says:

    I love Dr. Strang and rewatch his classes just to see what an accomplished teacher he is.

  37. Dezhao Huang says:

    Thanks from China

  38. Hanzhou Tang says:

    Thank you professor

  39. Nida Karaçoban says:

    You're the master of Linear Algebra!
    All your students every corner of the world love you too much ♥️

  40. Fariborz Ghavamian says:

    "The key point is to think with them, not to just say here it is, listen up!  
    I think the question all over again as they do. 
    And you have to give time, you can't zip through a proof".

  41. Ancient says:

    This is making such big difference. My math professor said that we won't have any video lectures while she's teaching. I think this is kinda backwards thinking, because sometimes you can't come to the lecture at the given time, but still need to go through it. If you miss, you're doomed and the more you miss, the more chance there is to fail the class. So this is great. Thanks MIT!

  42. amoxintubeu says:

    His proof on sine theta/theta is classical. Love it!

  43. Eralp Bayraktar says:

    amazing person, a legend!

  44. Juan Ortega says:

    What a wonderful professor!

  45. Sasha H says:

    Brilliant insights about teaching. Expected nothing less from the master, Mr Strang! He gives so fully to his students. It is privilege to watch his teach. Also great interviewer and a good pick of questions. Thank you for the video!

  46. TheChosenOne says:

    I can't stand dislikes on stuff like this. That doesn't even make a statement when so few are towered by so many.

  47. Moham Mad says:

    I have nothing but Love for you sir.

  48. Karthik Thiagarajan says:

    At least professor Strang appreciates the importance of taking things slowly.

  49. jameschow1975 says:

    Amazing professor! Sometimes I just watch his 18.06SC from MIT for fun.

  50. 9xyz11 says:

    I learned mathematics from the best teacher and started to like it ever since. Great thanks to you, Prof. Gilbert Strang.

  51. Austin Anderson says:

    Best linear algebra professor in the world. <3

  52. Ziyan ZHU says:

    Thank you professor Strang for letting me see the beauty of math. Being a Chinese that sucks at math was really tough… your course save me. Lots of respect

  53. Taofik Nassan says:

    He simplifies everything while other mathematicians try to complicate things

  54. Shiladitya Mukherjee says:

    His linear algebra books are pure garbage. They are not at all recommended for those who want a deep insight into abstract algebra. All he does is provide a very computational approach towards learning linear algebra, which I think is very unfortunate.

  55. Filled Mug says:

    That man. Is a legend. My gratitude and respect to Prof. G. Strang.

  56. Sotirios Yiannakis says:

    I am a 60 year old engineer with a passion for mathematics, and I want to be like Professor Strang when I grow up.

  57. Sebaka & Co. says:

    The good way to learn math is to do exercises.

  58. Zhang Alex says:

    Thank you sir! Thank you!

  59. Arpit D123 says:

    You still have that strong voice!!!!

  60. Robinson Yeh says:

    1:28 LOL

  61. Marcos Vinícius Petri says:

    6:45 he does reply as far as he can! I sent him am email thanking him for the lectures before watching this interview, and I actually did not expect a reply. But he did sent an appreciation reply to my email and he was so nice as well!

    What a wonderful professor!

  62. batman rules says:

    Give this man a medal

  63. aroberts394 says:

    2:15 he begins making a really good point. Start with the symbols…then state what does it mean…then say why it is true. I really don't like how many professors start with proofs. They lose students

  64. Nick Koffler says:

    I was so lucky to have a really great linear algebra teacher

  65. hemn farhad says:

    It is heart warming to see so many people showing appreciation for this great man. It is has been an honor to watch this man's classes.

  66. Um canal do google says:

    handsome old boy

  67. viky jega says:

    take my lifetime gilbert sir

  68. Adel Void says:

    a wonderful human being and a legend! thank you Professor Strang.

  69. Tarun Mishra says:

    He is my guru

  70. Vineet Bhatawadekar says:

    18.06 was a very important stepping stone in my career.

  71. Jenifer Vivar says:

    Because of you I love math ❤️

  72. S Wave says:

    "I think through the question each time as they do." That's the key right there. He's an expert because each time he teaches it, he learns it anew. That's what smart people do. It's the dumb teachers who teach as if they "already know it." Good teachers ask their students, "So, how are we going to solve this, or address this problem?" . . . . then work it out for the "first time" so they see and appreciate the "thought process" not simply the answer. Mathematics, as is true of anything worth mastering, requires the learner to have full humility. Never assume you already know it. Allow yourself to learn it anew, and if you already know it, then that step will be an easy one. But always give a chance for the stuff you're learning to surprise you. That's how revolutions are started in knowledge. Critical analysis.

  73. Alp Uysal says:

    Thank you professor for all your efforts through the way of teaching us maths in an understandable and clear way!

  74. sweta says:

    so much love to him!

  75. fiQ says:

    I watched this video in x1.5 speed aswell. Habits I guess.

  76. Gigi Spence says:

    My linear algebra class at Columbia used his textbook and my professor even recommended that we watch his videos. Gilbert Strang taught me that mathematics is elegant and beautiful and I ultimately switched from physics to math after this course.

  77. Mr nyimak says:

    LIKE for gilbert strang
    i love this guy

  78. Abiona Adekunle says:

    Thanks Professor Gilbert Strang

  79. Spp SS says:

    This man is definitely a legend. Much appreciated.

  80. ERIC Sheng says:

    Thank you very much, Professor

  81. Khosro Pourkavoos says:

    What a wonderful man! Just wonderful!

  82. Abhishek Gupta says:

    i am his virtual student and i am proud of it…in lecture 8 of linear algebra, while writing the summary , he feels something went wrong and the moment he find out he grab his head like a child and said " not, oh my god" and correct the error. this shows that he actually get involved with students while doing maths on the board… the ego of being a instructor is missing in this great personality.. we can learn how to teach from him side by side of the mathematics.

  83. Neil Menezes says:

    Wow Mr Strang! He looks so old now.. Why does a gem of a person like that have to age? 😕

  84. noonesperfect says:

    Lord take my soul and give it to Sir Gilbert….. im just dumb lol

  85. zhutao Zhaung says:

    I really appreciate that gilbert strang give such an intuitive course to us. After I see some courses of American colleges I think American's college education is much better than China's.

  86. Shaved Man says:

    this woman seems really in love judging from the way she looks at him and talks to him haha 😀

  87. 1 23 says:

    늙지 마세요!

  88. Yellow Blade says:

    how did Gilbert age so much in the past 3-4 years? I'm worried for him…

  89. Robin Betts says:

    I started off just wanting to pick up a few tips for 3D graphics.. dipping in .. and then this truly wonderful man drew me in. This is not mere teaching. It's sharing understanding, and the lectures are often the exploration of understanding. Thank you so much, prof. And thanks to MIT, for sharing you with the world.

  90. Shaida Muhammad says:

    Who disliked this video?
    Just give me their names and I'll cut their heads off.

  91. Aero Dynamico says:

    All living beings are blessed to have Gilbert Strang among them, whether they realize it or not.

  92. Horacio R Martinez says:

    Thank You !!! Prof. Strang

  93. Jason Cai says:

    Hug you , professor. Thanks a lot.

  94. Welkin Reardon says:

    My tears up

  95. Baruch ben Avraham says:

    I used Professor Strang's Linear Algebra book in 1981. I wish there a way to ask the questions I have about the material. There's one question in particular that I have that keeps bugging me. If anyone knows how and where I can ask my question, please let me know.

  96. Yuhao Zhang says:

    Absolute legend !

  97. Farhan Saif says:

    how old is he!

  98. Farhan Saif says:

    and he's much much younger on ocw

  99. Brian David says:

    I just want to say thank you so much for your life's work in mathematics education. I improved my exam scores with the aid of your videos and textbooks. You're a real champion and we are the blessed people for having people like yourself educating us

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