An Enormous Surprise for Two Deserving Teachers
An Enormous Surprise for Two Deserving Teachers

>>Well, today is Teacher Appreciation Day, and
I wanna show you a video we got from two teachers who are in the audience,
take a look.>>Hi Ellen, my name’s Lauren, and
this is my amazing fiance Alan. We’re elementary school teachers, who happen to also be your
biggest fans in the entire world.>>On our first date, we talked about
you literally, the entire night. So if you think about it, you’re kinda
the reason we’re getting married.>>We really appreciate the fact
that you love and respect teachers. We would never want to do
another job in the entire world. We love being teachers.>>You’re the best.>>We love you Ellen.>>Goodbye.>>So, you basically say that I’m
the reason because your first date you talked about me the whole time.>>We did.
>>The entire night. [LAUGH] So whenever we went on our first
date, I’m sorry, I can’t breathe, I’m so excited, this is so cool! So on our first date, we went out to
dinner, and you know, it’s the cliche, you know, what’s your favorite movie,
what kind of food do you like, and I said my favorite show is the Ellen Show,
and he was like, that’s my favorite
>>I love Ellen too! And she’s like, you don’t watch the Ellen
Show, I’m like, I watch the Ellen Show! I had to convince her that I,
like watch this show! So,
>>She probably though I was just trying to get her to like me, and I’m like no,
I like the Ellen Show, I love it.>>So we bonded the entire night over you,
and how much we love how funny you are, and how amazing your show is. And they actually turned the lights on
at the restaurant and they were like, you have to go. [CROSSTALK]
>>They were standing there tapping their>>We’re closing
>>feet looking at us, like
>>[LAUGH]>>We’re like, we should probably go then, I guess.>>[LAUGH]
>>Wow.>>So yeah,
we bonded over you on our first date.>>That’s amazing. So you’re teachers and you make,
you said you wouldn’t do anything else. That, what is that feeling knowing
you’re changing those kids’ lives?>>I mean for me,
my students had a chorus concert.>>About 2 weeks ago,
Lauren came and the kids. But a dad came up to me, and
he was, Hey, Mr. Matthew. We’d appreciate all you do. My son didn’t really enjoy 1st
grade that much last year and he loves coming to school now. So seeing that change in
the students make a difference, mold those young students lives.>>He’s an amazing teacher.>>I couldn’t do anything else.>>That’s fantastic and I heard you
incorporate me into your classroom.>>I do, I do in my classroom,
I have pictures on my schedule>>I laminated them and they’re you, they’re pictures of you and throughout the day my kids they
know that it’s Ellen dance time. So they’ll see guided reading, independent reading,
and then Ellen’s face. So when it’s Ellen’s face it’s time to
dance, so we dance around the room and it builds confidence and I love it.>>That’s adorable.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you.>>That’s adorable. You’re an intricate part of
our day every single day.>>Well, I wanted to do something for you. Since I was a part of your first date, I want to give you a few more
dates that I’ll be a part of. So here, I’ll take these down and let’s walk over here I’m gonna
show you what I’m gonna give you. All right, so the first one is
>>You’re gonna go on a picnic and you have,
I didn’t know I had Ellen wine. I had no idea.>>[LAUGH]
>>My gosh.>>So, there’s a picnic or
you could have Ellen water. If you don’t want that,
You can play Heads Up! on your picnic. There’s an Ellen blanket.>>My gosh.
>>Right there. You can go bowling. We have special Ellen bowling balls and then we also have
>>my God>>you can go to a movie and then there’s all kinds of things inside,
the Ellen jacket, alright? So-
>>My gosh, thank you. So, that’s your dates in the future and then maybe one more think
we’ll take a break.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>We’re back with some amazing teachers, Lauren and Allen, and
you getting married soon, right? Congratulation.>>Three months.
Actually, two and a half months.>>Two and a half months. And-
>>July 22nd.>>That’s exciting.>>Exciting, right?>>Yeah, so exciting.>>And weddings are expensive.>>They are, they really are.>>And so how are you saving for that?>>We’ve actually been engaged
since December of 2014. And we worked something
out with our vendors, our hotel where we can sorta do
a monthly payment each month. So we’ve been paying for
our wedding since December of 2014. And we, we do the best we can. We, teacher salaries. We-
>>Paycheck to paycheck but we put as much away as we can away for
the wedding. And we’re not saving any money
at the moment for the future, but we’re trying the best that we can.>>Well, I know there’s student
loans involved as well, so here’s what I want to do. Our friends at Credit Karma care
about how much student loan you have. I know you have a lot of debt in that. So they want you to know
that you have options. They’re going to give you 25,000
dollars to pay off your student loans. [APPLAUSE]
>>My gosh. My gosh.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Thank you.>>Have a seat. [APPLAUSE]
>>[INAUDIBLE] My gosh!>>All right.>>I’ve never->>Here’s->>Seen that much money!
>>Here’s what’s-
>>My gosh.>>Cool about, and you’ll take it home in that briefcase.
[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]>>Carry-on?>>Here’s what’s cool about Credit Karma. It’s like a personal assistant for your credit.
They help you save money and improve your finances.
And the best part of it, it is free,
so you just download the app.>>So Credit Karma is gonna give you
$25,000 to pay off your student loans. They also want to give you $25,000
to help you with your wedding.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My God! My God! My God!
>>Are you serious?>>Yeah.
$50,000!>>My God!

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