90 DEGREE PUSH-UP TUTORIAL | The most advanced push-up

In this video I will be teaching you to master
the 90 degree push-up. The 90 degree push-up involves angling your
body as you perform the lowering phase of a HSPU to reach a bent arm planche at the bottom of the movement. From here the direction is reversed and you press back to a handstand.
To maintain balance, you must lean forward considerably more than in a traditional HSPU
as your body angles toward horizontal. At the bottom of a 90 degree push-up, your hands
will be roughly level with the hips. This push-up variation has an additional leverage
challenge when compared to the traditional HSPU, as well as travelling through a significantly
greater range of movement. To optimize technique and improve aesthetics,
the body should maintain a straight line from the shoulders to the toes throughout full
range. Try to maintain a posterior pelvic tilt by contracting your abs and glutes to
reduce the arch in your lower back. To ensure full range of movement, lower until your body
is horizontal and just above the floor, or just above the hands if on parallettes. Avoid
flaring the elbows out as you lower, keeping them by your sides. Training with good technique
and through the full range of movement will maximize progress. The 90 degree push-up can be practiced on
the floor or on parallettes. The technique remains the same, however due to the large
degree of forward lean required, training on the floor results in considerable compressive
strain to the wrists. You can reduce this strain by turning the hands so the fingers
angle outwards and the thumbs face forward. Common mistakes of the 90 degree push-up include
arching the back to reduce the lever arm, not performing the full range, and resting
on the elbows at the bottom of the movement to reduce the difficulty. Before attempting the 90 degree push-ups,
there are some prerequisites I recommend. Firstly you should be able to perform 5 handstand
push-ups. Secondly you should be able to hold a bent
arm straight body planche for 5 seconds. In this tutorial I will be teaching the relevant
exercises to master the 90 degree push-up, regressing from the most challenging, to the
beginner exercises The first exercise is the straddle 90 degree
push-up, which is a great option If you are close to the full variation but can’t quite
perform the movement. The straddle variation will reduce the length of the lever arm, making
the movement easier. As the lever arm is shorter, less forward lean is required relative to
the full position. With the straddle variation, remember to maintain a straight body position
and resist the temptation to arch. Maintaining good technique with the less challenging exercises
will optimize progress, providing the quickest path to a clean full 90 degree push-up. If
you’re able to perform the straddle 90 degree push-up, build to performing this for 3-5
repetitions. This exercise allows those of you who are
close to performing 90 degree push-ups, to do so with the assistance of momentum.
With the hands elevated on parallettes, and a bench which is slightly higher, lower to
the position you would be at the bottom of a 90 degree push-up, with your upper abs and
chest unsupported. From here, lift the chest slighty then rock the body to drive the heels
up and foward. Allow your head to move below your hands as you drive your heels, then push
to a handstand with the assistance of momentum. From here, lower back to the bench and complete
for repetitions if able. A slight arch in the back is necessary to
smoothly roll over the hips, but try to minimize this as much as possible. Build to performing
this for 3-5 repetitions. Eccentrics or negatives are a great way to
improve strength for movements you cannot yet perform concentrically. Negative 90 degree
push-ups will familiarise you with the degree of forward lean, and body positions travelled
through during the 90 degree push-up, helping you master the technique for the full-movement.
To perform this exercise kick into a handstand, and perform the lowering phase of a 90 degree
push-up in a controlled manner. Lower down slowly, leaning forward as you angle the body
and hold the bent arm planche at the bottom. Then step out, and repeat for repetitions
if able. Try to perform this movement in a slow and controlled manner with each rep lasting
at least 5 seconds. Build to performing this for 3 repetitions. This exercise can also be performed in straddle
position to reduce the difficulty if the full variation is too challenging. If you can already handstand push-up, try
performing these with the added challenge of angling the body. Start in a handstand
and lower while leaning forward as you angle to the limits of your ability, then drive
your heels while maintaining straight body alignment to return to the handstand. Keep
this exercise objective, by lowering your feet or shins to an object, increasing the
range as you get stronger. With practice, the degree to which you can angle your body
will increase toward 90. Perform this exercise for sets of 3-5 repetitions, lowering the
height as you are able. Pseudo planche push-ups with the added challenge
of lifting the feet at the bottom will help strengthen your ability to initiate the concentric
phase of the 90 degree push-up. Additionally, this exercise will strengthen the relevant
muscles used in the 90 degree push-up. Start in a push-up position with the thumbs facing
forward and fingers angled outward to reduce stress on the wrists. Perform the lowering
phase of a push-up, while keeping your elbows by your sides. With your chest off the floor,
walk the feet forward, while keeping your body in a straight line, until you can lift feet
off the ground. Lift your feet by leaning your weight onto your hands and hold this
position for 2 seconds, then lower your feet back to the ground and straighten your arms
to complete the push-up. Finally, lower back down and perform for repetitions. This exercise
can also be performed on parallettes to reduce stress on the wrists. You can reduce the difficulty by performing
this exercise with the legs straddled. Build to performing this 8 repetitions This exercise is great for beginner and intermediate
athletes and mimics the shoulder movement of a 90 degree push-up, in a much less challenging
manner. Due to the high degree of lean required for this exercise, I recommend performing
this on parallettes or with the thumbs pointing forward and fingers angled out to reduce stress
on the wrists. To find the starting position, start at the bottom of a push-up, with the
elbows by your sides and walk your feet forward as far as they can go. From here push up while
simulataneously opening the shoulders and lifting the hips as high as you can, then
return to the bottom of a push-up with a maximal forward lean. At the bottom of the movement,
your body should be in a horizontal position with the shoulders, hips and ankles all in
alignment and the chest off the floor. Build to performing this for 8 repetitions. I hope tutorial helps you achieve your first
of many 90 degree push-ups, or gives you a better understanding if this movement’s already
in your practice. If you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave me comment, don’t forget to
subscribe and let me know of any topics you’d like me to cover in the future. Thanks guys.

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