Amy Speidel – Meet your Loving Guidance Associate
Amy Speidel – Meet your Loving Guidance Associate

My name is Amy Speidel, and I believe that we are at a time in history that is pivotal and exciting,
which is one of the reasons why I share Conscious Discipline, and my journey with Conscious Discipline
began in my own classroom. I was a preschool
teacher for a little over 20 years and I noticed that when I would
approach children who were having a conflict, one would look as if the world were
going to explode in front of them and the other one was just waiting for that
child to experience whatever it was I was
bringing. After I learned Conscious Discipline I could walk over to two
children whose faces were both looking up
expecting to be helped and supported, and that changed the way that I was able
to teach. It gave me a tool set that said, I know
how to teach instead of judge and give
disciplines. I think in the process of that, I realized that parents were also needing that kind of support. So as my
skill set grew in Conscious Discipline, it became something that I wanted to
share with the parents in our center. In my own personal life I have had
foster children, and I have been an adoptive parent, and
I’ve been a birth parent, and I am currently a grandparent, and
a grandparent of, because we adopted children, of both very
young children and of teenagers. So being in the mess of all the different relationships that
occur between children and parents and children and teachers, gives me a lot of stories, a lot
of personal examples. Yet having been there knowing the challenge but also
knowing the power of putting these skills into play in those moments and the reward of that so when I’m with
parents and teachers there is that relationship that forms
because I believe in them, and I believe that they know that because I’ve also
experienced many of those same situations. At one of the parent’s presentations that I was doing, I had a dad come up afterwards
whose oldest child was five and he said if we’ve been doing this
without using the Conscious Discipline skills for this many years how long will it take
before our son is able to trust that we’re going to really
have these skills, and have we already damaged
him and all those kinds of feelings that come up and I assured him
that children are very willing to grow as we grow and give
us space and all those kinds of things. He came back the next week and he said you know we were at dinner tonight and my
son asked us where we were going and I said, we’re going to another parenting class, and
he said well dad that must really be helping
because you haven’t yelled at me in a very long time. And just that realization that children are so willing to give us the space to grow, and that’s
why I think Conscious Discipline has this amazing role to play in the schools and in homes so that we
are raising this next generation to really be all that we want the world
to be. One of the strongest things that I can
provide for the people in my life, for the
children in my life, is to make mistakes and be willing to
recover, because sometimes we make mistakes and we
beat ourselves up and it just doesn’t take us anywhere, and
so what I have learned in my life is how to just accept what is and learn what can I do now, and how can I really bring this to a
place where I can grow and those around me can have
the space to grow, and that’s what I want to do for you. I
want to be able to give you that tool set that you know in your heart
you already have and yet perhaps there just aren’t
the words around it yet, and by giving it words you give it legs, and then you take it further into the
world and we can do this, we can do this together and we can
change the world.

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