Adam & Eric: The Story So Far | Sex Education SEASON 2 SPOILERS
Adam & Eric: The Story So Far | Sex Education SEASON 2 SPOILERS

(upbeat music) (loud bang) – Hi, Adam. Good summer? – Shut the fuck up, Tromboner.
Give me what you got. Think you forgot something. – It’s just a pencil case. – Don’t give a fuck
about your pencil case, Curly Whurly. – Common man! Not my Curly Whurly. – Give me that Curly Whurly or I will break your face. – He still calls me Tromboner. It’s been four years. Four years! Do you recon his brain is so small because his dick is so big. – That’s a myth. – It’s not. – You’re five minutes past curfew. – Sorry dad, lost track of time. – Don’t let it happen again. – Kay why can’t we just get back together? – Because you’re embarrassing. Sorry Adam. – Dad it wasn’t… we were just having a bit of fun. – Take that stuff off your
face before your mother sees. – We’ve been friends since
we were nine years old and you’ve abandoned me
for someone you’ve known for five seconds. – Maybe, I am learning from my brave son. – Dad (laughing). – [Adam] What the fuck did
you come as Tromboner? A girl? – [Eric] What do you want Adam? – I’m going to fucking kill you. – [Eric] Okay, are you going to do it now or later? Because I’m ready when you are. – It’s coming. – Okay. So later then. Great! – I hate you! (loud bang) (crash) (thud) – Get off! Get off me! (spits) sorry. sorry. I didn’t– (spits) – How do you like it? – I don’t. – Yeah, didn’t think so. (dramatic music) (kissing) (heavy breathing) (gravel crunching) – Adam, how you doing? – Hey man. – Hey, you all right? – Yeah. – Out! (rifles thud) – Slope arms! (stomp) – I’m Rahim. – Um I’m Eric. – Goodbye Eric. – Bye. – Right, it’s not my weed, they wanted to get my expelled
because they’re, puffs. So. – Yes, quite a lot of bizarre
puffs in this institution. – That was your last chance
at a formal education. If you put one foot out of line you won’t have a roof over your head. Understood? – I was wondering if you’d like
to go out with me sometime? – What? Like on a date? – Yeah. Maybe tonight? – Yes, sure. Cool, I’ll be there. – Ah, this is me. Do you want to come in
and see where I live. – Yes (laughing). – Sexy right? I live above a shop. (bell chimes) – When did you get back? – None of your business. Tromboner. – Do you guys know each other? – We used to go to school together. Um, do you know what, um it’s a bit late and I need to get home. Sorry. – Okay. (thud) – You coming? (shattering) – (laughs) (shattering) – Way. (laughing) – Now that was great. What was military school like? – Better than being back home. – I know you hate it at home, but I’m kind of glad you’re back. – I’ve gotta go. – I was thinking that maybe you want to be my boyfriend. No pressure okay? You think about it. – He bullied you! For years! Eric he’s a horrible person. – Yeah, but people can change. – If he’s changed then why is he making you
sneak around at night. – It’s romantic. – (Otis scoffs) – You don’t like being the
one left behind for a change. – No Eric this is about
you being so self hating that you’d let yourself fall for someone who literally treats you like shit. – Don’t therapize me Otis. You don’t know what my reality is. – Okay. – I would like to be your boyfriend Rahim. (laughing) – You stopped coming to the window. – Yeah, I did. – What did I do wrong? – You bullied me for years, Adam. You made me feel unsafe for years. You were one of the main
reasons I was unkind to myself and I’m suppose to believe
that you suddenly changed. You’re full of shame man and I can’t be in that place any more. I had to work really hard to love myself and I won’t go back to
hating things about me again. – I’m scared. And I think I’m bisexual. – Are you all right? You can’t even hold my hand. Rahim can hold my hand. – I feel like everyone hates me. – Well, it’s kind of hard to like someone who doesn’t like themselves. Your thoughts are very loud man. – That boy is not right for you. – You don’t think any boy is right for me. – It’s not him, it’s you. You act like a different
person when you’re around him, like you’re trying to be
something that you’re not. He doesn’t make you sparkle. (door shuts) – It’s a forest full of dicks man. It’s full of dicks. (laughing) I didn’t mean what I said at the party, about people not likely you. – I’m very easy to not like, they are. I understand I hurt you. – Kay. – Just wanted you to know that. – I know you like my boyfriend. You make him laugh, he doesn’t laugh that way with me. – You have to let the people you love know that you love them. Even if it causes you
a great deal of pain. – Boy, sounds awful. – Because you’re alive. – I have to go. – Stop! – (crowd gasps) – I have something to say! – What are you doing? – Eric I feel Eric I feel I have
something to say to you. I want to hold your hand. – Say it again. – Please? Will you hold my hand? (dramatic music) – Yes. (cheering) – Play the next one now. (clapping and cheering) – Go through the vagina,
through the vagina. – Adam, this is my mom and my sisters. – Lovely to meet you Adam. – Hi. – Lovely to meet you. – Uh I’ll be right back. – Rahim. Rahim I’m sorry, I didn’t- – Don’t apologize. It makes it worse. Be careful, he can hold your hand but I’m not sure he can catch you. (dramatic music)

100 thoughts on “Adam & Eric: The Story So Far | Sex Education SEASON 2 SPOILERS”

  1. DaRk WaNder says:

    2:20 As soon as the start wrestling on the ground I just knew they were going to do some very lewd stuff.

  2. Shannon Mc says:

    This is messed not NGL.
    he said he would kill you and your goona fall in love with him. bruv do better.
    okay this is better 8:03

  3. Vincent Burnett says:

    Love them

  4. Andrea Chandler says:

    Does anyone else think Rahim looks a bit like Drake 😅

  5. Luz Furco says:

    me supersupersupersuper encantan

  6. Kaniee Swag says:

    I didn't know why but I shipped Adam and Eric at the first time I started to watch this film.

  7. Sarah Last says:

    The “I’m scared” and “I feel like everybody hates me” made me cry

  8. McLaw Vlogs says:

    i love the series done watching all the seasons…

  9. themiddleones says:


  10. Catri says:

    That "I'm scared" line broke my heart. Can't wait for season 3, please make Sex Education a two part season every year, like Sabrina.

  11. Vin Pahati says:

    I really love them. <3

  12. Lance Card says:

    I wish i could have a boyfriend hmm but well nobody wants an awkward guy like me

  13. Jlinus says:

    How does anyone fall in love? Now thats what I'm confused about. Fucked many people, not once felt anything for them… maybe something's wrong with me

  14. Jems Beleber says:

    😍 Rahim

  15. Estela Leyva says:

    When u realize your not suppose to be watching this

  16. aleia carlisle says:

    yes he made the right choice

  17. Dwi Arif Zainul Ali Ramadhani says:

    Netflix makes everyone become gay,,,,

  18. Thigz Flores says:

    Call Me By Your Name Song
    Mystery of Love 😍😍😍

  19. Eric Vulgar says:

    Adam story actually reminds me of Monty from 13RW😭

  20. Aaron barsagas says:

    netflix account please🙏

  21. Raven Gale says:

    I love gay stories like this one, and the Love Simon one, theyre the more serious types, focuses on the life story unlike other gay stories that focuses only on male to male/female to female sex. These cinematic worlds should describe the LGBTQ more REALISTICLY.

  22. Azaliah Brockington says:

    This show is like misfits without the super powers.
    I love it, and and I finally have time to watch it!

  23. Beautigly says:

    My heart like "ooo shit" when Adam work at Rahim's fmly store 😂 and then that night he throw some pebbles onto his window to call him out,

    I went like "AWWW SHIET"

  24. friend of humanity_ says:

    Адам: * существует *
    Я: * визг, девачьки *

  25. Doni V says:

    Me when I first saw the scene with adam eating eric's food right after 0:28 : oh, he's into him, right?
    * episode where they have detention together happens *
    Netflix: haha >:) aren't we sneaks? Bet you never saw that one coming!
    Me even thought I very much saw it coming: holy shit :0

  26. America Gabriela Hernandez Herevia says:

    I really apreciate the fact that they put "mystery of love" by sufjan stevens

  27. Tay Aitken says:

    Aside from Maeve, Adam is my favourite. I just want to roll him up in a blanket and protect him.

  28. Ardhi Syaifuddin says:

    Adam laughs after introduced to Eric's mum is a 🙊😍 moment. As if a ton of weight just lifted from his shoulders.

  29. Stxrdxst Draws says:

    Song? 5:54 ?

  30. Glossy Drop says:

    My favorite ship❤

  31. Лиза Левина says:

    I'm actually cryin'

  32. Лиза Левина says:


  33. Uyen Tara says:

    Yeahhhh Rahim is a good guy but I think Adam and Eric match each other.

  34. Nikita Armes says:

    adam is so misunderstood and i love him

  35. iwatchedbobsburgerswaytoomanytimes oof says:

    I was so pissed when Adam saw Rahim and Eric kissing. Adam and Eric BELONG together.

  36. Ravenclawisthebest hart says:

    Me : I hate cliches

    Sex education : Adam pretended to hate Eric and bulky him for years because he liked him and couldn't come to terms with his own secukity but because he liked him, he came out of the closet in front of the whole school while stopping a whole school play so everyone could see

    Me : OMG Adam pretended to hate Eric and bulky him for years because he liked him and couldn't come to terms with his own sexuality but because he liked him, he came out of the closet in front of the whole school while stopping a whole school play so everyone could see!!!!
    I love cliches !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🏳️‍🌈

  37. vshawn beauty says:

    I hope Adam will stay with Eric for ever

  38. Kilarth MAC says:

    "I'm scared" made me tear up so bad

  39. saesha mehrotra says:

    i ship them so hard it hurts

  40. Micaela Iglesias says:

    I want the 3 season so bad 😭😭

  41. itzhope says:

    I love this show 😍

  42. Silicon Sunny says:

    Well, Rahim can get someone better, But I am sure Eric and Adam are made for each other

  43. Levit Javier says:

    I feel like him. Nevertheless I would like to meet someone who really loves me as he does. Just send me a message via IG: levitjavier

  44. Ger says:

    Never watched a moment of the show but this brought me to tears. Beautiful writing and acting.

  45. Dale A. G. says:

    I hope Adam and Eric don't break up.

  46. KILLER TUNES says:

    Adam is a symbol of closeted guys ….who are afraid to face reality

  47. Sophia 123 says:

    Do you think Rahim broke the lock on the shop door to get adam fired????

  48. Crunta says:

    What’s the song at 05:52? I hope it’s not a random library track lol

  49. Danielle Barr says:

    "He doesn't make you sparkle" one of my favorite lines 9:10

  50. Man Beard says:

    Was I the only one afraid that Adam was gonna end up with Ola after their scene together smashing shit after being sad? thank god that didn't happen lol. adam & Eric forever.

  51. mark says:

    I just want season 3 justice for Rahim 🥺

  52. Tiwkhao Thitwong says:

    Mystery of Love in the background. run and scream

  53. ไทโรน Ptolemy [ XXVII ] says:

    Adam…… What's his name? Please marry me!

  54. Feel Better? -Ben Mitchell says:

    Such a great series! Adam and Eric are my favorite characters on the series. Both characters bring out the best in the other.

  55. Alex Jamieson says:

    If your mum thinks he's the right one, he probably is.

  56. kat elena says:

    i love them

  57. Mark Barayoga says:

    So Frozo is gay?! My childhood is ruined.

  58. Meow Meow says:

    i love adam. ❤️

  59. john syrel Pabilona says:

    Sana all 😘😘😭😭😭

  60. MAMPY SAMANTA says:

    Eric is adorable

  61. ankan jha says:

    Not a fan of Eric.
    Like Adam though

  62. Adrian Leguizamon says:

    I only hope that this love story ends well 🙏

  63. Samantha Ch says:

    What did I do wrong? 💔

  64. Rebecca Elliott says:

    I personally think the writers of the show have got this storyline wrong. As has been demonstrated by the recent suicide of Caroline flack and countless suicides of many bullied teenagers and children bullying in person and online can have the most harmful and sometimes deadly outcome for those targeted. I feel that they really brushed over how awful Adam treated Eric in season 1 and didn’t show him grappling with his behaviour in the slightest. Instead he was welcomed with open arms by Eric’s family. I myself appreciate the chemistry between the characters and I’m not against the idea of a bully and their victims making peace with other. But I think the writers missed a trick here and haven’t shown a realistic scenario of how bullying can have horrendous implications

  65. Ashleigh xoxo says:

    Omg imagine season 3 plot twist Adam and Rahim become a thing

    I don’t want it to happen just weird to think

  66. Natasha Frost says:

    That bit with the fingers kills me every time.

  67. Thủy Nguyễn says:

    This is real education, not just sex. ❤ Love eveything & everyone about this great movie, especially the Erik character.

  68. Mels シ Arixzs says:


  69. cecilia quinteros says:

    i love them. iam sorry but i don't like Rahim at alllllll

  70. wow717 says:

    I ship EffOff so much!!

  71. —Flower Frost— says:

    “Are you gonna do it now, or later? Because I’m ready when you are.”


  72. Cassie says:

    If anyone knows the song at 6:47 that would be great.

  73. Izzul Fahmi says:

    Cant wait next season 🙂

  74. qtglossy says:

    “give me that curly wurly, or i will break your face”

  75. Darren Bull says:

    Eric clearly has much self-hate, low self-worth/esteem: bullied for years then gets with the perpetrator! Isn’t that a domestic abusive relationship by it’s origins? Worries for him; though many reasons why the white guy was chosen over Rahim, I guess; mostly unconscious, not thought though and related to broader society issues around race, colour and assimilation – family ease – over character of an individual.

  76. a normal not cringey username says:

    Eric screwed up big time Adams an idiot

  77. J u i c y ッ says:

    Yes I feel bad for rahim but Adam was willing to sacrifice his whole reputation and his tough exterior just to hold Eric’s hand and I can see how he showed his soft side when Eric didn’t come to the window, high school is hell and everyone is judgemental Adam didn’t care tho he just wanted to be with Eric I fully support him he’s learnt his lesson and I think he can help Eric be tougher and Eric can help him be more sensitive x

  78. Alexis Pleizier-Evans says:

    They deserve to be together .

  79. Isis Valencia says:

    The way they say curly whirly in a serious tone

  80. Phillip says:

    I swear if Erik and Adam don’t get a romantic storyline in Season 3 like every other goddamn couple on this show has then I am quitting Lmao, and we better get some sex scenes out of them too because the show is literally called SEX EDUCATION!!!

  81. Sidda Brooks says:

    What was the song that played at 6:49 when they kissed?

  82. But Why ? says:

    The way Adam say's "I'm scared." breaks my heart. He has gone through so much pain and now i wish for nothing more than a happy ending for him and Eric.

  83. Anjy Masmil says:

    this reminds me of glee Kurt's bully was in love with him all through the bullying

  84. Kingfisher says:

    Netflix I’m warning you now. You better not mess up Adam and Eric in season 3

  85. Rihanna Vevo says:

    to those saying Rahim didn't "deserve this" yes he did not BUT he knew Adam was the right person for Eric. he even told Adam that he can't make Eric laugh like Adam can. he knew and chose to stay knowing he was gonna get hurt.

  86. Bali and Tourist says:

    Whoever they would end up in relationship with, remember that they are only 16 yo. Their life is still far away to go!

  87. Vuvuffu Fuguufug says:

    ADAM IN SEASON 2 tho he literally was so sad and depressed

  88. OSTAP BENDER CND says:

    Very cute
    I had no Idea this happening on d tube
    I have 30 minutes of young lesbo kissin
    I love it
    two man………

  89. jam mackey says:

    Eric’s mom is amazing bro. She is so kind and so pure at heart it’s crazy

  90. New Sun One says:

    Adam had one of the best character development in the series.
    I hope Ruby gets more development in season 3.

  91. Alex K says:

    Bitch I might just watch this goddam show now ugh you know gays love a forbidden storyline

  92. bethベス says:

    he doesn’t make you sparkle

  93. di says:

    "You're full of shame, man, and I can't be in that place anymore" I MEAAAAAN

  94. Mack says:

    If Eric would have not hold Adam's hand on stage then Adam would have lost all confidence and would feel more depressed about his Sexuality. They really needed eachother❤🙌

  95. Yuvaraj Gunasekaran says:

    I Still Cannot Get Over This Two.What A Natural Performers.I See Myself In Eric.Wheres My Adam Groff ?

  96. Yuvaraj Gunasekaran says:

    Being a Malaysian And Watching This Series I Feel So Bad For My People And Community.We Are Still Lacking For Acceptance.I Hope One Day It Changes.

  97. Saige Horton says:

    I feel like Eric and Adam were meant to be…because…I think Eric will change adam’s bullying..

  98. LifeWitKiyah says:

    I always knew a damn liked Eric some type of way cus he only messes wit Eric da entire season 1 until they kissed😂

  99. YassinGhareeb says:

    I screamed when I heard Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens at 9:14 my fav singer ❤🙆

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